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All about e-bikes

Which e-bike is right for me?

Which e-bike is right for you depends entirely on your intended use. An e-mountain bike is the right bike for you if you like to ride on dirt roads and trails. An e-trekking bike or an e-cross bike is the right bike for long tours and big adventure trips. As a passionate asphalt lover, an e-road bike is the right choice for you, because there you will still be supported even on the steepest climbs.

What do you have to look for when buying an e-bike?

You should pay attention to the correct frame height and the right frame geometry when buying an e-bike.
You should also take a look at the motors, because a mid-motor has established itself as the standard over time,
especially in combination with Bosch and Yamaha motors
Also, battery capacity, gears and chassis parts should be looked at closely.
These should meet the requirements and correspond to the intended use.

What are the differences? (Motor, battery, weight, riding style, ladies, men, equipment, performance)

E-bikes come with a wide variety of equipment and components. Therefore, you will find different variants of many model series to find the right configuration for your intended use. Not everyone needs the most powerful motor, but wants an efficient, linear motor in a bike with a women's frame. The next wants a performance bike with low weight and the most stable equipment for fast downhill laps. This is only possible if the bikes can differ greatly from each other, which leads to a particularly large product selection for you. Inform yourself with us and we will find the right bike for you.

Why should I, as a newcomer, take advantage of the advisors in the store?

Especially as a newcomer, it is easy to lose track of the right E-Bike. Ultimately, there is not only the question of which bike category is the right one, but subtleties such as the suspension travel, the frame geometry and many more aspects must
fit so that you find the right bike for you without having to compromise.
Therefore, we recommend that you ask an advisor in the store to show you some bikes and take short test rides.

What are the most popular e-bikes?

The best-selling e-bikes at the moment are certainly e-mountain bikes. The trend to spend his bike tours in nature is expanding to more and more bike enthusiasts and brings them with an E-MTB in the countryside! But also city and trekking bikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among commuters who want to replace their car.
The wheels are the simplest solution for problem-free and uncomplicated E-mobility, which plays just zur heutigen Zeiteine
ever greater role.

Which e-bikes are there?

E-bikes come in a wide variety of designs and versions. To help you find the right e-bike for you, here is a brief overview:


  • sporty riding position
  • boundless fun in forests on dirt roads and trails
  • strong E-MTB drive

Light E-MTB

  • weaker, natural E-MTB drive
  • combination between classic bike and e-bike
  • light, sporty and agile

E-City & trekking bikes

  • upright and comfortable riding position
  • perfect bikes for more e-mobility in everyday life
  • Transport possibilities and suitability for road traffic

E-race bikes

  • sporty, dynamic seating position
  • light, efficient motors
  • true lightweights for sporty rides

E-cross bikes

  • All-rounder and multi-talent
  • ideal for weekend excursions and everyday commuting
  • practical equipment with sporty components


  • Support up to 45km/h
  • especially fast commuting
  • high range of motion due to increased speed

E-bike consultant

Free and no obligation phone consultation

The ebike is apparently the new holy grail of the bicycle industry. There is an unlikely hyp around the bikes. Many who have not yet, or only occasionally climbed on the bike, are now switching to the E-Bike.

A real run on the noble parts has begun. Not least because of Corona now also so some couch stool got up to it to move times. Because on such an ebike there is real fun.

Thus more and more people find to the E-Bike. But even the cracks who ride a lot of bikes, have now purchased an ebike as a second bike. Who had an injury or illness and wants to get fit again, uses the e-bike with its support to gently get back in shape. Also the spry pensioner who no longer comes up the steep hill with his normal bike, now enjoys his e-bike has no restrictions.

So the e-bike is a blessing for all who want to move, whether in the city or in nature. Who still could not get through, or in search of the right ultimate e-bike for himself and his personal needs have found, can be inspired by the great e-bike guide.

Make an appointment for a consultation with us on the phone and one of our product experts will be waiting for you. So you are guaranteed to get your dream bike!

E-bike types

Here now a little clarification, what is so available on the market. Broadly speaking, there are three different types of e-bikes. There is the pedelec, the S-pedelec
and the e-bike. Let's take a closer look at where the differences lie. What we actually colloquially call an e-bike and is also sold the most is the pedelec. Why the pedelec is called an e-bike, no one knows exactly but the e-bike is the bike about which we will report the most.


The pedelec is a bike with an electric driving assistance. That is, there is only an assistance of the E-drive when you yourself pedal. As soon as you step on the pedal with power, the support starts gently. Various manufacturers (Bosch, Brose, Shimano, Yamaha, Specialized, etc.) offer e-drives. With different power levels and motor performance. What they all have in common and so prescribed by law, they may only be a maximum speed of 25km / h and are thus still considered a bicycle. From 25km/h, the motor switches off and no longer provides support.


S-pedelecs are constructed in the same way as a pedelec, but the speed limiter only starts at 45km/h. Therefore, an insurance license plate is required. Therefore, an insurance license plate is necessary, there is also helmet obligation and you must take out liability insurance. In addition, you need a driver's license class AM and the driver must be at least 16 years old. This also means that bike paths can no longer be used and going off-road is also prohibited. S-pedelecs are therefore classified as mopeds and are no longer bicycles.


The third category are the e-bikes they drive at the push of a button, without having made a pedal revolution. They are therefore no longer bicycles, but motorcycles that are subject to insurance and driver's license. Now let's turn our attention to pedelecs. The most sold type of e-bikes. We will always refer to these as e-bikes below. There are a variety of different bikes that are equipped with an e-drive. These would be: city, trekking, transport, cross, racing and mountain e-bike

Now let's turn our attention to pedelecs. The most sold type of e-bikes. We will always refer to these below as e-bikes. There are a variety of different bikes that are equipped with an e-drive. These would be: city, trekking, transport, cross, racing and mountain e-bike.

City E-bike

To do the shopping, to go to work with it, to be independent from car or buses and trains, for this the city e-bike is the right bike. Comfortable and sitting upright, it is more about comfort in everyday use. A lighting and the luggage rack must not be missing. The bikes are usually a bit cheaper and the equipment is not as high quality, or better said made suitable for the city. The motor support and battery power varies depending on the area of use. Who drives long distances takes a more powerful motor with more battery power. Who drives only short distances that is enough a smaller battery. Greater battery power also always means more weight, because there are more battery cells installed and then ultimately weigh more. Of course, it is also a question of price.

Transport e-bike

If you like to do your crate of beer or just your shopping by bike, you can opt for a cargo bike. They have a sturdy tubular construction in the front area on which then sits a large basket in which you can transport everything possible. From the beer crate, suitcase, larger purchases or even the child, can be transported without problems and without wobbly driving. Stable and safe and with powerful E-drive it goes forward. The alternative to driving less car.

Trekking E-Bike

The trekking e-bike is the all-round bike, it is suitable for the city, but also for forest and meadow paths. It is lighter in weight than a city bike and the frame is designed to be a bit sportier and more stable. Depending on the intended use, you can choose a bike with mudguards and luggage rack and lighting system, or just the sporty version, the cross bike without mudguards and lighting for longer and faster trips. The drive of the trekking bike sits mostly below in the bottom bracket area. This is referred to as a mid-engine. The low center of gravity of the mid-motor and the resulting excellent driving characteristics, have prevailed. With motor strength and battery power, you can choose what is right for you depending on your budget.

E-road bike

Those who want it even more sporty and are only on the road and like mountain passes and mountain roads and for whom the normal racing bike is too exhausting, will have great joy with the E-racing bike. You can choose between different concepts. Either the gravel bike, with which you can also sometimes switch to the gravel road. It does not roll quite as well with wider tires. But it is conditionally suitable for off-road use and has a wider range of applications. The purebred racing bike with a smaller motor and not so much power, which is lighter and easier to handle, but requires a certain level of fitness, because the support is of course lower. Or the road bike with a large battery and powerful motor, with the best possible support. There is for everyone the right bike to find. So you can climb the passes in the footsteps of racing bike professionals and push forward to heights where I would not otherwise come. We will be happy to advise you on what is the best bike for your intended use.

Tracks of the road bike pros climb the passes and push forward to heights where I would not otherwise come. We will be happy to advise you on what is the best bike for your intended use.



Here we now have a variety of different bikes. The hardtail that is only sprung at the front, with which you can cycle up to a hut on forest roads, or ride a forest and meadow path, without having great demands on the driving technique. Just Handlich, easy carefree cycling along. On wide tires with a lot of comfort and good engine power and of course at a cheaper entry price than the E-MTB Fullsuspension. Well you can also spend more money here, some are the better components and the lower weight more important than a rear suspension. Then there are the purists who just want to ride hardtail will be happy on the hardtail. However, if you want to do a lot of touring and also want to have a little more comfort, you should definitely go for a full-suspension bike.

Tours Fully

In the full-suspension e-touring Fully we probably have the highest sales figures. Moderate steering angle, rather a more upright seating position, a lot of comfort and a suspension travel of 120-140mm. The touring fully is the same from the motorization, but you do not have quite as coarse tires, such as the enduro e-bike has. It is therefore well suited for all mountain bike tours, whether high mountains or hut tour. Handier and more maneuverable and also lighter nothing stands in the way of fun. The Tourenfullies are ideally suited for leisurely tours or even an alpine cross. The touring e-bikes can also be obtained in different motor variants. Comfortably cycling up the mountains, not wasting too many thoughts on the bike, you cycle comfortably through nature. It becomes borderline when you want to master steep descents and fast downhills, here the bike feels nervous and needs an experienced handlebar and increased attention. If you go to this region, you should then rather look in the category All Mountain or Enduro.

All Mountain Fully

In the All Mountain E-Bike Fully we have a suspension travel of 130-160mm. They differ in geometry from the touring Fullies, by a flatter steering angle, slightly longer top tube. Due to the flatter seat angle, you can better cope with steeper downhill passages, but the bike can no longer be steered so handy. For this, the All Mountain Fullies have shorter chainstays which contribute to more manageability and thus compensate for the flat steering angle somewhat. The tires are also somewhat coarser and the bikes are usually equipped with 29 inch wheels. Only in the small frame sizes one relies on the smaller 27.5 inch wheels to achieve a better standover height. For the experienced rider the ideal bike for all kinds of tours. For the ambitious beginner the right vehicle to develop further and find the fun in more difficult terrain.

Light E-MTB

Light e-MTBs are becoming more and more popular and are gradually finding their place in the e-mountain bike world. They close the gap between bio-bikes and e-bikes. They feel more natural, are lighter and you hardly notice that you are still on an e-bike. Downhill they feel agile and easy to handle, and uphill they give you the support you need to make the climb faster and more relaxed. In short, a Light E-MTB combines the best of both worlds.
The motors of these e-bikes have been specially developed, are lighter and are becoming more and more powerful. And thus help the rider to achieve the best possible performance by giving him more endurance for what really matters: the descent!


The Enduro e-bike is designed for bikers who like to ride in the bike park or on difficult, steep downhills. No compromises are made here. Rough enduro tires, suspension fork with thick standpipes, large braking system, stable wheels already make us think of a motorcycle. Stable and safe, it goes downhill pretty quickly. The Enduro e-bikes can even easily handle jumps. The engine power is the same as in the other E-MTBs, but due to the higher weight, you do not manage as many meters of altitude or distance. The whole concept is designed for downhill fun. Baller what the stuff holds is program. Some manufacturers relied on different wheel sizes in professional circles called Mullet. Front a 29Zoll and rear a 27.5Zoll Laufrad, lead to more handiness in the curves. The rear is easy to bring around the corner, drifting is easier and thus increases the driving fun. The enduro bikes usually have 160-180mm of travel, a very flat steering angle and a higher bottom bracket to cope with even the biggest steeps. But such bikes are also interesting for beginners. Due to the extra weight, the bike is even more saturated on the ground, and due to the fat tires and sturdy rims, you can approach the matter without much worry. Without having to worry about whether my wild driving style the bike also endures. So the enduro machines are also very popular with beginners, especially with a little more weight.

Light trail bikes

Suitable for rather light, sporty mountain bikers who compensate less motor and battery power with higher own power. This is the promise of the new genre of lightweight trail bikes. Aggressive geometries challenge the experienced biker. He will have a lot of fun with the trail bike. The engine power is throttled depending on the manufacturer and is in the range of 25-65Nm torque ( in contrast, the normal e-bikes have 85N).

The light trail E-bikes, some of which weigh only a little over 16kg and by your low weight, from the driving experience already approach a normal bio mountain bike (without E-drive). Are very popular among sporty riders. How is the low weight achieved? Depending on the manufacturer, the motor is smaller and the battery power lower, which saves some weight. However, the biker must be somewhat fitter, because the missing motor power must be replaced with muscle power. In return, the light trail e-bikes trump with super driving characteristics. Very handy, agile it goes down the trail. Despite the lower battery power is with a good management and fitness is a tour of 2000 meters altitude no problem. Also, the lightweight trail e-bike can be carried even times a short section. So then the alpine high mountain trail can be managed very well.

E-Bike Motors

E-bike motors

Bosch models Performance Line CX Performance Line Active Line Active Line Plus Cargo Line
Max. Torque 75 Nm max./ 2021 85 Nm max. 65 Nm max. torque (Speed variant: 75 Nm) 40 Nm max. torque 50 Nm max. torque 75 Nm max torque / 2021 85 Nm max torque
Driving modes Turbo/ExtendedBoost(2021)-eMTB/Tour/Eco/Off Turbo/Sport-eMTB(derailleur/non-speed variant)/Tour/Eco/Off Turbo/Sport-eMTB/Tour/Eco/Off Turbo/Sport-eMTB/Tour/Eco/Off Turbo/Sport-eMTB/Tour/Eco/Off
Weight 2.9 kg 2.9 kg 2.9 kg 3.2kg 2.9 kg
Power support 250 watts 250 watts (Speed variant: 350 W) 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts (Bosch Cargo Line Cruise) or 350 watts (Bosch Cargo Line Speed)
Drive assistance max. 340% max. 300% max. 250% max. 270% max. 400%
Battery power up to 1,250Wh 500Wh 500Wh 500Wh up to 1,250Wh
Additional Specials individualizable riding modes backpedal function possible particularly harmonious high versatility multi-sensor concept
Short description The sportiest of the Bosch e-bike motors offers mountain bikers and city riders plenty of power, to take their biking experience to the next level. The more budget-friendly Performance Line option will bring You and your mountain, city or trekking bike at speed. In the Speed variant even up to 45 km/h. It has 40 Nm of torque and is waiting with a particularly natural driving experience to adventure on two wheels with you to experience - the Bosch Active Line motor! The Active Line Plus motor lets you cruise easily through the city or discover beautiful trekking routes. The Plus variant offers you 10Nm more and brings you that certain something in power for steeper climbs. Do the shopping, pick up packages and just leave the car. The Bosch Cargo Line engine is designed specifically for the cargo bike and makes the Driving as easy and comfortable as possible. The dedicated Drive Unit Cargo reacts precisely and predictable, but at the same time also ensures a dynamic tuning of the performance in everyday life.
Shimano models EP8 Steps E8000 Steps E7000 EP800 E-Cargo E6100 E-Cargo
Max. Torque 85 Nm max. torque 70 Nm max torque 60 Nm max. torque 85 Nm max torque 65 Nm max torque
Drive Modes Eco/Trail/Boost Eco/Trail/Boost Eco/ Trail /Boost Eco/Trail/Boost Evo/ Normal/ High
Weight 2.6kg 2.8kg 2.8kg 2.6kg 2.9kg
Power support 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts
Drive assistance max. 400% max. 300% max. 400%
Battery power 504-630Wh 504 Wh 418-504Wh 514-630Wh 408-514Wh
Other Specials - - - - -
Short description More power from the beefy power of the Shimano EP8! A natural driving feel accompanies you through the mountains and brings with 85Nm neat power on coarse tires. The engine is characterized by a very low noise and has an improved thermal management than its previous version. There was an update also for the trail mode, which provides you with natural support in all Conditions offers. Of course, you can also adjust all settings here individually to you. The intuitive support of the Steps E8000 on the trail, by one of the lightest engines on the market, is unique. The support levels you can adapt to your personal driving style adapt and the engine finds just the right Level of support for you. Distinguished by its low weight and barely audible noise level brings the Shimano E7000 engine you properly in momentum. Especially in the E-MTB area he is a proven reference and shows his strengths thereThat nothing more weighs on your shoulders! The Shimano EP800 E-Cargo System lets your precious loads lighter than ever before glide over the paths before and provides enough thrust to get through the relaxed Everyday life to come. With integrated start mode the pedal load is reduced and you can, thanks to automatic shifting, enjoy the high torque with full confidence. From the first step in the pedals a breeze - the Shimano EP6100 E-Cargo With round step even the heaviest payload is smoothly through your everyday life. With a support up to 25 km / h you will flow through the Traffic flow and the car can also sometimes stand, for a lot of lightheartedness in everyday life.
Yamaha models PW-X3 PWseries CE PWseries ST PWseries TE
Max. Torque max. 85 Nm torque max. 50 Nm torque max. 70 Nm torque max. 60 Nm torque
Weight 2.75kg 2.9kg 3.4kg 3.4kg
Power support 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts
Drive assistance
Battery power up to 750Wh 500Wh 600Wh
Other Specials - - - -
Short description Intuitive control paired with direct response - PW-X3, where e-biker dreams come true! The new version of the engine is characterized by pure driving pleasure, which is reinforced by a high torque and particularly low weight. Developed for modern urban traffic, the PWseries CE Motor your e-bike comfort to meet the requirements in the Road traffic and on the bike paths to meet As one of the quietest motors, you'll be fully immersed in the world of of two-wheelers and enjoy all the benefits that offer you in the saddle. Functionality comes first! The PWseries ST writes itself to be a drive for everyone and this he creates with flying colors. As a true all-rounder he is suitable for newcomers, experienced drivers and city or off-road use. The PWseries ST knows no boundaries! Controlled driving in urban areas with automatic adaptation to the conditions The PWseries TE central engine will get you through your daily routine in a relaxed manner to facilitate commuting and guarantee a carefree ride.
Brose models Drive T engine Drive TF engine Drive S engine
Max. Torque 70Nm 90Nm 90Nm
Drive Modes No Support, Cruise, Tour, Sport No Support, Cruise, Tour, Sport No Support, Cruise, Tour, Sport
Weight 3.4kg 3.4kg 3.4kg
Power support 250 watts 250 watts 250 watts
Drive assistance 320% 320%/ 400% Drive SMag 380%/ 410% Drive SMag
Battery Power 626 Wh 626 Wh 630Wh
Other Specials - - -
Short description The touring-heavy Brose Drive T promises tremendous efficiency with powerful performance adapted to long distances, offers an excellent range. All without having to forfeit power! The Drive TF mid-motor with power satt is the unbeaten e-bike motor for comfortable everyday life in and around around the city. The daily commute with the highest loads is just as no Obstacle as cruising through the city The Drive TF motor ensures serenity and safety when driving the e-bike. The powerhouse from Brose brings you effortlessly on your local mountain peaks. With a zippy riding experience, the Drive S motor speeds to the trailhead and scares with up to 410% Drive supports before no steep passages back.

E-bike motors

E-Bike Motors

Bosch Performance Line CX

"Experience the ultimate riding performance with the Bosch Performance Line CX! The powerful motor is ideal for demanding mountain biking and also makes commuting to work a pleasure. With its high power, improved torque control and longer range, the Bosch Performance Line CX allows you to do more than just ride - it gives you an unparalleled experience!"

Shimano EP8

The Shimano EP8 is a revolutionary new drive system that promises a powerful and responsive ride. It features the latest motor technology to give you the ultimate riding experience - from extra fast acceleration to high power delivery. Experience the freedom to explore your own adventure and go new ways with the Shimano EP8!

Brose Drive S

The Brose Drive S is a powerful e-drive for pedelecs and bicycles. With its high power of up to 410% and its torque strength of up to 90 Nm, the Brose Drive S creates the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The Brose Drive S is lightweight and compact, making it a perfect fit on almost any bike. It offers an intuitive and quiet riding experience that guarantees even more riding pleasure thanks to the latest technology. Enjoy boundless freedom when cycling - with the Brose Drive S!

Yamaha PW ST

The Yamaha PW ST is the ultimate e-bike motor for those who want more power and adventure. With its compact size, it offers powerful support on every climb and a smooth transfer of torque to the drive. It ensures that you can enjoy every ride - whether it's long tours or varied trails. It's time to take your cycling experience to the next level with the Yamaha PW ST!

Light E-MTB Motors

Light MTB motors are the latest trend in the world of mountain biking. These light and efficient motors make cycling even easier and more enjoyable. They offer great performance while saving weight and making the ride more comfortable. With this motor, mountain bikers can conquer steep climbs without having to use a lot of power. You can also cover long distances without getting tired with Light MTB Motors. These motors are a great addition for any mountain biker who wants the best possible performance with a natural drive assist on their bike.

discover now

E-bike battery


The battery brings you energy to make great adventures and experience precious stories!

To make sure you don't run out of breath, you need a battery that won't run down when you need it.

You already know what you're looking for? HERE you will find a large selection of batteries!

Buying an e-bike battery - What is important?

  • the range is determined by the capacity in watt-hours (Wh), i.e. the higher the capacity, the further you can bike
  • the charging time varies with the battery size and can last up to 5h
  • Size and shape should fit into the frame and it should be checked whether the battery is located in the down tube or on the outside of the frame
  • Battery performance, capacity and positioning significantly affect the price, so you should know exactly what you need