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Triathlon bikes

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The triathlon is the ultimate challenge for athletes who want to push their limits directly in different disciplines. The three disciplines include swimming, cycling and running. An experience that, in addition to professionals, more and more amateur athletes want to savor. When it comes to cycling, you can gain an enormous advantage - i.e. valuable time - with very good equipment. In the Liquid Life Shop we have the perfect triathlon bike and time trial bike ready for you, so that you can achieve maximum performance.

Characteristic of both the triathlon bike and the time trial bike are the very light, aerodynamic frames. The use of the highest quality materials ensures maximum rigidity and stability despite the extremely low weight. Well thought-out detail solutions on the frame allow uncomplicated access to drink and energy bar. Also typical of these particular bikes are the recumbent seat and horn handlebars, which ensure maximum comfort. The flat seating position and steep seat angle also ensure maximum efficiency.

The triathlon bike - These are the points you should look for when buying

. Often the question is asked whether a normal road bike is not enough for triathlon. Certainly, a triathlon can be contested with a road bike, but as in any other area of cycling, the small but subtle differences can determine victory or defeat. The steeper seat angle of the triathlon bike helps relax the muscles in the abdominal area. This in turn aids breathing and digestion. The enormously important food intake during the competition is facilitated, and the subsequent discipline of running is also easier.

The athlete can adopt a prone position on the bike thanks to the steep seat angle. This extremely aerodynamic posture reduces air resistance to a minimum. In contrast to the road bike, more weight is on the front wheel, the bike becomes more agile, but also a bit more unsteady. Since triathlon bikes are not subject to UCI regulations, the engineers let their imagination run wild when developing new frames.

When it comes to materials, carbon is used almost exclusively. The advantages over other frame materials lie not only in the weight, but also in the free frame design. Carbon also has high stiffness values. Of course, the installed components also have a decisive influence on the weight. In the mid-range segment, Shimano 105 or Ultegra groups are often used. In the high-end range, exclusive components such as the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 are installed.

No attention in the triathlon sport, however, find disc brakes. Although these offer consistent braking performance independent of the weather, they are also heavier and less aerodynamic. Rim brakes are therefore still the measure of all things in this area. To be able to achieve optimum performance, you should also attach great importance to high-quality wheels when buying. As a rotating mass, the wheels are of particular importance. Aerodynamic seatposts also ensure less air turbulence.

Differences between triathlon bike and time trial bike

. At first glance, the two specific types of bikes are baffling in their enormous similarity. Differences exist with regard to certain characteristics, which are defined by the cycling world federation UCI. For example, with regard to geometry, the time trial bike is subject to some binding rules that must absolutely be met in the context of an official time trial competition. In triathlon, however, these regulations play no role. Here, the developers and you have full freedom in the design of your racing machine.

Equipment and accessories for the triathlon bike

. Indispensable on a triathlon bike is the customizable cockpit. Due to the different, extremely high demands you need in competition and training more comfort than a conventional round with the road bike. In combination with the ideal frame height, you can realize the optimal seating position with a handlebar attachment. Also very important is the choice of the perfect saddle for you. In the Liquid Life Shop you will find a variety of high-quality saddles for triathlon.

With special saddle mounts of the brand Topeak, the equipment can be carried aerodynamically. Possibilities for improvement offers but not only the bike itself, but also the clothing. Here it is particularly important to protect the head - from injuries in falls as well as from wind. Sophisticated ventilation openings ensure optimal air circulation and cooling of the head. Bicycle helmets for time trial competitions and track races have an integrated lens to protect the eyes in favor of perfect aerodynamics.

With us you do not lose time: the great bike brands in triathlon

. You can find the best triathlon bikes at low and fair prices with us at Liquid Life Shop. We carry a wide range for beginners, advanced and professionals. First-class quality goes hand in hand with great and coherent parts. So don't lose valuable time in the transition area or on the slopes! In addition to purebred triathlon and time trial bikes, high-quality road bikes are also available for training, which you can customize to your needs with special components available in the store.

To the creme de la creme in the triathlon field is undoubtedly the cult brand Trek. The Americans have implemented everything in the Speed Concept models to guarantee you the best performance on your way to the finish line. The incredibly sleek racing machines convince with fantastic aerodynamic values and best power transmission. Thought out down to the smallest detail, you can enjoy the finest engineering with a Trek triathlon bike. In the Trek brand store you get the Speed Concept directly in several arrow-fast versions.

The Trek Speed Concept 9.9 is one of the fastest triathlon bikes around. The extremely streamlined designed frame is made from the best 600 Series OCLV carbon in the KVF tube profile (short for Kammtail Virtual Foil). The brake and stem are cleverly integrated into the aero carbon fork. Fast and smooth shifting allows per click the electronic Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 11-speed shifting. Completed with the finest Bontrager components a dream for every triathlon participant!

Triathlon performance at the highest level also offers you the Cube Aerium. Developed this racer in collaboration with the Formula 1 specialists from SwissSide and the former Ironman record holder Andreas Raelert. Based on hundreds of CFD simulations, a frame design could be realized that inspires with aerodynamic peak values both in frontal wind flow as well as in crosswind. Made of high-quality C:68 carbon, the Cube Aerium is designed for best times.

We can offer you the Cube Aerium in several variants with different equipment packages or - if you want to build your dream bike yourself - as a frame kit. With the two handlebar options low or high base bar you will find the perfect basis for an individual adjustment to your body or your seating position. Another feature of this super racer from Cube is the aerodynamic and integrated by magnetic click system Hydration and Gear Box System.

The new Focus Izalco Max Dura-Ace Di2 Naked also brings the best conditions for fast racing and training laps. The frame of the high-end road bike made of Max Technology Carbon weighs only 750 grams - a fabulous value! Equipped with the finest parts, you fly with the Focus Izalco Max virtually towards the transition area. Among the components installed are the electronic Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset and the extremely lightweight Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL wheelset.

With innovative and sophisticated bikes for all applications, the Ghost Bikes brand has made a very good name for itself worldwide. An example of the high engineering skills of the German premium company is certainly the Nivolet road bike. The ultra-light carbon frame in combination with high-quality attachments allows comfortable and extremely fast unwinding of kilometers. We can offer you the Ghost Nivolet road bike in different versions for training and competition.

For fast training laps, all-weather use or the triathlon entry is the Haibike Seet Race road bike. The robust and uncomplicated racer made of aluminum inspires with an extremely good price-performance ratio. You don't have to do without a stiff and lightweight carbon fork on this great road racer, just as you don't have to do without practical parts from brand manufacturers. So that you can train effectively and safely in any weather, the Haibike Seet Race road bike also has fine disc brakes.

Away from fixed conventions you move with the Santa Cruz Stigmata. The cross bike for mountain bikers makes as an all-rounder in any terrain a perfect figure. Although the Santa Cruz Stigmata has amazing taker qualities, this exceptional road bike from sunny California is always good for fast times. This is ensured not only by the fine frame made of high-quality carbon, but also by the great components from top manufacturers. We can recommend the bike to any athlete who wants to make his training universal. So why not rock gravel roads for a change?!