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E-mountain bikes

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With an e-mountain bike from the Liquid-Life store you can really get going! In the sale category we have top modern e-bikes from brand manufacturers at incredibly low prices. Equipped with a high-quality motor, powerful battery and great parts, nothing stands in the way of fun with your new e-mountain bike. In the store we carry only proven top brands, for which quality, safety and reliability are a matter of course. With our offers you can finally realize your dream bike without having to make lazy compromises!

E-mountain bike: The specialist for everyday and rough terrain

The e-mountain bike impresses with an enormously wide range of applications. According to the name, the excursion into the terrain is the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks to the electric motor, you can easily make headway even in adverse trail conditions. Mud can't slow you down any more than the next uphill. With pedal assistance, you can master tough climbs confidently and relaxed. However, the e-mountain bike can show its strengths not only off-road, but also in urban everyday life. The agile handling increases driving safety in city traffic, while high-quality brakes ensure optimal deceleration. The suspension fork ensures comfort on bad roads. As you can see, an e-mountain bike not only makes sense off-road and in the mountains! With special attachments, which you can find in our accessories, you can also equip the pedelec if necessary StVZO compliant.

These are the points you should look for in an e-mountain bike

When buying an e-mountain bike, there are a few points to consider. Before you explicitly decide on a model, you should think about your desired area of use. Since we can offer you the right e-bike for every area of application, you do not have to compromise. Whether you are aiming for comfortable tours or E-Enduro competitions, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our store. In the area of touring and trail, both hardtails and fullys vie for your favor. The suspension travel of the full-suspension bikes in this segment ranges up to 150 millimeters, and of course the ideal suspension fork is used accordingly. For enduro sports, even e-mountain bikes with up to 180 millimeters of suspension travel are available. No matter which type you ultimately choose, you can be sure of riding fun with the e-mountain bikes from our store

Equally important is a practical equipment. We make it especially easy for you in the sales category: The e-bikes are already perfectly built according to the intended area of use. The choice of brakes, gears and wheels depends entirely on the requirements profile. You can therefore enjoy maximum efficiency, reliability and safety. Different engine concepts offer a perfect adaptation to individual wishes. The brand manufacturers do not spare with technical innovations to offer you even more comfort and propulsion. Completed with a powerful lithium-ion battery, you can fully live out your passion with your new e-mountain bike. In the Liquid-Life store we offer you strong e-bikes from brand manufacturers at a low price!

Powerful power guaranteed: The most powerful e-bike motors at a glance

Of course, the motor plays a special role in e-bikes. In the field of e-mountain bikes, the mid-motor concept has established itself. The central position in the bike ensures a very balanced ride, and thanks to the low center of gravity, pedelecs equipped with a mid-motor impress with extremely agile handling. Despite the electric motor, these bikes ride almost like a normal mountain bike. Difficult and steep passages, which seem unrideable with a conventional mountain bike, are often feasible with pedal assistance. Depending on the manufacturer, the installed power center offers a tripling of your muscle power. The strong lithium-ion battery ensures that the system does not run out of power on the road. We would like to briefly introduce you to the best drives below.

The market leader Bosch from Stuttgart is directly represented with several attractive systems. The Bosch Performance Line drive is a very proven and reliable system that can show its strengths on tours as well as off-road or in the city. Characteristic is the fine balance of the sporty drive, which enables even the steepest climbs with 63 Newton meters of torque and 275% pedal assistance. If you are aiming for particularly long tours, you can double the range with the optional DualBattery.

Bosch developed the Performance Line CX drive specifically for mountain biking. This not only offers a maximum torque of 75 Newton meters, but also a pedaling assistance of up to 300%. The most powerful electric motor from Bosch also has an eMTB mode that ensures improved starting performance and an optimal support level in any terrain. The right level of support is ensured by a dynamic and sophisticated power control

One of Bosch's biggest competitors is the Japanese motor specialist Yamaha. The Japanese also have several types of motors ready for different requirements. All drives feature Zero-Cadence Support for pedaling assistance from the first crank revolution. A big advantage of the Yamaha motors is the possibility of using two chainrings. The rider can thus benefit from a very wide ratio range. All Yamaha drives also have in common the high reliability and ease of use.

The proven Yamaha PW motor is used in very many e-bikes. One reason for its great popularity, in addition to the points already mentioned, is the maximum torque of 70 Newton meters. Based on the PW drive, the Japanese electronics manufacturer has released the further developed PW-SE motor. The modern motor offers Bluetooth connectivity as well as pedal assistance up to 100 rpm. Over even more power has the Yamaha PW-X motor with 80 Newton meters of torque, additional support stage and a cadence range up to 120 revolutions.

The Japanese component giant Shimano is also a strong player in the e-bike sector with the Steps MTB E8000 drive. The system, which was specially designed for e-mountain bikes, impresses with a direct pedaling feel and high pedaling efficiency. The very reduced size of the mid-motor allows bike manufacturers to produce a frame with shorter chainstays. Other features include the lightweight, yet very stable Hollowtech II axle and the individually adjustable driving support

The wide selection of e-bike bargains at Liquid-Life

The premium e-bike brand Haibike, which originates from Lower Franconia, may not be missing in our sales category with its high-end mountain bikes, of course! The ePerformance pioneer has set the standards since the early days of electrified mountain biking, the portfolio is extremely broad. You can choose from the Xduro models for ambitious riders as well as the Sduro e-bikes optimized for comfort. Thanks to the new subdivision of the upper categories, you now also have the choice between the power drives from Bosch or Yamaha

The e-bikes from Cube stand for German know-how and high quality at an attractive price. In the sales category we go one better and offer you the top bikes at the absolute lowest price! How about a pedelec from the Cube Stereo Hybrid range, for example? The E-MTB full-suspension series comes with suspension travel between 120 and 160 millimeters, and the application areas are defined accordingly. From touring to enduro, everything is possible with the Stereo Hybrid e-bikes.

Focus' strong commitment to e-mountain biking is very impressive. For all top mountain bikes, the German premium brand presents a corresponding counterpart with a powerful e-drive. The manufacturer transfers all the advantages of a conventional bike to a pedelec, completing the masterpieces with enormous power. The Focus Jam2 is particularly suitable for trail lovers and mountain climbers. Smart innovations such as the F.O.L.D. chassis optimized for all-mountain offer the best basis for extensive mountain adventures.

Characteristic for the e-mountain bikes of the Spanish brand Mondraker is the performance-oriented focus. Behind the unique design are innovative technologies and a lot of passion for the sport. The result is pedelecs that blend comfort, traction and power into a perfect overall package. Unmistakably like the brand itself, the individual e-bike models also present themselves. The Mondraker E-tank is a fatbike in a class of its own. The fat tires, the extremely agile handling and the gritty mid-engine with powerful battery guarantee riding fun in any terrain regardless of the season

The traditional manufacturer Trek enjoys not without reason the reputation of building the best bikes in the world. The success of the largest US two-wheeler manufacturer is based on several pillars. Thus, only the most modern materials are used in the production of the e-bikes, which are perfectly staged by the latest technologies. No less important is the collaboration with professionals, whose feedback provides important aspects and food for thought in the development of new bikes. You get an e-bike that is thought out to the smallest detail - a bike that will inspire you!