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Ladies mountain bikes

Ladies mountain bikes

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Style meets comfort

Women need specially designed bikes due to the female anatomy, which differ a bit from the unisex mountain bikes. Even if the appearance certainly plays a major role in the bikes, women's mountain bikes have the important features especially in detail. Thus, the frame geometry specially designed for the female anatomy ensures ideal bike control in difficult riding situations. A bent or sloping top tube allows the biker to get on and off the bike easily at any time, and thus makes a decisive contribution to riding safety. Maximum riding comfort is offered by the adapted seat and steering position. Well to see these features are especially in the Cube Access Ladybike series or the Mondraker Neva models.

In our store we have a variety of women's mountain bikes for different applications and requirements. The women's MTB complete bikes are also designed specifically for the needs of female bikers in terms of parts. Well-adjustable and easy-to-use brakes ensure perfect deceleration of the bike in all driving situations. Special Lady saddles from brand manufacturers also allow the biker to enjoy long, enjoyable tours. For maximum riding fun, we carry Lady bikes in many frame sizes and also in full-suspension variants. Highlights in the women's full category are, for example, the Trek Remedy Women models and the Cube Sting series.


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Women's mountain bikes - perfectly adapted to the female anatomy

. With a women-specific geometry and special parts, the Ladybikes in the Liquid-Life Shop ensure maximum riding fun and safety. A typical feature of women's mountain bikes is the steeply sloping or bent top tube, which allows you in all situations an uncomplicated mounting and dismounting. Especially in technically demanding terrain, the special frame design provides a plus in sovereignty. But not only the frame is designed for the special requirements of women, but also the installed parts. The contact points to the bike are of great importance here. The women-specific saddle must not be neglected in this regard, as well as an easy-to-grip brake and gears. With us, you get therefore perfectly matched to the smallest detail overall packages for maximum comfort and fun!

Unlike the usual unisex mountain bikes, Ladybikes are designed specifically for the needs of women. Qualitatively, however, there are no differences. As with the high-quality unisex mountain bikes, only first-class technologies, the finest materials and the best parts are used. To ensure this in any case, we at Liquid-Life only carry women's mountain bikes from major brands such as Cube, Ghost, Trek or Mondraker. The traditional manufacturers in the store are very intensively dedicated to the field of women's mountain biking. When developing new models, many manufacturers therefore also incorporate the valuable experience of female MTB professionals. In combination with modern suspension elements, very sophisticated frames are created, which guarantee you a terrific driving performance at any time and anywhere.

. The ideal women's mountain bike: It depends on the right size!

So that every woman comes regardless of the body length at their expense, we offer Ladybikes in a wide variety of frame sizes. But not only in the size of the frame you have a wide choice, but also in the wheel sizes. The modern wheel size 27.5" has also established itself as a standard in the Plus version. The reason for the high popularity is the successful combination of agility and rolling behavior. In addition to 27.5 inch, we of course also offer mountain bikes with 29 inch wheels. Especially taller women like to fall back on the large dimensioned wheels. More compact frames, on the other hand, are often designed for 26 inch tires. Smaller women thus also get their money's worth! Our frame height calculator will help you choose the ideal bike size. Of course, we are happy to advise you individually and free of charge in our store in Brilon.

A frequently asked question: Hardtail or yet Fully?

Depending on your requirements and wishes, you can choose between a hardtail or a fully. The hardtail has an unsprung frame, which is above all very low maintenance, light and powerful. For comfort, the manufacturers install a suspension fork that can be perfectly adapted to your needs thanks to air support. With the Fully or Fullsuspension you can enjoy a fully suspended chassis. The use of advanced technologies and materials allows manufacturers to realize a low weight with maximum efficiency. The full-suspension women's mountain bike impresses not only with very high comfort, but also with a plus in driving safety in technically challenging passages.

Women MTB: Parts and equipment for every taste
. When buying a women's mountain bike, individual criteria play a very large role. In no case should you do without a sensitive suspension fork, a comfortable MTB women's saddle and finely adjustable brake levers. Especially for women with smaller hands, adjustable brake levers are essential! Hydraulic disc brakes ensure a deceleration of the bike independent of the weather with the best dosage and low hand force. Ergonomic handlebar grips prevent unintentional bending of the wrist and thus prevent hands or fingers from falling asleep. A smooth gear shift with a wide range of ratios lets you climb steep trails with confidence. For use in road traffic, we also offer MTB models with StVZO-compliant equipment.

Accessories for even more fun with the Ladybike

. With special parts can be the ladies mountain bike conceivably uncomplicated further optimize the field of application accordingly. In the category of bike accessories you will find, in addition to bright bicycle lighting, useful attachments such as mudguards, racks and bottle cages. But not only the bike itself offers optimization potential, but also the clothing. Particularly functional fabrics ensure an ideal heat balance on warm as well as wet and cold days. For touring, we recommend mountain bike pants with integrated seat pad. For women, we have specific models that combine high comfort with a chic look. The extensive range available at Liquid-Life is completed by helmets, underwear, jerseys, jackets and shoes.

. Women's mountain bikes: Great brands and strong series
. The Cube Access WS models present themselves as colorful and diverse as life itself! In our store we have this great hardtail for everyday and tour in all conceivable versions ready. The chic and torsion-resistant frame was developed specifically for modern female cyclists who do not want to compromise on performance or looks. The top model of the series is the Cube Access WS C:62 SL with exclusive C:62 carbon monocoque frame and fine Fox 32 Rhythm suspension fork with 100 mm travel. For everyday use in the urban jungle offers the Cube Access WS Allroad with mudguards, LED lighting and side stand.

The experimental full-suspension Cube Sting WS was developed for all girls who want to experience maximum fun on the trail. For the new season, the engineers at Cube have completely revised the Sting 140 HPC. With shorter chainstays and steeper seat angle, the trail rocket with 27.5 inch wheels ensures even more agile handling and improved climbing characteristics. In addition to the 140/150 mm all-mountain bike Sting WS 140 HPC, you can also get the extremely sleek Sting WS 120 with a generous 120 millimeters of suspension travel in the Liquid-Life Shop. In this model, you have the choice of 27.5 or 29 inch wheels depending on the frame size.

. Performance-oriented you start with the Mondraker Neva in the new season! The stylish hardtail comes with all the genes that make Mondraker bikes so unique. The fine 27.5 "aluminum frame with Avant geometry impresses with a very balanced handling on and off the road. Thanks to the installed high-quality 100 millimeter brand suspension fork offers you despite the sporty character ride comfort at the highest level. Available is the Mondraker Neva in our store in several versions at very attractive prices, so that even beginners can enjoy a top bike.

. The US cult forge Trek is particularly committed to women's cycling. The result shows with an extremely broadly oriented model range. The range covers all areas of mountain biking from everyday life to racing. We have a large selection of first-class Trek mountain bikes in an unbelievable number of variants ready for you. Here you will definitely find the perfect lady bike for you! How about the Trek Procaliber Womens model, for example? This nimble cross-country hardtail features an extremely lightweight, hydroformed aluminum frame. Trek's innovative IsoSpeed technology reliably eliminates vibrations without sacrificing performance. Equipped with noble parts, this racy bike is a real projectile!

Great bikes for the entry into mountain biking holds the Trek Skye Womens series ready. Despite the small price, no compromises have to be made in terms of performance, quality and driving fun. A sensitive suspension fork is just as natural for this hardtail as a precisely working gear shift and a reliable disc brake. Ambitious female riders will find the perfect companion in the Trek Roscoe Womens models. The smooth bike's recipe for success is based on trail-oriented geometry, medium-width 27.5" Plus tires and a completely redesigned Alpha Gold aluminum frame. If you're looking for a hardtail with fantastic ride qualities and a very confident handling, then you can not pass by a Trek Roscoe model!

The Trek Fuel Womens models come from the factory with unbeatable trail performance. At the heart of the lightweight fullys are the frames made of OCLV Mountain Carbon or Alpha Platinum aluminum, which set standards in terms of weight and stiffness. The uncomplicated adjustment of the steering angle via Mino Link allows you to design the geometry of the women's mountain bike even flatter. Of course, the Trek Fuel Womens models come with the patented ABP technology for an active suspension independent of the braking process. No less exclusive presents itself the first-class equipment. Depending on the preferred area of use, you get the Trek Fuel Womens model ideal for you both for XC competitions and daily rides.