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Downhill (200mm)

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Downhill - The supreme discipline

No other area of mountain biking demands as much from both the rider and the material as downhill racing. In this extremely adrenaline-filled sport, the goal is to master a radically challenging and usually very steep downhill as quickly as possible with the bike. This includes not only extremely rough stone and root passages, but also huge jumps. A sport with undoubtedly maximum taker quality. Of course, you generate maximum speed with a downhill bike that has been specially developed for this discipline. This is ensured, among other things, the optimized frame geometry with flat steering angle and long wheelbase. The suspension travel of at least 200 millimeters also smoothes any slope, no matter how rough. Even at extremely high top speed, the DH bike remains sovereign and smooth in all riding situations. The steering and driving behavior guarantees you agile handling with maximum driving safety. Although the bikes are designed for maximum stability, the weight is amazingly low thanks to the latest technology

The special features of a downhill bike

Already visually, the downhill bike has enormous differences to conventional mountain bikes. The striking design is based on an extremely stable construction, which guarantees you maximum safety in the bike park and at races. Fat gaps and wide jumps can harm the material just as little as stone passages and root fields. True to the motto "Point and kill it" you can chase mercilessly over the trails. This is also ensured by the extremely flat steering angle, which in combination with the long wheelbase ensures absolute smoothness. Even at top speed, the downhill bullet lies like a board. Of course, the superbly responsive chassis with at least 200 mm of suspension travel plays a decisive role here. Depending on the manufacturer, we have for you in the store the different suspension systems from multi-link over four-link to Virtual Point (VPP) based models ready

The single-joint bikes are simple and functional. The uncomplicated design allows the manufacturers a very inexpensive production, which is of course also reflected in the purchase price of the bike. Disadvantages of the system, however, are the so-called brake stamping and the higher load on the damper. Multi-link, also so-called supported single link, counter these problems through a clever linkage. The tried-and-tested four-bar linkage with Horst link promises convincing drive neutrality. Characteristic of this system is the additional bearing in the chain stay below the hub. A terrific response is guaranteed by the downhill bikes with Virtual Point suspension system. The rear end responds extremely sensitively, a bobbing in the cradle is prevented by the kinematics. The disadvantage is unfortunately the slightly higher purchase price. Anyone who has already been on the road with a VPP-based bike will not want anything else.

The installed parts and components must of course be in no way inferior to the downhill frame! The double-bridge suspension forks are very torsion-resistant and ensure an ideal front wheel guidance. State of the art is currently the wheel size 27.5 "but some manufacturers already offer downhill bikes with 29 ". The advantage of the larger wheels is the even better rollover behavior. Especially with tall riders, the larger wheels are very well received. How fast 29 "downhill bikes can be has last year the Santa Cruz Syndicate DH team impressively proven. As one of the first manufacturers, the US cult forge Trek relies on 29" in the series. For extra stability, the bikes also have wider hubs and thru axles. The high speeds of downhill also require top brakes with large brake discs.

The battle against the clock: innovative technologies guarantee fast descents

The frames are made of high-quality aluminum or carbon. The hydroformed aluminum frames offer enormous lateral stiffness, maximum stability and a low weight in equal measure. The majority of manufacturers fall back on aluminum for these reasons. Another advantage is the quite favorable price. Frames made of high-end carbon are even lighter. Carbon frames are particularly popular in the professional sector. Innovative carbon technologies ensure maximum driving performance and stability. At Liquid-Life we offer you the material and technology of the pros. With a downhill top bike from our store you do not leave your success to chance!

The differences to other mountain bikes

The downhill bike is uncompromisingly tailored to the downhill sport down to the smallest detail. Some areas of mountain biking can therefore not be covered or only inadequately due to the design. Neither the seating position nor the transmission allow tours or even trips uphill. If you value these features, you should consider an enduro bike. This quite modern bike genre shines with good to very good downhill qualities, but also convinces with enormous climbing abilities. Sensitive chassis with 160 millimeters of suspension travel guarantee an extraordinarily high fun factor, without you having to sacrifice suitability for everyday use. So you are neither dependent on a chairlift nor on a shuttle service. With an enduro bike, you can turn the backcountry into your own bike park - completely individually and independently! For fat jump sessions in the bike park, a freeride bike is also a good choice. With 190 to 200 millimeters of suspension travel, the chassis easily puts away hard landings. In contrast to the downhill bike, no double bridge fork is also installed for more trick possibilities

Accessories and equipment for downhill

With various parts you can be even faster on the way downhill! Especially on muddy trails, the installation of a downhill mudguard is recommended. These special mudguards made of plastic or carbon are attached depending on the model on the down tube or on the fork crown and thus effectively keep dirt and grime out of your field of vision. A fully sprayed goggle and the associated blind flight does not have to be! We also want to mention another point: Downhill skiing is dangerous - we make no secret of that! High-quality protective equipment from the Liquid-Lif Shop can very often prevent worse in the event of a fall. A full-face helmet belongs to the standard equipment of every downhill rider, as well as knee pads, back protectors and neck braces! Who does without protectors and protective equipment takes an incalculable and unnecessary risk!

Outstanding technologies: With these manufacturers you drive best times in downhill

With the VPP rear triangle, the US bike manufacturer Santa Cruz has developed one of the best and most modern suspension systems. Many other manufacturers have taken up this unusual concept and installed in their bikes under a different name. Of course, the VPP system is also used in the downhill bullet Santa Cruz V10. In collaboration with the world-famous downhill professionals Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland has created a full carbon competition machine with fabulous 216 millimeters of travel, which knows only one goal: win races! Thanks to two adjustable geometry options, you can adapt the Santa Cruz V10 perfectly to you and your requirements. As usual with Santa Cruz you have the choice between a fine carbon C or a high-end carbon CC frame

The cult forge Trek, also from the USA, has become an indispensable part of downhill racing. Sporting passion, state-of-the-art materials and technical perfection run like a thread through the entire product range. Despite the huge success Trek always goes a step forward and thus ultimately generates new standards. The best example of this is certainly the Trek Session with 210 mm travel, which is now also available as a 29" version. In our brand store, we have the latest and most modern form of this exclusive downhill bolide ready for you as a frameset for individual assembly. Of course, the Trek Session is still available as an arrow-fast 27.5 "variant. The frames are made of the highest quality OCLV Mountain Carbon. The OCLV patented by Trek is one of the best frame materials on the market. Completed with the highest quality parts, the Trek Session is a guarantee for best times!

With the Cube Two15, the name says it all! A whopping 215 millimeters of suspension travel are at work here on the rear triangle of the very agile downhill bike. To be able to realize this enormous handling, the frame designers have adopted the suspension characteristics of the Cube trail bikes. The hydroformed aluminum frame could also be designed extremely light due to the triple-butted tubes. The Efficient Trail Control kinematics ETC ensures terrific grip and maximum efficiency on all slopes of this world. Flawless shifting is a matter of course thanks to the internal cable routing at the Cube Two15. With us you can find the racing bullet as a complete bike or frameset for self-assembly.

Behind the unmistakable design of Mondraker bikes is the perfect symbiosis of efficiency, performance and traction. With the Summum, the Spanish bike forge Mondraker offers an impressive downhill bike that both technically and visually heralds a new era in downhill sports. The rear triangle with virtual pivot point provides a very responsive 205 millimeter chassis. Other features of this racer are the steering angle adjustment and the Forward Geometry for even better handling. Also world class is the weight of the bike: the Summum is one of the lightweights in the Downhill World Cup. The Summum is available with carbon or aluminum frame.