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Not only your bike needs to be cared for and kept in shape. If you train regularly, maybe even participate in competitions, you should also give your body the necessary attention. This applies on the one hand to the heavily used muscles in the calf and thigh, hips and back. In addition, the seat meat for long tours in the saddle must be cared for. Last but not least, you will find in our store products around shaving and depilation, sun, wind and weather protection and other body care products especially suitable for cycling

Protection from sun, wind and weather

You ride on a bright summer day just as naturally as on a stormy autumn or a freezing winter day. As a result, the skin on your face and possibly on other uncovered parts of your body are exposed to particular stresses. Care products specially designed for bikers and other outdoor athletes protect without negatively affecting your performance

Perfect sun protection and a good feeling

The UVA and UVB rays of sunlight hit your face every time you go out under uncovered skies, no matter what time of year it is. In the short term, unprotected skin can suffer a painful sunburn. In the long term, sun exposure increases the risk of cancer and other skin diseases. Many bikers nevertheless forgo daily protection because they fear slippery hands or a greasy film on the skin. Meanwhile, accessory manufacturers from the bike scene offer optimally suited products: Special sprays, lotions or creams for active cyclists are absorbed quickly and thus offer a pleasantly dry skin feeling. If you have a particularly sweaty workout ahead of you or are expecting a good downpour on the tour, you should choose a waterproof product.

Daily care for face and body

But not only the sun dries out your skin. Cold winds can also make sensitive facial skin feel dry and tight. Morning care with a moisturizer provides it with the necessary nutrients and protects against environmental influences throughout the day. Again, a high-quality product is characterized by the fact that it does not leave an unpleasant film, but is completely absorbed into the skin. Incidentally, many day creams for the face or arms and legs combine care with everyday sun protection. They contain a sun protection factor (SPF) between 15 and 25, which is suitable for an average day without particularly intense sun exposure

Depilated legs - vanity or sporting advantage?

The ladies do it anyway for cosmetic reasons. But also with male cyclists the depilation of the legs is meanwhile widespread. Especially in competitions, clean-shaven, well-trained calves are part of the appearance. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, many athletes also swear by the other advantages of shaving. For example, sun or cold cream can be applied more quickly and easily before the start. Also the massage after the sport is more pleasant with depilated skin. If a biker suffers a graze in a fall while on the road, there is no need to remove the hairs from and around the wound when treating it. And some riders also believe that a wildly growing jungle on the legs could increase the air resistance and thus reduce the riding speed. We say: Whether you depilate your legs or not is entirely up to you. But if you do, then give your skin the necessary care

Wet or dry - the thorough shave

For wet shaving, you need above all a clean, sharp blade and a suitable foam, gel or shaving cream. Use a rich care product here, which facilitates the gliding of the blade over the skin and prevents irritation. Nevertheless, regular shaving can cause tension or feelings of dryness. Therefore, you should apply a nourishing moisturizer afterwards. By the way, this also applies to dry shaving with an electric razor

Chemicals from tube and can - the simplest form of depilation

If you decide on the chemical variant, you apply depilatory cream or foam to the skin and leave it on for five to fifteen minutes, depending on the product. This is how long the substances contained in the product need to dissolve the horny structure of the hair above the skin surface. The hair root remains intact. After the reaction time, the hairs can be removed from the skin together with the foam. Modern, high-quality products are also well tolerated with regular use. Before you use a depilatory cream on a large area of your legs for the first time, you should still test its compatibility on a small area

For those insensitive to pain - waxing, sugaring and epilation

Pulling out the small hairs on your legs, including the roots, will keep your legs smooth for the longest time, but it's not for sissies. A viscous, sticky mass of wax or sugar paste is spread on your skin and bonds with the hair as it dries. If the solidified mass is removed after some time in strips with a strong pull, the hair goes out with it. Epilators pull the body hair out of the skin with electrical assistance. Whether by hand or with electricity - both procedures are painful and irritate the skin. Therefore, you should always apply a good skin care cream afterwards.

Problem zone buttocks - sitting in the saddle without pain

Hardly a frequent rider who has not suffered from chafed skin on the buttocks, despite well-padded bike pants and an ergonomically shaped saddle. If the skin chafes against the pants or saddle, even well-trained muscles are of no use. So what helps before long training sessions or strenuous competitions? In the course of a cyclist's life, everyone develops their own preferences. We have compiled the most common ones for you.

- Depilation

Some professionals and semi-professionals swear by it: Before the competition, the skin in the buttocks area is shaved smooth. To avoid irritation or injury, you should use a new, sharp blade. Whether you prefer shaving foam or shaving cream is a matter of taste. The important thing is that the product facilitates a clean shave and cares for your skin. Afterwards, you can apply an after shave balm to soothe the freshly shaved skin

As an alternative to shaving, depilatory products especially for the intimate area do a good job. However, you should not use these chemical products on irritated, sore or injured skin. If the skin is healthy, simply apply cream or fluid evenly and leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the product. Afterwards, the hair can be wiped off with a scraper or sponge. What remains is a pleasantly smooth skin

- Cream

Before you slip into your bib shorts, you should apply a generous amount of cream to the skin in the entire seat area. A special buttocks cream for bikers reduces friction, protects against drying out and thus prevents skin irritations. Depending on the composition, such a chamois or seat cream also has an antibacterial or skin-cooling effect. A pleasant fragrance makes even applying the cream a pleasure. In long competitions, it can be useful to reapply the cream on the way. For this purpose, the manufacturer Muc-Off offers, for example, suitably dosed practical sachets to take along. The cream can work even better, by the way, if you also cream the seat pad or at least the seams of your bike shorts in addition to the skin. After the sport, you should not only thoroughly shower off the residues of the cream from the skin. To prevent irritation, the pants must also be cleaned of any residue before you wear them next time

- Regenerate

Even the best training and optimal preparation can not prevent muscle pain after an extraordinary load. Nothing is then more soothing than a hot sitz bath! Afterwards, a light massage with a relaxing body oil can help prevent sore muscles or more severe pain the following day. If you are already thinking about the next challenge, you can use a recovery balm, which stimulates the regeneration process of the muscles with herbal substances

The plus of energy for successful strength training

The more frequently and intensively you train, the faster your body builds muscle. Amino acids can support this process by accelerating the metabolic processes in the muscle. This means that muscle cells can be formed more quickly, while at the same time less lactate is produced, which leads to painful tension. Corresponding creams or gels are applied exactly where you need them and therefore do not burden the digestive system. The purely herbal and mineral ingredients are skin-friendly and well tolerated. The products are sometimes recommended before training to warm up or after a strenuous effort to regenerate

A tip for all products:

At Liquid Life, we attach great importance to high-quality articles that are usually excellently tolerated. Nevertheless, due to allergies or special skin characteristics, it can happen in individual cases that you do not tolerate a special product so well. We therefore advise you to first test a new product at home or during a relaxed training session without any particular stress. For bigger challenges, you should use proven material for your bike as well as for your body care.