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Big bikes for big trails

You want to rock downhill slopes like Greg Minaar or follow in the footsteps of the famous Enduro Nomad Team? Maybe you "just" want to make every place, whether in the city or elsewhere, your own individual spot, like superstar Danny MacAskill? For every rider who wants to tickle the maximum possible riding skills out of him or herself, the US cult forge Santa Cruz offers the perfect bike. So why only allow the pros to have fun?

The finest materials and the most modern technologies are fused into a perfectly functioning unit by the Santa Cruz engineers. The VPP suspension system is one of the best available on the market. The sensitively responding chassis guarantees you maximum speed - uphill and downhill! So it's no wonder that the Enduro Nomad regularly comes out on top in the tests of the trade magazines. However, Santa Cruz also masters the construction of hardtails to perfection. This means that dirt bikers, crossers and minimalists also get their money's worth.

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Innovative Technologies: Always one step ahead

The U.S. cult forge Santa Cruz offers all mountain bikers, to whom maximum driving efficiency is just as important as the highest driving pleasure, a wide range of high-quality bikes. To achieve this, the finest materials and the latest technologies form a perfectly acting symbiosis that allows every rider to reach a new riding level. The portfolio offered by Santa Cruz ranges from the slim cyclo-cross bike to the World Cup-ready downhill bullet.

Santa Cruz relies on the revolutionary VPP technology for the rear suspension. VPP stands for Virtual Pivot Point and is characterized by a very sensitive response and an almost rocker-free propulsion when pedaling. The so-called virtual pivot point is achieved by means of two bearings between chainstay and frame. The VPP suspension concept of Santa Cruz is one of the best that the market has to offer. Uphill and downhill, the system ensures the best performance and efficiency. No wonder, then, that the U.S. brand is also in the bike racing regularly successes! Both Greg Minaar and the Enduro Nomad Team win worldwide on Santa Cruz bikes!

In the manufacture of frames, Santa Cruz uses high-quality aluminum or the finest carbon. The carbon frames are offered in two variants: C-carbon or CC-carbon - the latter allows the construction of frames with an even lower weight. The lower-priced frames made of C-Carbon are somewhat heavier, but no compromises have to be made in terms of requirements and stiffness. Santa Cruz is also a big step ahead of most competitors when it comes to bearings. Thus, the installed angular contact ball bearings ensure maximum stiffness. Double-sealed ball bearings guarantee a long service life of the bearings and unadulterated riding fun for a long time. For easy maintenance, Santa Cruz spends the high-quality VPP models also two grease nipples on the lower link.


Santa Cruz V10: The downhill weapon

When the Syndicate team is at the start line with the Santa Cruz V10, two things are certain: new record time and victory! This downhill bullet is so fast that you would actually only be allowed to ride it with a gun license! So exactly the bike to give right chain! After consultation with the team riders rolls the Santa Cruz V10 now on 27.5 "wheels, so the bike can be chased even more fixed over rough trails. 216 mm VPP suspension system and two adjustable geometry options offer ideal conditions for all downhill slopes of this world. The rider can thus choose between 64 ° steering angle with 360 mm bottom bracket height or 63.5 ° steering angle and 7 mm flatter bottom bracket.

Offered is the Santa Cruz V10 in two versions: V10 C with C-carbon frame and V10 CC with lighter frame made of high-end CC-carbon. To guarantee a long service life of the bearings, the U.S. manufacturer installs double-sealed ball bearings on the Santa Cruz V10. For easy maintenance, there are two grease nipples on the lower link. At the front, a Fox 40 suspension fork does its job on both models: a Fox 40 Performance Elite on the V10 C and a Fox 40 Float RC2 on the V10 CC. For the brakes and the 7-speed circuit Santa Cruz relies on high-quality components from the house Sram.

Santa Cruz Nomad: The uncompromising enduro mountain bike

The Santa Cruz Nomad combines the genes of a downhill bike with those of a touring-friendly mountain bike like hardly any other enduro. The extraordinary downhill qualities of the Nomad are based on the recipe for success of the Santa Cruz V10 downhill bike: an upper bellcrank and a precisely acting bellcrank below. The VPP suspension system and the one-by drive concept of the Nomad grant the rider fabulously responsive 165 mm of suspension travel and optimal adjustment options to the personal riding style. But not only the chassis provides maximum speed on descents, but also the steering angle with 65 ° and the modern wheel size 27.5 "
Agile and nimble, the Santa Cruz Nomad, which is available in two different carbon variants, can be moved over trails. The enormous lateral stiffness, which ensures the rider maximum efficiency and driving stability, the bike owes the full carbon frame and the full carbon swingarm: use is made here C-carbon or CC-carbon. Like the Nomad CC, the lower-priced Nomad C is available in two different equipment versions, with the suspension forks coming from Rock Shox and the gears from Sram. Particularly high-quality present themselves here the two Nomad CC models with Rock Shox Lyrik RCT3 Solo Air suspension fork and Sram Eagle circuit.


Bronson: All Mountain Biking at the highest level

With the Bronson, the US cult forge also has a high-quality all-mountain bike in its range. The Bronson is the perfect choice for all bikers who find the Nomad a bit too Gravity-heavy. Trail-oriented riders come with 150 mm of suspension travel in the enjoyment of a playful bike that offers maximum riding pleasure both on the trail and on tours. Of course, a VPP rear triangle also performs its service reliably and sensitively on the Santa Cruz Bronson. In addition to the two C and CC carbon variants, Santa Cruz offers the 27.5 "All Mountain Bike also as an aluminum version.

When it comes to the equipment of the Santa Cruz Bronson complete bike, the buyer has a wide range to choose from. The entry into the All Mountain series of Santa Cruz marks the Bronson with aluminum frame and R1x equipment. Even here, fine parts such as Fox Rhythm 150 suspension fork and Sram NX gears are used. The flagship of the series is the Bronson CC with Rock Shox Pike RCT3 150 Solo Air suspension fork, Sram XX1 gears and Sram Guide Ultimate brakes - truly an all-mountain dream on two wheels! Here you will find in any case for every taste and every budget the perfect bike!

Hightower: nippy all-rounder with 27.5"+ or 29" tires

This bike is a real all-rounder! Already with the wheel sizes, the Santa Cruz shows extraordinary versatility. The rider has depending on the requirement and preferences the choice between 27.5 "+ or 29" tires. Of course, this bike does not have to do without the terrific 148 mm VPP rear triangle, which in this case offers a supple 135 mm travel. In the geometry, the engineers have created the perfect combination of long reach, adapted chainstays and 67 ° steering angle. Optimal adaptation to the trail allows regardless of the wheel size ridden the high / low adjustment option on the upper link. By means of the sophisticated system, the rider can comfortably adjust the bottom bracket height without negatively affecting the geometry.

Available is the Santa Cruz Hightower in two carbon variants with different features. Three options are available for the Hightower C, and even four for the even lighter Hightower CC. The top model of the Hightower C series has a Rock Shox Pike RC suspension fork with 150 mm travel and 11-speed Sram GX shifting. Lower priced, but offering no less driving fun, the entry-level model of the line presents itself with Fox Rhythm 140 29 Fork and Sram NX shifting group. The high-end Hightower CC bikes all come with Rock Shox Pike 29 RCT3 suspension fork for best response and perfect adjustment options. The Sram X01 or XX1 Eagle equipment is able to inspire even the biggest critics as well as the Sram Guide RSC or Sram Guide Ultimate brakes.


Santa Cruz 5010 and Tallboy: The trail rockets


With the two models Santa Cruz 5010 and Tallboy the cult forge offers two attractive trail rockets. Despite slightly slimmed-down suspension travel, maximum riding fun is on the agenda here. The model 5010 is a nimble 27.5 "bike with 130 mm travel, the Tallboy comes with 29 "wheels and offers casual 110 mm travel. It hardly needs to be mentioned that these two trail bikes from Santa Cruz also have the proven VPP rear triangle. The models are available with aluminum frame as well as with C- or CC-Carbon Frame. To choose from is also several attractive equipment options.

Santa Cruz Highball: The high-end race hardtail

Performance-oriented mountain bikers who demand the maximum possible not only from themselves, but also from the material, can not get past the Santa Cruz Highball! The high-end race hardtail is available with both 27.5" and 29" wheels, depending on the rider's preferences. The Highball 27.5" is in contrast to the Highball 29 also available in size S, but the size range of the 29 inch bike extends to XXL. The steering angle of 70.5 ° represents the perfect compromise between handling and directional stability. A bike that is not to be braked even uphill - where other bikes nervously lift the nose on steep ramps, the front wheel of the Highball remains calmly on the ground. As not otherwise used to Santa Cruz, the buyer also has the choice of aluminum, C-Carbon or CC-Carbon with different equipment features for this exceptional race bike.

Stigmata: The cyclo-cross bike from Santa Cruz

In the new cyclo-cross bike Stigmata Santa Cruz resorts to lightweight C-carbon or CC-carbon in the manufacture of the frame. With the experience from the mountain bike sector, the engineers were able to develop a frame that is not only extremely light and stable, but also inspires with driving performance and versatility. Thus, the frame offers space for tires up to a width of 41 millimeters. The Stigmata C is equipped with Sram Rival components, the approximately 280 grams lighter Stigmata CC has Sram Force or Shimano Ultegra Parts, depending on your preference. To top