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Cyclocross bikes

Cyclocross bikes

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Cyclocross bikes are true specialists in mud and dirt! Although fall and winter are considered the "official" season of cyclocross racing, these particular bikes are great for year-round training. Visually based on the road bike, cyclocross bikes impress with reliability and propulsion. Designed for off-road use, the construction is particularly stable. Frame and fork are as the installed parts at low weight extremely robust. The geometry is designed specifically for off-road and thus allows you a very aggressive driving style. Agility and good handling are essential in off-road cycling! The wide tires with lug tread ensure the best grip and perfect traction on muddy mud tracks. Disc brakes provide perfect deceleration in any weather conditions.

. Differences to other types of bikes - especially Gravel Bikes
. The history of cross-country racing goes back a long way. In the early 20th century, road cyclists expanded their training with special off-road units. A development that created a completely new division. Even today, cyclocross bikes are built with one basic characteristic in mind: To race and ultimately win! Here lies the big difference to the modern Gravel Bikes. As an evolution of endurance racing bikes, Gravel Bikes are designed more for touring and gravel use. The riding position is usually more comfortable, and the tires are often wider and have fewer lugs. Cyclocross bikes, on the other hand, are designed for fast cross-country races, the seating position is very sporty and thus supports a more aggressive driving style.

. Even if cyclocross bikes with the typical racing handlebars visually remind you of a road bike, the paths diverge completely here. The geometry of the frame can not be compared with that of a road bike. The CX frame, like the fork, must also have more tire clearance because of the wider tires. Enormous differences can also be seen in the installed components. The modern disc brakes, which have long been a standard in cyclocross, are only slowly gaining acceptance in the road bike sector. Characteristic of many cyclocross bikes is also the use of a single chainring. The cyclocross bike shows its strengths on fast trails, which can also be very muddy. Here, even mountain bikes have no chance!

The perfect equipment of a cyclocross bike

. Off-road cycling places special demands on the rider and the material. Like mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes come standard with disc brakes. The advantages of this type of brakes are clear: a perfect and consistent deceleration regardless of external conditions. The choice here is between mechanical or hydraulic systems. The inexpensive, mechanical disc brakes are operated by cable, while the hydraulic version uses oil. The advantage of hydraulic disc brakes is an even better dosage with less hand force. The routing of the cables inside the frame and the fork ensures greater protection of the lines, at the same time the annoying rattling is prevented. Thru axles in turn increase the stiffness and thus provide even greater efficiency and power transmission.

Material and weight: the differences

Stiffness, stability and a low weight naturally play a very important role in cross-country racing. In the construction of the frame, either high-quality aluminum or carbon is used. The manufacturers rely on different technologies here. Steel, on the other hand, is not an alternative due to its high weight. Most cyclocross bikes have a full carbon fork - regardless of whether the frame is made of aluminum or carbon. Carbon, of course, has one very big advantage over aluminum: less weight. However, the elaborately manufactured frames made of carbon fibers are also more expensive. As a passionate racer with competition ambitions, you will certainly not get past the carbon frame, for training missions and recreation are also excellent frames made of aluminum. Modern alloys allow a low weight with maximum stability.

Fitting equipment and accessories for cyclocross

. Various frames offer the possibility of mounting a mudguard and luggage rack. You can thus convert the cyclocross also to a touring bike for bikepacking. A customization of the bike allows various components from our store - whether for reasons of driving dynamics or optics. At Liquid-Life you will also find a large selection of specific cycling clothing. Jersey, jacket and pants should be cut rather tight for reasons of aerodynamics and freedom of movement. Casual, wide-cut shorts from the MTB Enduro or Freeride range are less suitable, as these tend to get caught on the handlebar end in the saddle. For training in winter, we also have special winter shoes with click system ready for you. A bike computer is indispensable for effective training. You can choose from different models with various functions. The evaluation via app or at home PC allows you an individual training with maximum success.

The great cyclocross brands in the Liquid-Life brand shop

In the Trek brand store you will find a wide selection of bikes with top riding characteristics, which were built for one purpose only: To set top times in the most adverse conditions! The cyclocross bikes of the Trek Boone model series were developed in collaboration with professional riders such as world champion Sven Nys and US champion Katie Compton. The extremely lightweight frame made of 600 Series OCLV carbon is a technical masterpiece and impresses with maximum performance. Equipped with 1x11 drive and hydraulic disc brakes, neither mud nor obstacles can stop you with the Trek Boone. No wonder the Telenet-Fidea Lions pro team is also on the road with the Trek Boone! Also virtually born on the race track, the Trek Crockett features a lightweight 300 Series Alpha aluminum frame. Fine-tuning the geometry or converting to singlespeed allows you the Stranglehold dropout. Completed with premium parts and technology from CX racing a reliable bike for competition and adventure.

With the Cross Race series, the Bavarian brand Cube offers a very wide range of high-quality cyclocross bikes. Various designs and equipment packages ensure a bike perfectly suited to you. The absolute top models of the Cross Race series are based on an exclusive C:62 carbon frame. The incredibly low weight of the frames is the result of permanent further development of HPC carbon fiber technology. With a fiber content of 62% and the innovative Advanced Twin Mold construction can be built frames that set standards. In addition to C:62 carbon in the high-end range, Cube also relies on high-performance aluminum in frame construction. Thanks to special alloying and thermal treatment, the aluminum frames leave nothing to be desired in terms of strength, stability and weight. Both the carbon and aluminum frame, the cables are of course routed inside for protection. Built are exclusively race-ready parts that guarantee you maximum performance.

. Behind the success of Focus CX bikes is a name: Mike Kluge. The founder of the brand won several times the German championship in cyclocross and three times the world championship. Let's make it short: In Germany, there is no way around Mike Kluge in cyclocross racing! The deep roots of the brand in the field of cyclocross can be seen in a very impressive way in the Focus Mares, which contains no less than 25 years of experience. At the heart of the Mares is a lightweight carbon or aluminum frame, depending on your requirements. All models are equipped with a full carbon fork, which ensures steering precision and stiffness in all racing situations equally. The thoughtful, race-optimized design is even evident in the thru-axles: the patented Focus R.A.T. allows you to change the wheel in just a few seconds. It really doesn't get any faster than that! All models of the Mares series come with disc brakes, of course. If you want to build your bike individually yourself, then the Mares Frameset is recommended. Even everyday cyclists get their money's worth with the Mares: the Mares AL Commuter with sturdy aluminum frame comes standard with mudguards and rack mount.

Santa Cruz Stigmata

The U.S. bicycle manufacturer Santa Cruz from sunny California also makes the heart of off-road cycling friends beat faster with the Stigmata. The cross bike for mountain bikers feels just as comfortable on gravel roads as off-road. With a tire width of up to 41 millimeters, the Stigmata can be perfectly adapted to the requirements. Race or tour, with this CX bike you have the choice without having to limit yourself! The top processed frame made of CC carbon testifies to the efforts of the developers to put one of the best bike in the world on the wheels. Features of the Stigmata are internal cable and hose routing, full carbon dropouts and disc mounts. Of course, the fascinating CX bike is compatible with electronic gears. To choose from the Santa Cruz brand store three models with different equipment packages.