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Handlebars, stem, headset - how the cockpit influences the entire body

The basis for the cockpit is the handlebar. On most mountain bikes, you'll always find the same basic handlebar shape: wide and straight, the so-called "flat bar". This may look cool and also increase control in various special sporting disciplines, but for many riders it also causes their wrists to buckle. The result is pinched nerves, poor circulation, high pressure on the heel of the hand and the feeling of hands falling asleep. A different handlebar shape can remedy this. The goal is to use the entire cockpit to bring the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders in a neutral position to minimize fatigue and increase comfort.

Handlebars - Find the right size

In addition to the width of the handlebars, other factors are important. For example, bending the handlebars a few degrees backwards ("backsweep") can bring your wrists into a neutral position and prevent your fingers from falling asleep. The ideal height of the handlebar unit can also be adjusted. Of course, this depends initially on whether you drive in an upright position through the city, or whether you are sporty with your bike off-road or on the road. But in general: A slight increase ("Rise") of the handlebars often has a positive effect on the posture of the spine and the activity of the abdominal and back muscles.