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These shoes were made for biking

Special cycling shoes offer many advantages not only to professionals, but also to ambitious recreational athletes. A particularly stiff sole ensures that the power from the foot can be transferred almost completely to the pedals. At the same time, modern materials allow for a pleasant foot climate and protect against injuries and the effects of the weather. There are differences between the footwear of the individual cycling disciplines: While road cycling shoes have to be particularly light, MTB shoes attach importance to a grippy sole. Trekking shoes impress with their riding comfort on and off the bike.

The so-called click shoes ensure an even closer connection between rider and bike. The shoes lock firmly onto the pedals to prevent slipping and optimise power transmission. After a short period of getting used to the system, it is no longer a problem to quickly click off when dismounting or threatening to fall. Since there are different systems available on the market, you should always make sure that you buy shoes that match your pedals.

You will also find accessories and spare parts for your bike shoes in our shop, as well as suitable overshoes that protect your feet from the cold and wet in bad weather. By the way, they are put on in such a way that the click system is not affected.

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A secure footing on the bike pedal is not a matter of luck: with the right choice of pedal and bike shoes, you lay the foundation for safe and efficient cycling. The shoes available in our store are as diverse as cycling itself. The choice of cycling shoes depends on the area of use and of course on the mounted pedals - so you have to consider the pedals and shoes as a coherent, functioning unit. Basically, cycling shoes are divided just like pedals in the two categories click and flat. Each pedal system can only ensure optimal performance and secure grip with the right, intended shoe

What is the difference in shoes between click and flat?

Bicycle shoes that are specially designed for the click system impress with maximum power transmission. For this purpose, the shoe has so-called cleats, the pedal in turn has a special mechanism. The firm connection of both components guarantees you the best power conversion and efficiency. Release mechanisms ensure that you can release yourself from the pedal without problems when stopping or even in the event of a fall. Another advantage of the bike shoes for the click system is the narrow design, which ensures you more ground clearance in curves. Road cyclists, cyclocrossers, marathon participants and XC racers can not get past this type of shoe! Also in the field of All Mountain and Enduro, many riders rely on the advantages of clipless pedals.

Flat shoes are the all-rounders par excellence! This casual-looking shoe type makes an incredibly good figure even away from cycling. Unlike normal everyday shoes or sneakers, flat shoes have a sole designed for platform pedals. Particularly grippy rubber compounds and sophisticated sole profiles ensure incredible grip on the pedal even without a click system. Of course, not only the sole is designed for cycling, but also the design and the upper material of the shoe. The special construction dampens vibrations and thus sustainably protects the foot. Some of the shoe models offered can even be retrofitted with cleats. For commuters and everyday cyclists just as the perfect choice as for downhill bikers, freeriders and Dirter.

For faster finding in the store: Better overview thanks to clear subcategories

In the MTB shoes section you will find the perfect shoes for all types of mountain biking. Whether XC Race or Dirt, depending on your requirements, we have a huge range of shoes for flat pedals and clipless pedals ready for you. Best possible grip on the platform pedal guarantee you in all driving situations and in airtime ultimate rubber compounds such as Honey Rubber (O'Neal) or Stealth (FiveTen). Hold on the clipless pedal, however, ensure shoes with cleats. Specially designed for the MTB area, the soles have cleats to find support in carrying passages. The stiffness provides a significant increase in performance. Special closure systems fix the shoe reliably on the foot.

Fast laps on asphalt allow you the road cycling shoes with cleats from our store. According to the high requirements of road racers, the designers focused on the development of a loss-free power transmission and wearing comfort. For the sole, materials such as carbon are used, which have extreme stiffness values. Clever closure systems ensure an optimal fit and ideal fixation of the foot, which also ensures excellent power transfer. Sensibly integrated ventilation openings and mesh trim contribute to wearing comfort, as does the high-quality footbed.

Trekking shoes certainly take a special position among cycling shoes. The reason for this is the versatility that these shoes must have. Thus, not only the optimal power transmission plays a major role, but also a good running performance. The storage space minimized on tours often leaves no room for a second pair of shoes - trekking shoes must therefore also necessarily convince off the bike! Of course, a high-quality footbed and waterproof upper material are also important in this context. Thanks to the discreet color designs trekking shoes can be combined great and uncomplicated with any clothing.

Overshoes are the perfect solution for extreme weather conditions. Wet and cold feet are a thing of the past with the overshoes available from us. Put over conventional road bike or mountain bike shoes, even long rainy rides or temperatures below freezing can not reduce your fun on the bike. The slim cut ensures an optimal fit, an uncomplicated tightening allows either a zipper or Velcro closure. For safety in adverse visibility conditions or in the dark, the overshoes have reflective prints. Special cutouts for the cleats allow the use with click pedals of various manufacturers. Abrasion-resistant material on the sole also ensures durability of the overshoes.

In the shoe accessories section you will find everything to optimize your cycling shoes and the wearing comfort. This includes in particular the insoles of the Ergo specialist SQlab. These counteract premature fatigue of the foot due to excessive stress. If you suffer from tingling or numbness in the area of the feet, the insoles could be the solution to your problem. To help you find the perfect insole for you, we offer them in different forms. Cleats are indispensable for the different click systems - here you will also find in the shoe accessories section. A very reliable function guarantee cleats made of durable, high-tech thermoplastics.

The big brands in the Liquid Life Shop: Top quality at fair prices

The Californian brand FiveTen produces lifestyle shoes for mountain bikers, climbers, hikers and many other athletes who rely on good footwear for dangerous sports. Founded in 1985, the innovative brand has been thrilling people with highly functional shoes ever since. The Stealth rubber sole, a trademark for extreme grip, ensures maximum grip on the pedal. Not for nothing the brand dominates the MTB downhill sport and the freeride area. Professional athletes worldwide trust FiveTen shoes!

The bike specialist Cube stands for first-class products with German know-how. The extensive range also includes many high-quality shoe models. As with the bikes, the manufacturer from Upper Bavaria also places the highest value on maximum functionality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio for the bike shoes. RFR is an own brand of Cube, which specializes in bicycle accessories. Here, too, you benefit from very good quality at a reasonable price

Giro products are characterized by a perfect combination of quality, performance and design. The range of the American traditional company includes, among other things, the Giro, the most successful helmet in the history of cycling. Giro is also at the forefront when it comes to shoes, whether in the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia. The cycling shoes impress with an optimal fit and an impressive power transmission - the basis for best times and a place on the podium.