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Road racing bikes

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Schnelligkeit ist alles

Das Bike mit dem charakteristisch gebogenen Lenker ist Dein Modell, wenn Du regelmäßig an Wettkämpfen teilnimmst, oder einfach nur Spaß an der Geschwindigkeit hast. Beim Rennrad ist alles auf Tempo ausgelegt. Eine aerodynamische Bauweise und die Verwendung leichter Materialien sind hierfür Grundvoraussetzungen.

Aluminium, Carbon und Titan kommen beim Rahmenbau hochwertiger Räder zum Einsatz. Schutzbleche, Ständer, Scheinwerfer und Gepäckträger würden nur unnötig ins Gewicht fallen und werden darum weggelassen. Aus dem gleichen Grund sind in der Regel nur leichte Felgenbremsen verbaut. Schmale Laufräder und Reifen tragen ebenso dazu bei, dass das Gesamtgewicht nur bei 6 bis 10 Kilogramm liegt.

Besonderes Augenmerk sollte beim Kauf eines Rennrads auf die Schaltung gelegt werden. Die drei wichtigsten Hersteller, Sram, Campagnolo und Shimano, weisen trotz vieler Ähnlichkeiten auch erhebliche Unterschiede auf. Welche Anordnung und Form der Schalthebel Euch am ehesten liegt, solltet Ihr als Neueinsteiger bei einer ausführlichen Probefahrt testen! Was Präzision und Leichtläufigkeit angeht, liefern alle Hersteller je nach Preisklasse sehr gute bis hervorragende Modelle.

Bei Liquid Life setzen wir im Bereich Rennräder auf das unschlagbar große und vielseitige Sortiment der amerikanischen Bike-Schmiede Trek. Auch die Qualitätsmarken Cube und Ghost können wir heutigen und künftigen Rennfahrern empfehlen.

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One thing unites all road cyclists, whether professional, amateur racer or hobby rider: the fun of speed! At Liquid-Life you will find machines designed for maximum speed, which are bursting with racing genes. Everything is just right here: from the aerodynamic design to the finest materials. High-quality aluminum alloys or exclusive carbon fibers allow the production of the best frames. A regular composition that guarantees you not only in competitions a plus in efficiency and speed.

On the road bike, the motto is: less is more! Everything that would bring unnecessary weight on the scale, the engineers eliminated already in the planning and development. The result can be seen: Depending on the design and equipment, the weight of the complete bike is between an impressive six and ten kilograms. A basic requirement for extremely fast rides and laps! Not spared, however, in the equipment - even the electronic circuit does not have to remain a dream with us.

A question of material: aluminum or carbon?
. The construction of a road bike frame requires a lot of intuition from the manufacturers. The geometry is often the result of years of work and development, usually also the experience of professional riders flow into the projects. This is one reason why the top manufacturers seek close contact with professional teams. No less complex is the determination of the perfect material. Most road bike frames are made of aluminum or carbon. Steel tends to be used less for racing bikes: The material is simply too heavy for this demanding area. The only exception here are fixies.

Aluminum and carbon allow the production of a frame with a low weight at maximum stability. Aluminum is cheaper than carbon and therefore usually found in the middle price segment for road bikes. With carbon, frame designers can let off steam to their heart's content. Exclusive, top styled frames with the best performance values are the result of this great work. Incidentally, the brand manufacturers use a wide variety of carbon technologies, often there are even differences within a model series.

Important: The ideal size!

To achieve maximum performance, the road bike must fit you like a good pair of shoes. Important is the frame size, which you can determine quickly and easily with our size calculation. If you are between two values in the calculation, the smaller frame height allows you to ride more aggressively. Of course, we have your dream road bike in different sizes ready for you. Of course, the ladies also get their money's worth. Special frame geometries and selected parts ensure a lot of comfort and maximum safety with maximum efficiency.

The road bike in all its diversity: differences of the main model types

. The fact is: not all road bikes are the same! As in the field of mountain biking, there are specialists for the individual areas of application. With us you will find but in addition to the experts for sprint, uphill and long distance also first-class all-rounders. The tire width does not play an insignificant role for road bikes. Basically, all road bikes roll on 28". For the fastest lap times in competition and training, the extremely narrow 23 mm tires offer, a little more comfort you get with 25 mm rubbers.

For long distances are particularly suitable the so-called Endurance racing bikes, which usually have 28 mm tires. A new trend are the Gravel bikes, with which you can hunt also times maintained over gravel roads. Tire widths of 38 mm are not uncommon here. The wide tires not only provide more grip and traction, but also ensure increased riding comfort. CX bikes (cycloscross) represent a special feature. This special type of road bike is designed for use off paved roads, so it is a specialist for dirt and mud. In the Liquid Life Shop you will definitely find the perfect road bike for all requirements! Should you be unsure about the area of application, we will of course be happy to help you.

. Brakes: Disc or rim brake

. Just a few years ago, the question did not arise, but modern technologies now make disc brakes an interesting alternative for road cyclists. Rim brakes still have a light weight, but disc brakes score with a consistent braking performance in all riding situations, regardless of the weather. Not without reason, disc brakes are standard on mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. So why not also on the road bike?

. Even modern gravel bikes no longer come without disc brakes. A trend that is also increasingly established on road bikes. Depending on the requirement, the disc brakes are operated either mechanically or hydraulically. High-quality disc brakes are exclusively hydraulic in nature. If you can tolerate a few grams of extra weight and want to enjoy maximum braking power, there is definitely no way around disc brakes for you!

. Fitting equipment and accessories for road bikes

Clearly, in the fight for fast times, neither mudguards nor luggage racks are normally needed. From the factory, you will therefore not find these attachments on the road bike, but there are legitimate exceptions. The so-called Gravel bikes combine the characteristics of a road bike with the highest everyday suitability. Thus, some models in the field of Gravel can be easily retrofitted with various components if necessary.

Special mounting eyelets allow the subsequent installation of mudguards, racks or stands. For long tours, a second water bottle holder is also recommended to prevent dehydration. Of course, the road bike can also be individualized with various parts. This includes, among other things, handlebar tapes for an improved grip feeling or a different saddle for more comfort or less weight.


The great road bike brands at Liquid Life


Whether aluminum racing machine or exclusive carbon model, in the Trek brand store you will find the best road bikes of the US cult forge. State-of-the-art materials and innovative technologies characterize the performance bikes from Trek. Carefully designed frames and forks are completed with only the finest parts. This creates a successful overall package that guarantees you fast lap times anytime and anywhere - in competition as well as in training.

The Trek Madone is the ultimate super race bike for podium finishes. Trek-Segafredo's top stars take victories around the world on this incomparable racing machine. A mountain stage specialist, Trek's Émonda is an ultra-light OCLV carbon bike for extra tough challenges. Want one of the best endurance race bikes around? Then the Trek Domane is the perfect bike for you, undoubtedly the optimal road bike for long races and bad roads. A particularly individual adaptation to your needs allows you with different models the Trek Project One configuration concept.


The recipe for success of Cube road bikes is based on German know-how at a fair price. High-tech materials such as C:68 Carbon ensure the Bavarian bike manufactory a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated. The extremely high carbon content of 68% means a lower resin content. This extraordinary quantity ratio is made possible by an optimized manufacturing process. The wall thickness can thus be reduced without the frame losing stability and stiffness. C:68 Carbon is of course used in the top models of Cube.

. A real shining light in the high-end road bike sector represents the grandiose Cube Litening C:68. Developed with the C:68 carbon technology, the tube shape for maximum steering precision and an extremely low weight could be further optimized by the Cube engineers. The Litening C:68 SLT Disc comes with electronic Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 shifting group, Newmen cockpit and a sensational weight of only 6.8 kilograms. A road bike that will conjure you tears of joy and your competitors tears of disillusionment in the face!

. Ghost

The Upper Palatinate company Ghost Bikes has been synonymous with innovation, premium bicycles and top quality for over two decades. Groundbreaking developments such as the RIOT Link rear suspension or the revolutionary E:i Shock are just two examples with which Ghost has been able to further optimize the efficiency of bicycles. The portfolio of the brand ranges from city bikes to mountain bikes to road bikes.

. The Ghost Nivolet series is designed for the fastest laps and times on asphalt. The integrated fork design knows how to convince as well as the pleasant geometry. The Nivolet is available in a variety of versions. For the frame, you have the choice between Ultralight Carbon (UC), Light Carbon (LC) and aluminum. Depending on the area of use, various equipment packages are available from standard to high-end.

Santa Cruz

The U.S. bike forge Santa Cruz is also one of the very large premium brands on the market. The dedication to cycling is reflected in every product of the exclusive manufacturer. The claim to be able to offer cyclists the best possible bike drives the engineers and frame designers to peak performance. If you want to tickle the maximum of skills out of you, then you are in the Santa Cruz brand store gold right!

. The Santa Cruz Stigmata is a CX bike in a class of its own. Offered by the manufacturer as a "cross bike for mountain bikers" the ideal device for year-round training or gritty cross-country races. At the heart of this rugged road bike for rough terrain and rugged use is the stylish carbon CC frame. Like every Santa Cruz frame, the Stigmata is a true masterpiece. When it comes to equipment, you have three attractive options open to you: Rival, CX1 and Ultegra.