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Where there is a Way, there is a Fully

A fully suspended bike (also called full suspension) is a mountain bike with a suspended rear triangle and suspension fork. The suspension ensures the cyclist not only higher driving comfort, but especially a plus in driving safety and fun. The ground contact is increased and thus guarantees the biker more grip and traction. Depending on the area of application and the requirements, the Fully Bike uses a wide variety of suspension concepts. A distinction is made between single and multi-link, four-link and VPP systems.

The available suspension travel is largely dependent on the area of use. While in the field of cross country and marathon bikes suspension travel of 100 to 120 mm is preferred, all-mountain bikers rely on bikes with 140 mm suspension travel. Modern enduro riders use fully bikes with 160 mm, while freeriders even use 180 mm suspension travel. In the top class downhill, the "fun" starts at 200 mm travel.

Important: Equivalent to the suspension travel at the rear grows also the suspension travel at the front!

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Fullsuspension Bikes

With a perfectly tailored to you Fully Bike you are always one step ahead - this applies not only to competition, but also everyday life. In the Liquid Life Shop you will find the perfect full-suspension mountain bike for every area of use. When choosing the ideal Fully bike, the available suspension travel is not entirely insignificant. Depending on the area of use, you need different suspension characteristics. For XC race light and spurtstarke Fullys up to 120 mm travel, Enduro riders come with soft 160 mm travel at their expense. If you prefer hard downhill trails, your wish list should include full bikes with at least 200 mm travel. All-mountain bikes with 140 mm travel have established themselves as perfect all-rounders. The entire range of cool Fully Bikes you will find of course with us!

. What are the advantages of a Fully Bikes?

The suspended rear end brings some advantages with it. First and foremost, the suspension is responsible for absorbing road irregularities. These include roots, stones and potholes. A Fully makes sense not only in the terrain, but also on the road. The absorption of road irregularities is expressed in many points extremely positive: The body is protected from shocks, at the same time increases the ride comfort. A good chassis ensures that the tires always have contact with the ground, even in rough terrain, which significantly increases driving safety. Ultimately, with a full-suspension bike in off-road use can thus usually always reach higher speeds.

Although many bikers swear by hardtails in the uphill, but with a full suspension can actually be achieved faster times even when driving uphill. Especially on rough ground, the suspended rear end offers more traction and thus relieves the driver not only physically, but also psychologically. No wonder, then, that even in marathons more and more bikers are reaching for the Fully. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies and sophisticated rear kinematics the perfect choice for everyday cyclists and ambitious athletes alike.

. Different suspension systems - From single-link to VPP system
. For slight uncertainty before buying a Fully Bikes often provide the different suspension systems. What exactly is hidden behind designations such as VPP or four-bar linkage? Basically, all full suspension systems - no matter what type of bike it is - can be roughly divided into four areas: Single-link, multi-link, four-link and VPP systems. Since the manufacturers favor the different suspension systems, a closer look is worthwhile - a little background knowledge can therefore not hurt.

. Single-joint systems are the simplest suspension system due to their simple design. The connection of the main frame to the rear is realized only by a large dimensioned bearing, the damper is directly hinged. Advantage of the single-link is the inexpensive implementation, with which the Fully bikes can be offered quite cheaply. Disadvantages are the load of the rear triangle by lateral forces, high forces acting on the damper and the notorious brake stamping.

. The multi-link represents the further development of the single link. The forces acting on the damper are minimized by a rocker and the use of multiple joints. The same applies to the rear end. An important feature for multi-linkers is the bearing in the area of the axle mount on the chain stay - not to be confused with the Horst link on the seat stay. Manufacturers are also eliminating brake stamping with innovative technologies.

The said Horst link is found exclusively on the four-link. As with the multi-linker, a bearing is positioned in the area of the axle, but not on the chain stay, but on the seat stay. This difference, which at first glance may seem insignificant, provides a completely different suspension characteristic. Brake stamping is excluded with the four-bar linkage, since the rear end does not describe a circular motion, in contrast to the single- and multi-bar linkage.

The most complex - and unfortunately also the most expensive - are the VPP systems. VPP stands for Virtual Pivot Point and is based simply paraphrased on two links acting in opposite directions. However, the complicated implementation provides the rider with a perfectly working system that not only responds extremely sensitively, but is also very efficient. The VPP system is not always clearly recognizable as such. A VPP similar system is, among other things, the Maestro suspension system from Giant.

. Care of a Fullsuspension Bikes

Of course, the fullsuspension bike requires some care. Here, too, the view of the rear end is of course of particular interest. In addition to the different suspension systems, there is the division between air and coil dampers. The latter have a spring and normally do not require great maintenance. With air dampers, the air pressure must be checked occasionally to prevent the damper from bottoming out.

The same applies to the suspension fork, of course. Regardless, a full suspension bike must of course be maintained just like a conventional bike. In our store you will find gentle cleaning and care products specifically for bikes. The maintenance intervals prescribed by the manufacturers must of course be observed to ensure the functionality and safety of the bike in the long term.

. The most important Fully Bike brands and models at a glance

. If nothing less than the best of the best comes into question for you, then you are in the Santa Cruz brand store gold right. Equipped with the VPP suspension system, you can achieve maximum performance in any terrain. So why not rock the world's toughest downhill trails like the Syndicate team? The Santa Cruz V10 is a downhill bullet in perfection and lets riders worldwide best times. For demanding enduro tours or tricky stages, the Californian bike forge has the Santa Cruz Nomad with incredibly soft responsive 165 mm travel at the start.

The Spanish-based bike forge Mondraker has made a name for itself with groundbreaking technologies and the distinctive design of their bikes - not to mention the Mondraker-typical riding fun! The exclusive Fully Bikes ensure comfort, traction and efficiency equally on all trails. Genes, which also has the new All Mountain Foxy. First-class downhill and climbing characteristics make this bike for you the perfect companion on demanding tours. So convincing that the Foxy was directly godfather for the new trail bike Factor +.

The Bavarian manufacturer Cube has been manufacturing high-quality bikes for every area of application for many years. The symbiosis of the finest materials and innovative technologies guarantees you an exceptional bike with the best driving characteristics. The low weight goes hand in hand with maximum stability and reliability, the modern geometry and the first-class chassis inspire with agility and efficiency in equal measure. The best example of this is the popular Cube Stereo, which even critics to enthusiasm storms. With spring travel from 120 to 170 mm covers the series a very wide range of applications.

. Inextricably linked to the history of mountain biking is the US bike forge Trek. As a pioneer in the field of mountain biking, Trek has a special significance in the development of new bikes - an extremely high standard, which the company masters to this day with the most modern materials and the latest technology with flying colors. So it's hardly surprising that the fastest riders in the world bring in their successes with Trek bikes. A specialist for downhill and bike park is the Trek Session, with which you can screw your limits very far up. For women, Trek holds the Womens Line with a special geometry ready.

. The premium brand Ghost is also one of the global players in the field of mountain biking. Outstanding developments such as the RIOT-Link rear suspension or E:i Shock with the automatically tuning damper go to the account of the brand from the Upper Palatinate. Those who want to call the RIOT-Link rear suspension their own, the enduro Ghost Path Riot or the trail rocket Ghost Riot to choose from. However, Ghost has also implemented the four-link technology in the best possible way, as evidenced, for example, by the purebred enduro race bike Ghost FR AMR. At Ghost you get the best technology for a really very fair price!

. Also from Germany comes the brand Haibike, which belongs to the Winora Group - the specialist for e-bikes is undoubtedly also a specialist for unmotorized performance mountain bikes. Except for the pedal assist, you definitely don't have to do without anything on the Fully bikes. The fabulously responsive chassis is just as natural here as the efficiency and reliability known for Haibike. The Seet Dwnhll / FreeRide and Nduro series impresses with an extremely stable frame made of aluminum, which is designed for the toughest action. Other very attractive series are located in the Advanced Offroad and Light Offroad.

. A high-end mountain bike for the highest demands pleasing? Then you should definitely consider a mountain bike from the cult forge Yeti! No other brand exudes such charm and exerts such an attraction on mountain bikers around the world as the Californian company founded in 1985. We must admit that Yeti bikes are located in a different price range, but you also get a product that can convince in all respects - like the Yeti SB6. The Enduro mountain bike of the EWS Heros is almost a guarantee for victories. With a Yeti Fully Bike you are on the train!