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Der richtige Reifen, das passende Zubehör oder das korrekte Werkzeug machen aus Deiner nächsten Reise ein Abenteuer, bei welchem Du auf alle Eventualitäten vorbereitet bist. Ob Mountainbike, Renn- oder Trekkingrad, bei uns findest Du alles was Du für gutes und schlechtes Wetter, geteerte oder geschotterte Straßen, Trail oder Waldweg, Sicherheit oder beim Fahren in der Dunkelheit brauchst. Klick Dich durch die Kategorien und entdecke unser Sortiment!


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Hardly any other part of the bike influences the riding characteristics as much as the bike tire

With the choice of tire, a variety of optimization options are open to you. Depending on your requirements, you can actively influence rolling behavior, grip and traction. Even when it comes to puncture susceptibility, the choice of tire plays an enormous role. In the Liquid Life Shop you will find a wide range of bicycle tires for every area of use. Whether mountain bike or road bike, whether wide or thin - with us you will find the perfect tire for your riding style!

For the individual areas of cycling, tires are roughly divided into different categories for a better overview. In the individual categories, we have the tires in different widths and wheel sizes ready for you. The mountain bike tires are particularly diverse. With the choice of the profile you define the area of use exactly. Coarse tread is particularly suitable for rides in rough terrain, fine tread, on the other hand, for tours on moderate trails

The finer the tread, the lower the rolling resistance. The disadvantage, however, is that the tire offers less grip and traction in mud or loose ground. In this demanding terrain, tires with a coarse profile skillfully play to their strengths. However, not only the tread determines the rolling resistance, but also the carcass. A high TPI number (threads per inch) indicates a tire with high density - the tire is more supple and rolls better. Another advantage of a high thread density is the higher puncture protection.

Similar to mountain bike tires it behaves with the road bike tires. Here, a distinction must be made between cyclocross, gravel and road bike. Cyclocross tires have lugs for off-road use, modern gravel tires offer a great compromise between off-road and road. What both types of tires have in common is that, unlike road bikes, they are wide. Road bike tires, on the other hand, are designed specifically for fast laps on asphalt. Comfort promises in this area so-called Endurance tires with a width of 25 mm or 28 mm.

A distinction must also be made when choosing the tire between tubeless, tubeless ready and tube version. The tire with bicycle tube is increasingly being replaced by tubeless in new bicycle models. However, not every wheel is suitable for the use of a tubeless tire. One thing is clear: Tubeless tires are far less prone to punctures than tires with inner tubes. Gravel bikes therefore come almost exclusively with tubeless tires.

Well equipped: What to do in case of a breakdown?

No one is immune from a puncture when cycling. The repair approaches are as varied as the tire types. For the quick and easy repair of a tubeless ready or tubeless tire, special repair products such as RFR Tire Pilot are available. Thanks to the easy handling and small pack size, this first-class product is very suitable for on the road. RFR Tire Pilot forms a very thin film and thoroughly seals small to medium holes

When using a hose, we recommend TIP TOP patching kit. The quality patching kit from Rema in the famous green box has set the standard for many decades. In addition to the patches, of course, the set also includes the necessary vulcanizing fluid and sandpaper for roughening the hose. Properly patched, the patch holds for many years safely and reliably. Very popular is also the Lezyne Lever Kit. The patches of the all-in-one patch kit with Power Cap tire levers have a special synthetic, stretchy rubber composite. For emergencies, the set also includes a Tire Boot tire sealer.

Special tire levers are needed to remove the tire. The high-quality tire levers from our store are made of plastic, which protects the tube, tire and rim. From cheap versions made of metal you should definitely keep your hands off! Some minitools such as the SKS CT-WORX even have a tire lever from the factory. Without air, of course, nothing goes with the tire! For touring, mini pumps are suitable due to their small footprint, some models can even be attached to the bike with the supplied holder. A great alternative are also CO² cartridges, which you can also find in our store. For the workshop, we recommend large-volume floor pumps with pressure gauge

Bike tires: The major brands in the Liquid-Life Shop

The Schwalbe brand of Ralf Bohle GmbH, headquartered in Reichshof, has a huge range of bicycle tires for all types of bikes. The company, founded in 1922, specializes in bicycles and is also the market leader in Europe. Thanks to ever new innovations, you are guaranteed the maximum technology with Schwalbe tires. The best example of this is the new ADDIX high-end mixing technology. With a newly designed process can be extremely fine-tuned rubber compounds for a new level of quality and performance are produced

Continental is also a global player in tires. The traditional company was founded in 1871 in Hanover, where the company headquarters are still located today. As the only German bicycle tire manufacturer, the company produces its tires in Germany. Based on state-of-the-art technologies and the best materials, the tires are manufactured by hand and thus rightly bear the seal "Handmade in Germany". The high-quality tire assortment in the field of bicycle ranges from city / trekking to mountain bike and cross to road bike

A very complex program offers the brand TAQ. The portfolio includes various components such as locks or lighting as well as bicycle tubes. The motto is: High quality at low prices! The extremely attractive price-performance ratio of the products is also reflected in the bicycle inner tubes in our store. Offered are the most diverse sizes from 12" to 28".