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Your Lifesaver

Even if it is not mandatory by law, no cyclist should do without a certified bicycle helmet out of their own interest! Helmets that have been manufactured using the so-called in-mold process offer a particularly high level of protection. With this special technology, the inner foam core is welded to the outer shell. A modern bike helmet not only looks really cool, but also offers the cyclist a high level of protection and comfort.

In our shop you will find a large selection of helmets for your bike tour. From mountain bike and full-face helmets to road bike and city bike helmets, we have everything for you. Of course, we also have an extra section just for children and youth helmets.

Tip: When ordering a bicycle helmet, make sure you get the right helmet size!

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Never topless! Bicycle helmets and their functions

From serious injuries to the head and neck, a good helmet is still the best protection. This is now proven by numerous studies. The ADFC also recommends head protection for children as well as for adults. Fortunately, modern helmets are exceptionally comfortable to wear: they are lightweight, easy and quick to adjust, and have good ventilation systems.

by the way, bicycle helmets can not only protect the head, but also perform additional functions: Thanks to suitable mounting options, some models can quickly and easily attach common action cameras. Others offer, for example, a mount for an LED light at the back of the head, which ensures better visibility in road traffic. Anyone who wants to upgrade a helmet accordingly at a later date will find what they need in our "Accessories" section.

Depending on the riding style and terrain, the requirements for head protection differ. Special models are available for special disciplines such as racing or stunts. In addition, in all categories in shape and appearance needs and tastes of men, women, children and young people are taken into account.

Mountain bike - helmets: The plus in safety
. Just as with the bikes themselves, the term "MTB" is also used very generously in the helmet sector. We mean at this point the all-mountain helmets and enduro helmets. They are designed primarily for off-road riding, in bumpy or even extremely rough terrain. Compared to the normal touring helmet, these reach down lower in the neck and thus offer more protection. In order to always guarantee a cool head even during very sporty biking, the MTB helmets are crisscrossed with ventilation channels. So that no insects get caught in the helmet through the vents, they are usually protected by fine grids. Since modern all-mountain helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear despite their protective function, they are now also popular with sporty riders in road traffic. Well-known manufacturers of MTB helmets are Giro, Bell, IXS or O'Neal.

Fullface: Full-face helmets for off-road sports

. Who is on the move at high speed on rough terrain, must be prepared for possible falls. For downhill, freeride or similar disciplines, full-face helmets are therefore essential! For manufacturers such as 100% or Fox, particularly high requirements apply here: The helmets must provide optimum safety even in high-speed falls. At the same time, however, the all-round protection must not impair field of vision and concentration.

. You can adjust a good full-face helmet so that it sits securely and firmly in place even during falls. At the same time, it can be adjusted further or looser with one hand, even on the go.

The less weight the helmet brings, the more comfortable he wears, of course. The difference here ranges from just under 300 to over 1000 grams. The most comfort is offered by ultra-light carbon constructions, which, however, are also priced at the upper end of the scale.

So that it does not get too warm under the helmet, good ventilation is also important. Also not to be underestimated is the luxury of removable protective pads. A round in the washing machine does those namely from time to time quite well. Last but not least, helmets with holders for the goggles are extremely practical in daily training.

Flexible thanks to removable chin bar
. Who is also sometimes with less speed on the road, can opt for a model that is integral and MTB helmet in one (for the selection simply enter "removable chin bar" in the search field). Especially the manufacturers GIRO and BELL have an extensive range on the market in this area. The chin bars can usually be mounted or dismounted in just a few steps. For relaxed training rides, you enjoy the lower weight and the freedom "down without"; in the tough competition you are again safe all around with the same helmet.

BMX & Dirt - Helmets

The iconic hard-shell helmets with the typical semi-circular shape are increasingly conquering the streets of the inner cities. They are actually intended for dirty pumptracks and daredevil hipjumps. The robust outer shell with the deep necked down shape offers maximum protection in case of falls. The shock-absorbing padding is ideally lightweight and can be removed for cleaning. To ensure optimum safety, dirt helmets are often heavier and less well ventilated than normal road helmets. Nevertheless, the "dirt marbles" with the trendy look are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young riders, even in everyday life.

Race bike - helmets

If you are fighting for seconds or even hundredths, every extra gram that you have to carry around with you counts. Modern racing helmets bring just two to three hundred grams on the scale. Carbon constructions also have numerous ventilation openings so that heat can escape evenly. Nevertheless, the helmets are built in such a way that they absorb the impact of force on the head as much as possible in the event of a fall.

City, trekking and e-bike helmets

. Helmets can also prevent life-threatening injuries when riding to work or shopping. If children are still predominantly on the road with head protection, the willingness drops noticeably among adult everyday cyclists. Paradox: 91 percent of all cell phone owners buy a suitable cover for their smartphone. Their own head, however, is not even worth every fifth biker a corresponding protection.

Thanks to the huge variety of shapes and colors, manufacturers such as Alpina or Cube now offer a suitable model for everyone. Whether sporty or discreet, whether cheerfully colorful or in neutral black - the look of bicycle helmets has adapted to the demands of buyers. Thanks to lightweight materials and sophisticated ventilation concepts, a city helmet is extremely comfortable to wear.

For pedelecs with an acceleration of up to 25 kilometers per hour, by the way, the same rules apply as for other bicycles: a helmet is not mandatory, but useful.

Children and youth helmets

From the passenger in the children's bike seat to the elementary school student to the teenager - the selection of models for the next generation is now as large as for adults. So that the helmet is also worn with pleasure, a good fit, sufficient ventilation and not least a child-friendly look are crucial. For the very young, the models are flattened at the back so that they can also be worn well in a child seat or in a bicycle trailer. Slightly older road novices benefit from reflectors on the shell and particularly easy-to-use fastening systems. For juniors, on the other hand, a trendy shape and an individual look are what count. For parents, the most important thing is that children's helmets also meet the EN 1078 safety standard.

Helmet accessories

In addition to its main task, the helmet now increasingly acts as a support system: manufacturers such as GoPro offer various mounting systems for their universal mini cameras for any type of head protection. A mount that can be mounted on the side or on the forehead, for example, is compatible with full-face or BMX helmets. Straps that can be pulled through the vents are suitable for pretty much any helmet, allowing them to be mounted on the top. At the same time, the mounts are so variable that you can adjust the recording angle to your liking.

Who stands less on action and more on additional safety, can attach an LED lamp to the helmet with appropriate accessories, and thus provide better visibility in traffic.

In addition, major manufacturers such as Cube offer plenty of replacement and supplementary elements. Brand new helmet pads, chin guards, closures and adjustment aids are just as much a part of it as visors in different colors.

Special protection for the head: MIPS technology
. The latest development in head protection comes from Sweden and is called Multidirectional Impact Protection System, or MIPS for short. The researchers based their design on the natural protective mechanisms of the human skull. The sensitive brain is surrounded by fluid. Through its mobility, it absorbs a large part of the force that acts on the skull bone during a blow or impact. MIPS helmets therefore consist of 2 layers. Inside the helmet shell is another thin plastic shell that is movably mounted on the outer wall. In the event of a fall, the inner shell can move along the wall, diverting the impact energy away from the head. This is particularly advantageous in the case of so-called rotational forces, i.e.: when the head does not hit straight on a flat surface but, for example, at an angle on a stone or curb.

The system is currently being intensively tested in collaboration with top riders. For sporty bikers with increased risk of falling, the new system is particularly interesting. Already, manufacturers such as O'Neal, Giro or Bell offer a wide range of helmets with MIPS technology for women, men and children. This includes both city and trekking models as well as MTB, full-face dirt and racing helmets. If you want to get an overview, just enter "MIPS" in our search function above