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Do it yourself

The backbone of your bike wants to be carefully selected! Whether you need a replacement for your damaged original frame, or want to put together your very own desired model - with the choice of the base frame you decide on numerous limits and possibilities. This begins with the choice of material: A steel frame is the cheapest and most stable variant, but also brings the most weight. Modern aluminum or carbon compounds are significantly lighter, but also much more expensive. The frame geometry determines whether your bike is designed to be agile or quiet, stiff or elastic, sporty or comfortable. The components added later also depend on the dimensions of the basic frame.

If you need tips or advice, feel free to contact the competent bike experts in our store!


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The frame is the heart of the bike and, together with the fork and the wheels, forms the basis for the chassis. Depending on the area of use and the requirements, the most diverse frame types and materials are used. With the choice of the frame you lay the decisive foundation for an efficient and dynamic cycling. In the Liquid-Life store you will find a variety of different models for almost every purpose. Whether cyclocross, enduro or downhill, with the frames available in our shop, you can finally build your dream bike made to measure.

Reasons to buy a frame

Why actually buy a frame, when there are so many first-class complete bikes available in the store? A legitimate and often asked question, which we are of course happy to answer. The complete bikes in our store truly leave nothing to be desired - and yet there are always parts that could be customized. Many riders do not want a bike "off the rack" with defined parts, but want to build their dream bike themselves. This refers not only to the selection of parts as such, but also to the work. It's fun to build your own bike - and to make sure it's perfect, you'll find the right tools and workshop equipment in our store

Another reason is to replace the "old" frame with a new one. Reasons for this can be a defective frame or also the desire, for example, to have a more modern geometry. In advance, of course, it must be clarified whether the old parts can simply be taken over. This is not always the case! The dimensions of the head tube and the bottom bracket must be considered here as well as the existing hubs and the current wheel size - even the seat tube may have a different dimension. If something does not fit, you will of course find the right replacement in our store. Another reason for buying a frame can simply be that the desired frame is not installed in a complete bike. The best example of this is certainly the new Trek Session DH frame 2018!

The frame: A question of material

Bicycle frames are made from a wide variety of materials. Steel frames are primarily used for inexpensive bicycles. Steel is very strong, but unfortunately also heavy. Conified tubes, which have a thinner wall thickness in the middle area, help to save some weight while maintaining stability. This technology is also used for aluminum frames, although the original material here is already much lighter than steel. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes allow the production of hydroformed aluminum frames, which are not only very light and extremely robust, but also look mighty good. The most expensive and lightest are frames made of high-quality carbon

The manufacturers resort to the most diverse technologies in the production. For example, the designation HPA used by Cube hides a high-performance aluminum, which can be designed by Advanced Hydroforming load-oriented. The result is extremely light, stable and rigid frames. Not only with aluminum, but also with carbon, the differences are huge. The US manufacturer Trek, for example, makes its carbon frames from OCLV carbon, one of the best frame materials ever. The patented carbon fiber process is based on over 25 years of experience in carbon frame construction.

The frame: Also a question of the right size and tuning

A bike is like a pair of shoes: It must fit! A fact that especially concerns the frame. If components such as stem or handlebars can be adjusted (i.e. exchanged) relatively inexpensively and easily, this option is almost eliminated for frames for cost reasons alone. The frame size decides on performance, safety and riding experience. Neither with a too small, nor with a too large frame success can be achieved. Roughly, of course, a smaller frame size promotes a sportier riding style, while a larger frame size offers more comfort and an upright riding position

Of course, we do not leave you alone with the question of the ideal frame size - this decision is too important and sustainable. With our size calculation you can determine the ideal frame size for you with just a few mouse clicks in no time. Whether mountain bike, trekking bike or road bike, with our values you are definitely right! By the way, our service also includes that we perfectly adjust the chassis directly to you at your request. So easy, safe and risk-free can be the purchase of a frame in the Liquid-Life store!

First-class bicycle frames for every area of use: The major brands at a glance


If you demand nothing less than the best available on the bike market, Trek is the place to be! The largest US two-wheeler manufacturer draws on the valuable experience of professional cyclists as well as decades of know-how in bicycle construction when developing frames. Combined with the most modern materials and innovative technologies, you as the end customer get a frame that inspires in everyday life as well as in competitions. Tradition obliges: As one of the first major manufacturers, the US forge offers with the Session a 29 "downhill frameset - a bike that is designed exclusively for victories!


Products from Cube are characterized by a very fair price-performance ratio. The recipe for success of the Upper Bavarian brand is based on German know-how, the use of first-class materials and an extensive range of bikes for any application. If you want to build yourself an ultimate Gravity racing machine, then you should include the Cube Two15 HPA 27.5 in your shortlist. Equipped with a World Cup proven high-end chassis, the exclusive frameset made of high performance aluminum is always good for very fast times


From the Spanish bike forge Mondraker you will find a very large selection of frames in our store. No wonder, riders of a Mondraker bike are individualists - and how could that not be done better than with the construction of the dream bike according to their own wishes and ideas. Downhill racers who want to generate best times on all national and international slopes will lay the foundation for their success with Summum. Of course, enduro and trail riders are not neglected: The Dune and Foxy frames are just waiting to rock off dreamlike trails together with you


German Engineered innovations run like a red thread through the entire product range of Focus Bikes. The premium brand for cyclists regularly achieves top marks with its bikes in the tests of various cycling magazines, and its success is rounded off by countless victories and customer satisfaction. The Focus Mares, available from us both as a complete bike and frameset, is a high-end cyclocrosser for competitions. Where other riders resign with their bikes, you really get going with the Mares. A similar approach, albeit on the road, follows the Focus Izalco. This bike was also developed specifically for cycling and podiums.