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The bicycle manufacturer Haibike from Lower Franconia has promoted the development of e-mountain bikes like no other company. The premium brand focused on mountain bikes with e-drives at a very early stage and brought the first serious e-MTBs onto the market with the XDURO series. Since its early beginnings, Haibike has set the standards in this field and remains true to its claim of developing the best e-mountain bikes. The range and variety of pedelecs is hard to beat and offers the ideal e-bike for every type of rider - whether touring, trail or downhill.

The brand, which belongs to the Winora Group, groups all e-bikes under the ePerformance heading. The individual model series can be divided into two core areas: SDuro and XDuro. With the Sduro bikes, Haibike offers high-quality performance bikes at extraordinarily attractive prices. The biggest difference to the XDuro models is in the motorisation. While the XDuro models use a Bosch drive, the SDuro models have a Yamaha mid-motor with a maximum torque of 80 Newton metres for powerful pedalling support. But that is not the only difference.

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The wide selection of first-class bikes in the Haibike brand shop


Cyclists with high demands will find a variety of high-quality mountain bikes and race bikes for everyday use, training and competitions in the Haibike brand store. The trendsetter in the field of E-Bike and ePerformance can look back on many years of experience as one of Germany's leading bicycle manufacturers for non-motorized bikes. The bikes from Haibike impress with a progressive design language and modern design with the highest functionality.

Haibike Sduro

With the Haibike SDuro class introduced in 2014, ePerformance finally became accessible to a wide audience. The cheeky bikes of the young generation have all the genes of the XDuro class, which stand for reliability and performance. The Sduro bikes use - depending on the version - the Yamaha PW or the new Yamaha PW-X drive. Both mid-engines have a maximum torque of an incredible 80 Newton meters. With the new Yamaha PW-X drive, the engine could be lightened by 400 grams, in addition, the size shrunk. Thanks to the smaller dimensions, Haibike was able to redesign the 2017 top models, which is also evident, for example, when using the new metric damper standard. The newly developed frames of the 2017 model year thus have a sportier geometry for even more fun and agility in demanding terrain. The Yamaha drive is protected by the Haibike SkidPlate, an engine guard made of impact-resistant plastic. Another special feature is the Yamaha Display integrated in the stem to protect the display and for even better readability. In the SDuro class can be found with the HardLife models also special e-mountain bikes for women.

Haibike XDuro

. The Haibike XDuro class is the first choice for all riders who want to push their riding level and the maximum feasible further up - every day and in any terrain! For the propulsion of the top models provides the Bosch Performance CX drive optimized for sporty use. Thanks to the maximum torque of up to 75 Newton meters, even very steep uphills are no problem. Direct Flow technology ensures full motor support even in the lower cadence range, making technically difficult passages much easier to master. The Haibike Sprocket Equalizing System, specially developed for the Bosch drive, prevents negative influences on the crank and ensures optimized transmission of the motor power. As with the SDuro models, the motor is also reliably protected from external influences by the SkidPlate on the Haibike XDuro. With the XDuro FullLife series is specifically addressed to the needs of women.

The most important Haibike model series at a glance


Fullnine - The 29" specialist for light and medium terrain

. The Haibike SDuro Fullnine is the specialist for demanding rides in light and medium terrain. Equipped with smooth-running 29" wheels and powerful Yamaha PW-X drive, every tour becomes a pleasure tour with the top model Fullnine 8.0. The 500 Wh Yamaha lithium-ion battery guarantees you even reach distant peaks and corners. The hydroformed aluminum frame has the Gravity Casting System for optimal integration of the drive unit. In terms of suspension travel, the Haibike Sduro Fullnine is also fully on your side: 110 millimeters front and rear provide traction, grip and comfort - wherever you happen to be on the road. An affordable entry into the ePerformance world of the Fullnine allows you the Haibike SDuro Fullnine 5.0 with efficient 100 millimeter chassis, powerful Yamaha PW drive and strong 400 Wh battery.

Fullseven - The 27.5" specialist for light and medium terrain

. The "little" brother of the Haibike Fullnine offers a slightly more agile handling due to the slightly more compact frame and the smaller wheels. Available is the Haibike Fullseven in both the XDuro and SDuro classes. Regardless, the suspension offers sensationally responsive 120 mm travel and the best parts for your adventures. Depending on the model and class, a Bosch Performance CX, a Yamaha PW or a Yamaha PW-X drive is used. This sits perfectly positioned in the hydroformed aluminum frame with Gravity Casting Interface - or in XDuro top models in a carbon high-modulus UD monocoque frame. Particularly exclusive presents the XDuro Fullseven Carbon 10.0 with Fox Float suspension and Bike Ahead biturbo wheels. The complete bike weighs only an incredible 17.5 kilograms - since even some unmotorized mountain bike pale with envy!

Hardnine - The 29" hardtail for touring in dignified terrain

. For the friends of first-class 29 inch Hardtails Haibike holds the attractive Hardnine models ready. Again, the models are available as SDuro or XDuro version. So you have the choice between Bosch Performance CX system or Yamaha PW/Yamaha PW-X drive. While the complete SDuro Hardnine series comes with hydroformed aluminum frame, the XDuro Hardnine models is also a carbon high-modulus UD monocoque frame to choose from. Whichever model you choose, all Hardnine bikes feature high-quality 29" wheels with top tires and a branded suspension fork for enjoyable touring in light terrain. Completed with practical and proven parts, the Haibike Hardnine is your perfect and reliable companion for every day.

Hardseven - The 27.5" hardtail for touring in moderate terrain

. equivalent to the Hardnine, Haibike also offers a special 27.5" version of the Hardtail with the Hardseven. Designed for 27.5" wheels, the Haibike Hardseven impresses with extremely agile handling and great rolling characteristics. Depending on the model, a Bosch Performance drive (XDuro Hardseven) or a Yamaha PW/Yamaha PW-X drive (SDuro Hardseven) provides terrific propulsion. In addition, the sensitive suspension fork with 100/120mm travel guarantees you completely relaxed touring. Basis of the Hardseven is either a hydroformed aluminum frame or a high-modulus UD monocoque carbon frame. The frame of exclusive carbon saves additional weight, which allows you to push the total weight of your bike depending on the components to under 18 kilograms

AllMtn - The ePerformance for the most demanding mountain tours

. With the Haibike AllMtn models, no questions remain unanswered: Equipped with 150 millimeters of suspension travel, the All Mountain Bike is your reliable partner for the most demanding mountain tours. Wide 27.5" tires ensure you grip, traction and comfort in equal measure in the terrain. For the 2017 season, Haibike has vigorously revised the two top models of the AllMtn SDuro class. The result of the hard engineering work are trail bikes that guarantee you with their even sportier geometry a plus in driving fun. The new models are also equipped with the powerful Yamaha PW-X drive, an integrated display and the Haibike ePerformance Connectivity System. The flagship XDuro Allmtn 8.0 and SDuro Allmtn 8.0 feature Magura Boltron suspension forks and Fox Float Factory shocks. The entry-level models of the series can also be seen: With perfectly adjustable and sensitive Air suspension components from brand manufacturers, no wishes are left unfulfilled here either

Haibike Life - The special series for women

. Especially for the modern biker of today, Haibike has launched the Life Series tailored to female needs. This includes an optimized geometry as well as a color-matched design. For rides in wild terrain, the XDuro FullLive offers a generous 120 mm of suspension travel front and rear. The powerful Bosch Performance CX drive is perfectly positioned in the hydroformed Gravity Casting Interface aluminum frame. The 27.5" wheels combine playful handling with first-class rolling behavior. As always with Haibike, the lady of the house is also spoiled for choice. The Hardtail SDuro Hardlife comes with suspension fork and Yamaha PW drive. Since the slim Yamaha battery can be removed from the side, the developers were able to implement even the smallest frame sizes in the SDuro. With the Haibike SDuro Hardlife, even smaller female riders can enjoy maximum safety. The HardLife Street model is particularly suitable for everyday use. Equipped with mudguards and lighting, daily routes can be covered particularly comfortably and safely.