Rasende Geschwindigkeiten - und das auf zwei Rädern. BMC steht für schweizer Ingenieurskunst mit hauseigener Forschung und Entwicklung. Dies findet alles im Impec Lab statt, wo die Schlausten der Branche die Technik der BMC Bikes immer auf dem neuesten Stand halten. Die Marke ist bereits im Fokus von Spitzensportlern aus aller Welt und in verschiedensten Disziplinen und Weltmeisterschaften verbreitet. Ob Ironman oder Trailhero, BMC erfüllt höchste Ansprüche!

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TCC: The heart of BMC technology

TCC=Tuned Compliance Concept is about maximum performance. This system optimizes power transmission and rolling characteristics on any road surface, enabling top speeds over a longer period of load. The special carbon layups in the fork and the lowered seatstays of the time trial machine Road absorb the vibrations of the road and thus improve power transmission; At the same time, the flat profile of the ICS Aero stem offers comfort and control without negatively affecting aerodynamics. TCC Speed ​​is a key element of the time trial machine Road, which reduces symptoms of fatigue typical of cycling and supports the rider in continuously achieving their maximum performance, even over longer distances. This results in the following advantages: optimized power transmission, top rolling speed, less fatigue and precise and safe handling. Different levels of flexibility are taken into account in the frame construction for the individual racing bike divisions Aero, Altitude, Endurance and Gravel. Of course, this also applies to mountain bikes, where the rear triangle, especially the chainstays, can be designed accordingly.

Overview of BMC Switzerland AG

BMC Switzerland AG is based in Grenchen, Canton Solothurn and is a Swiss bicycle manufacturer. The company develops and produces high-quality racing bikes, mountain bikes, gravel and urban bikes for the global bicycle market. The bike manufacturer has elegant bikes for racers and individualists whose know-how can almost be surpassed.

Achievements and highlights of the BMC brand

The success story of the Swiss company is going uphill. In 2011, Cadel Evans won the Tour de France on a BMC bike and in 2012 Philippe Gilbert became road world champion. But you don't just set standards in the professional racing bike scene, you can also achieve great success in mountain biking. The 2-time Olympic champion Julian Absalon signed a contract with BMC from the 2013 season and became mountain bike world champion and overall World Cup winner in 2014. So the BMC brand continues to go from victory to victory to this day. This speaks for the high quality of the BMC brand bikes, top products are the SLR in the racing bike and the Fourstroke in the mountain range. It wasn't just the Olympic champion Tom Pidcock, normally a professional racing cyclist in the Ineos Genadiers team, who used an unlabeled Fourstroke in the Olympic race in Beijing 2021 and rode it to victory. Andy Rihs played a major role in the success of the BMC brand, unfortunately Andy Rihs died in 2018 as a result of leukemia. That was a big shock for the company. However, the company was now so well positioned with 120 employees that it continued to come up with new innovations and continue Andy Rihs' legacy. Whether Masterpiece or the Scor brand, BMC always sets new standards.

The beginnings and challenges of BMC

In 1986, Bob Bigelow founded BMC (Bigelow Mounting Company). He held the license from Raleigh Cycles Company to sell the popular mountain bikes and racing bikes for the Swiss market. The BMC brand was founded in 1994 and the first own bikes were now produced. Unfortunately, we were in the red for a long time and so it was a stroke of luck when Andy Rhis came along with his company Phonak (hearing aid manufacturer) and established the Phonak Cycling Team in international racing cycling and of course they started with BMC bikes. In 1998 Andy Rihs also became a shareholder in BMC Switzerland AG. The successes came and in 2000 Andy Rihs took over BMC Switzerland AG. He implemented his vision and in 2004 he made his first start in the Tour de France with the TT01 time trial machine and the legendary SLC01 pro machine. In 2005, the first stage victory in the Tour de France came with Oscar Pereiro. Unfortunately, the Phonak team had to be closed in 2006 due to some duping cases.

Innovation and development in the Impec Lab

From 2009 onwards, they invested heavily, the BMC Racing Team was set up and construction began on the Impec Lab, the high-tech development center, which opened in 2010. The Impec Lab is a quantum leap, especially in the technical area. To this day, thanks to simulation computers, CNC machines and clever engineers, the Impec Lab produces state-of-the-art carbon fibers and the corresponding know-how for high-quality racing bikes and mountain bikes for the future. This is where the legendary time trial machines and mountain bike frames of the world champions and Olympic champions are created. BMC sets new standards in the development of carbon frames. The Impec Lab is working on the ultimate racing bike frame. The aim is to find the perfect intersection of stiffness and vertical compliance. You usually look in vain for active suspension elements on racing bikes. But that doesn't mean that the concept of a comfortable driving experience has to be ignored. The systematic approach is followed when developing a framework. Each model corresponds to the needs of its driver and the area of ​​application. From aero-speed racers to mile-guzzling road machine riders, every road machine has optimized vertical compliance - exactly where it matters most. To use the term created by BMC; TCC= Tuned Compliance Concept achieves the required level of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, ensuring a tailored driving experience. This results in the ultimate balance of comfort and performance for a race-oriented yet flexible driving experience. With the gravel bikes, the D-shaped seat post and Micro Travel Technology enable an incredibly smooth and efficient ride, even on rough terrain.

The Roadmachine series

The BMC Roadmachine stands out as one of the premium bikes that BMC produces.

BMC classifies the Roadmachine model as an endurance road bike that brings the ultimate balance between comfort and performance. The innovative Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC) enables the required level of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, for a fast, efficient yet smooth riding experience, even on rough road surfaces.

The difference between Roadmachine and Roadmachine X is defined by the area of ​​application. While the former is a classic endurance racing bike, for the Roadmachine X the tour doesn't stop where the asphalt ends. We can confirm for ourselves that this bike allows you to ride everything that is the natural habitat of a gravel bike, with the difference that you can ride faster on the road.