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Everything under control: cycling gloves for any terrain

For bikers, gloves are in season all year round. Sure, in winter, protection against the cold plays a crucial role. But even in the warm season, a good cycling glove fulfills several functions. He
  • protects palm and fingers from injuries and blisters
  • reduces pressure and absorbs vibrations on bumpy surfaces
  • provides a good grip and maximum control of the handlebar with a grippy inner surface
  • protects against wind and weather

In order to be able to do justice to so many tasks, cycling gloves have now become true high-tech products. Breathable, lightweight and elastic materials are padded with state-of-the-art soft foam or gel cushions. Manufacturers pay particular attention to the seams: they must not pinch even when the fingers are slightly swollen. An ergonomic fit that adapts to the curves of the handlebar grips facilitates secure gripping. Special coatings are applied to the inner surface to prevent slipping on the handlebars. And that was just the basic equipment. If you wish, you can also get a touchscreen-compatible glove or choose a material that you can conveniently clean in the washing machine. Additional reflectors or integrated terry cloth pads for wiping sweat are also frequently requested. And of course, cycling gloves for different outdoor temperatures and weather conditions are on the market.

Long finger or short finger?

They are also called road cycling gloves because they are preferred by sporty riders on paved roads: Short fingers deliver protection and function while eliminating unnecessary heat buildup. A large selection in this area is offered by the bike manufacturers of Cube with its subsidiary RFR and the racing specialist Giro. When operating brakes and gears, the free fingers are hardly restricted by textile. Nevertheless, the palms are protected from the unevenness of the ground. Cushions made of gel or soft foam cushion the sensitive nerve pathways; tingling or hands that fall asleep are thus no longer a problem. On the palm of the hand, silicone, leather or non-slip synthetic fibers ensure a good grip even when wet. On the back of the hand, mesh or a breathable material provide an airy feeling.

Thanks to Velcro at the wrist and lightweight and highly elastic synthetic fibers, the short fingers should fit like a second skin. For this very reason, by the way, many of the models are equipped with practical tabs that act as donning and doffing aids. Anyone who has ever tried to take off and put back on their short gloves with sweaty and slightly swollen fingers will appreciate this extra!

And a very special biker problem is now a thing of the past: the conspicuous untanned areas of skin under the cycling gloves. UV-permeable fabric on the top (e.g. from Cube) allows for an almost seamless tan at the end of your active cycling summer.

Leather, microfiber, plastic - the diversity of summer gloves

Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Gloves made of genuine leather have a good feel and are particularly robust. However, thin, high-quality genuine leather has its price. The models are also somewhat more demanding in terms of care: hand washing is usually recommended here.

Imitation leather looks almost as good as the original. It is light and very elastic and often suitable for the washing machine. In addition, manufacturers have developed various synthetic fibers that meet the needs of bikers. Less suitable, on the other hand, are gloves that are made entirely or partly of polyurethane (PU). Here you sweat after a short time, because the material is not breathable.

On the back of the hand, a light summer glove should above all be light and air-permeable. Silicone or rubber coatings on the inner surface help to keep your hands securely on the grips, even during sporty steering maneuvers.

High-tech fibers for winter gloves

In winter, the gloves must be warm, but at the same time breathable to prevent sweating. In harsh autumn winds, all-season models are often still sufficient. If temperatures drop below freezing, you'll need to switch to long-fingered gloves with insulation. A softshell outer shell like the Brisker from 100% keeps your hands warm and mobile at all times. A membrane on the outside reliably repels wind, water and snow. Here, slightly longer, well-fitting cuffs are also useful to protect your wrists from cold and wet.

However, the insulation must not impair the good fit or the grip on the handlebars. Particularly thin and yet warming fibers such as Thinsulate or Primaloft guarantee that your fingers stay warm and still have everything under control at all times.

Gel or foam - padding for your hands

When riding over hill and dale, the vibrations of your bike are passed on to your fingers via the handlebars. This can be painful and ensure that you no longer have the handlebars safely under control. The padding of your gloves ideally absorbs a large part of this vibration. Manufacturers mainly rely on gel or soft foam for this purpose. Gel feels a bit firmer, but has a longer life than foam. When it comes to cushioning, it's important to find the ideal measurement for you: A cushion that is too thin will still allow vibrations to pass through. Too much foam or gel, however, will make your hands clumsy and numb. The fit of the cushion must also fit the shape of your fingers and joints. Thus, even a well-tested or well-sold glove may be less suitable for your hands. Here only try on helps!

Ergonomically preformed gloves

Medicine and ergonomics are also playing an increasingly important role in cycling gloves. Through the cut and placement of padding, bike gloves can help fingers and palms adopt a completely natural posture and close perfectly around the grips. Neither pressing seams nor uncomfortable folds prevent your hands from becoming one with your handlebars. In combination with ergonomically shaped handlebar grips, such models, for example, from Ergon or Cube, bring the greatest riding advantage.

Wipe thumb and touch finger - helpful extras

In addition to protecting your hands, many models also fulfill other functions. A terry insert on the thumb serves to wipe the sweat from the forehead or to dry the dripping nose during sporty tours. A coating on the fingertips of the thumb, index and middle finger allows the user to operate a touch display of a navigation system or smartphone without having to take off the gloves. Reflectors on the back of the hand increase the safety of drivers after dark in traffic.

Last but not least, cycling gloves can perfect your professional biker look. For example, the strikingly bright colors of an Airmatic from 100% go well with a super sporty outfit. Or would it rather be an O'Neal Element in subtle black? Oh, you know what? The best thing is to take a look at our entire selection yourself! As always, we are happy to answer your questions via chat, email, phone or in person at our store in Brilon.