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Functional clothing made of modern polyester fibers ensures a pleasant body feeling from the first to the last moment. However, it can only fulfill its purpose if all layers - from underwear and socks to the jersey and rain jacket - are actually made of breathable and climate-regulating materials. The good old cotton shirt absorbs body moisture, but then holds it in, becomes heavy and feels clammy or even wet. A lightweight functional fiber, on the other hand, wicks sweat away from the skin to the outside, where it can evaporate. The second layer should therefore be just as breathable. On hot days, this helps prevent heat buildup; in winter, on the other hand, such a jersey or shirt protects against chilling. Depending on the weather conditions, a third layer is useful to keep out the wind or rain. Of course, you will also find gloves and arm and leg warmers to pull over made of high-quality functional fibers.

Long ago, not only professional athletes swear by special bike shoes. Own models for mountain bikers and racers are optimally designed for the respective conditions. Whether with click or without, the shoe becomes here the perfect link between man and bike. Who is also on foot in between times, can choose trekking models that provide both on the pedal and on the ground for a safe step. All accessories such as warming or waterproof overshoes you will of course also find with us.

Helmet or not helmet - for freeriders, downhillers and stunt riders this is not a question anyway. But also everyday cyclists in road traffic do not want to take any more risks. If you still need your head, you protect it. And the statistics clearly prove: the risk of serious craniocerebral injuries in bicycle accidents is significantly reduced by wearing a helmet. And manufacturers have long since responded: Head protection is now available in many colors and shapes, for all ages and tastes. What they all have in common is a very low weight and high wearing comfort. With cheerful colors and funny cartoon characters, the very young are also catered for. For teenagers, cool sporty designs are on offer. Adults have the choice between rather inconspicuous and discreet models, chic functional designs and cheerful colorful headgear Athletes will find helmets for their specific needs in the sections for mountain bike, fullface, BMX and dirt and road bike.

Matching the helmet and personal style, we also have plenty of glasses for bikers in the store. Whether you want to protect yourself from small stones, mud or wind, or just from the sun on a bright summer day - the sports glasses and goggles fulfill their function and are also comfortable to wear. Manufacturers such as Oakley, 100% and poc also combine a secure fit with a classic, sporty or trendy design.

. At many championships and competitions, they are mandatory, and also indispensable during training in the terrain and bike park: protectors for knees, elbows and back. For the upper body, they are available both individually and completely incorporated into protector jackets or vests. High-quality protective equipment even meets the strict requirements that apply to motorcycle protectors. At the same time, it is made in such a way that you still enjoy the greatest possible freedom of movement. A good dose of respect for the trail and the forces of nature, however, you should still bring!

. With all the love for well-fitting sports and functional clothing - with family and friends, the outfit may also come across as casual and trendy. In our Lifestyle section, manufacturers such as Cube and Maloja show what bikers like to wear when they are not in the saddle: peppy beanies and caps, colorful shirts, sweaters and pants, practical and original jackets and smart accessories.

A good biker backpack must fit both your physique and your habits. Due to our good experience in terms of durability, functionality and appearance, we mainly carry the brands Cube, Deuter, Evoc and Ergon. The models are available in many different sizes and layouts, some also with hydration system. Of course, we also have special protector backpacks in the program. In addition, you will find in the section backpacks also a lot of other bags and luggage for you and your bike.