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Tausende Artikel warten darauf, von Dir verbaut, genutzt oder getragen zu werden. Ob Helm, Schloss, Beleuchtung, Pedalen, Bekleidung oder Ersatzschläuche Deck Dich für Dein nächstes Abenteuer ein!

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Our top accessories range

. At liquid-life, service and advice are not limited to the large selection of more than 3000 bike models. We also have a wide range of spare parts, accessories and supplements in stock

True, we bikers primarily use muscle power to get around. Nevertheless, the market is growing in electric and electronic add-on components and toys that make cycling more pleasant or interesting. From modern, low-maintenance lighting systems to powerful navigation devices to over speedometers and extensively equipped bicycle computers with pulse measurement our offer ranges. And for documenting your spectacular bike trips and tricks, you can also get the right action cam from us.

If you love your bike, you take care of it. If you're not afraid to get your fingers dirty yourself, you'll find a great selection of multi-function tools, care products for brakes, chain and gears as well as the most diverse air pumps. You can be sure that we want to pass on to you exactly those items that our own mechanics in the home workshop prefer to work with. Our vast experience with a wide range of manufacturers and their construction methods is reflected in our diverse range of products

If the weekend shopping, vacation luggage or simply the necessary odds and ends are to be transported regularly with the bike, there are now a variety of practical bags to buy for secure attachment to the frame. Thanks to well thought-out formats and clever mounting options, larger and smaller loads can thus be accommodated in a space-saving manner. It is quite considered that the smartphone or tablet with the route planner should always be in view. And if, on top of that, the offspring should go on tour with you, we will be happy to help you choose a safe, comfortable and ergonomic child seat.

A high-quality and even more chic bike not only pleases you, but may also attract less honorable prospective buyers. Therefore, we can only advise to invest in a stable security system. Modern folding or hook locks made of sturdy steel offer relatively good protection against breaking open or sawing through. Check us out for different security classes and locking options.

Always with you is usually the drinking bottle, because already after a short time of sporty cycling the body should be supplied with liquid again. Whether it contains water or an energy drink, whether the housing is made of plastic or metal and comes in subtle black or trendy neon colors, is purely a matter of taste. Once you have found your favorite model and the matching bottle cage for the bike, you usually do not want to give it away again. If you are still looking, you will find the most diverse models including different mounting options

We at liquid-life see ourselves as competent advisors not only in terms of bikes, but also in everything else that bike fans need. Thanks to the large selection in our own house, we know quite well which accessories are compatible with which type of bike. And pretty much every single part in our store has already been put through its paces by one of our bike-loving employees. We are happy to share our experience with you.