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Over 100 years of German workmanship from Cloppenburg

For over 100 years, the KALKHOFF brand has stood for German workmanship from Cloppenburg. The globally successful bicycle brand has relied on the "Made in Germany" seal since 1919 and still has its innovative bicycles and e-bikes produced in its main factory in Lower Saxony. KALKHOFF relies on the best engineers and technicians who combine traditional values and modern technologies. The result is high-quality and comfortable city, urban and trekking bikes that impress with unusual designs and the highest quality. KALKHOFF has also created its own drive system, the Groove Next system, especially for use in urban e-bikes, and it knows how to impress.

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Kalkhoff - We take you further than before

When 16-year-old Heinrich Kalkhoff started selling bicycle parts out of his parents' house over 100 years ago, he probably didn't realize that he was laying the foundations for a global company. He just wanted to earn a few extra pennies, but selling used bicycles and spare parts did not satisfy him. So the young man quickly developed his own bicycle frames and sold them with great success: the birth of the successful KALKHOFF company.

Success story "Made in Germany

Within just a few years, the former village letter carrier Heinrich Kalkhoff succeeded in building up a globally active company. KALKHOFF eventually went from manufacturing frames to producing complete bicycles, which soon found a ready market. Even then, a KALKHOFF bicycle stood for absolute quality workmanship. By the outbreak of the Second World War, Heinrich Kalkhoff and his 40 employees had already built and delivered over 250,000 bicycles. - An immense number for the time.

Even after the end of the war, the spell of KALKHOFF bicycles was unbroken. In the 1950s, Heinrich Kalkhoff resumed bicycle production - a decision in which he had exactly the right instinct, because the subsequent bicycle boom ensured golden times for the KALKHOFF company. They had to open a second plant and by 1972, 5,000,000 bicycles had left the factory in Cloppenburg.

in 1988, KALKHOFF became part of the international Derby Group with the founding of Derby Cycle Werke, but the KALKHOFF brand remained what it had always been. A brand "Made in Germany". KALKHOFF was not to lose this seal even when the company wrote a whole new success story with the production of its own e-bike fleet. - A story that still continues, because today KALKHOFF is one of the best bicycle brands in Germany.

Traditional values and modern technologies

"Made in Germany" is not just a sales pitch for KALKHOFF. For the group from Cloppenburg, this seal is an attitude and it is as committed as ever to Germany as a production location. KALKHOFF still produces in Cloppenburg 100 years after the company was founded. There, in-house engineers, technicians and production managers are constantly working on new innovations, combining traditional values and modern technologies. This is how they succeed in producing the right KALKHOFF bike for every cyclist. All bikes are subject to high quality standards and requirements - from development to production.

KALKHOFF relies only on the best engineers and technicians and has even been producing its own drive system, the Motor Groove, since 2011. Together with their unusual designs, the Cloppenburg-based company manages to produce innovative bikes that are reliable, high-quality and comfortable.

The right bike for every type

Today, KALKHOFF specializes primarily in city and touring bikes for the city and countryside and is the market leader in Germany when it comes to e-bikes. The bicycles of the KALKHOFF brand stand not only for unusual design, but also for quality and durability.


With the Urban or Citybike models such as the Agattu, Jubilee, Image and Berleen from KALKHOFF, you can get through everyday life comfortably and conveniently. Chic design and sophisticated ergonomics round off the riding experience and make the city models real all-rounders.


The trekking models Endeavour and Entice are the all-rounders from KALKHOFF. They promise riding fun and are available for every use. Whether you want to use your bike as a fitness machine, explore unpaved roads or do your shopping. KALKHOFF's trekking models are up for any fun.