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Which saddle should I choose?

Saddles and seat posts - the basis for strength and endurance

Buttock pain, soreness, numbness in the soft tissues and even pain in the back are common complaints when cycling, these can have various causes. With the right model for you, these can be minimized and comfort increased. Here we rely, among other things, on the many years of research by the ergonomics specialists at SQ-Lab. The German company is successful with its products worldwide thanks to extensive research and measurements in collaboration with doctors, engineers and test riders.

The shape must fit

Important for a good seat feeling on your bike is, on the one hand, the optimal distribution of weight on the support surface. In the particularly sensitive areas, such as the perineum and genital area, there should be as little pressure as possible. Ergonomic saddles meet these requirements through a special design: SQ-Lab's stepped saddle concept, Specialized's Mimic or Mirror technology, or Ergon's specially shaped saddles have proven to relieve pressure in practice. In addition, it is important to choose the right saddle width so that the ischial tuberosities rest well on the saddle. At the same time, the sides of the saddle should not limit your pedaling movements. A multitude of requirements that a standard model can only meet in the rarest of cases.

Do I choose a hard or a soft saddle?

Of course, an even distribution of pressure also depends on the choice of suitable support and padding material. Some manufacturers work with special gel pads in the area of the ischial tuberosities. In other places, a state-of-the-art seat foam can be the optimal solution for your seating position. The variety of options allows us to recommend a suitable model for every body type and riding style.

Inconspicuous professionals: seatpost

Modern seatposts do more than just hold the seat to the frame. For one, suspension models can dampen vibrations on bumpy surfaces, reducing pressure on the entire body. In addition, remotely adjustable seatposts facilitate optimal adaptation to the needs of the body and the route at any time. The Californian manufacturer Fox Racing, for example, is leading the way here. It offers both mechanically and hydraulically adjustable seatposts, which are controlled via a remote unit on the handlebar. The advantage is obvious: mountain bikers can adjust the saddle height with a flick of the wrist while riding without dismounting, for example at the beginning or end of a steep downhill passage. The cables of the remote control can be neatly routed inside the frame if it is prepared accordingly. In addition to the multi-stage, particularly comfortable, infinitely adjustable seatposts are also available.