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Our Mountainbikes

Mountain bikes - their countless uses and the appropriate equipment. In our mountain bike store you will find top brands for the areas 29er, dirt, downhill, enduro, freeride, fully and hardtail. The selection of different mountain bikes is wide Because the different designs and equipment are also suitable for different areas of application and by us here in the mountain bike store, also subdivided and described. If one knows for which area of use the mountain bike should serve, there are some features that require individual decisions when buying the mountain bike. This is, among other things, the importance of the wheel weight and along with it the material used, such as the equipment. Depending on the area of use and the weight of the driver, the brakes must also be selected. In addition to design and other equipment options of the mountain bike, such as the saddle, fork, handlebars and gears, the tires should also be chosen carefully. Ultimately, the size of the biker decides on the frame height; and taste on the wheel size of the MTB's.

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No other area of cycling has as many different facets as mountain biking.

Basically, there is nothing that is not somehow possible with a mountain bike. Whether demanding alpine crossing, casual urban riding, spectacular jumps or adrenaline-filled downhill slopes, the mountain bikes in our store make it all possible for you! We keep the door to mountain biking wide open for you. Here you will find the perfect mountain bike for every area of use - promised!

What do I need to consider when buying? What is important in mountain biking?

As already mentioned, the mountain bike offers you a variety of different uses. Of course, the optimal benefit bring only models that are designed specifically for a purpose. Thus, not only factors such as weight, stability and frame size play a major role here, but also the installed parts. The difference between mountain bikes can be illustrated particularly well by two extreme bike types: Downhill and Crosscountry.

If the focus of downhill is solely on the descent, the XC biker must be able to climb mountains quickly and nimbly. Extreme stability and a sensitive chassis with over 200 mm travel are here in direct contrast to the lowest possible weight and light-footed propulsion. Also in the seating position, these types differ enormously - on the downhill is sitting rather unfavorable, but on a long round indispensable.

What mountain bike types are there? And what fits best to me?

. Between the already mentioned areas of application downhill and cross-country are still some other "game types" of mountain biking. Very large popularity enjoys the range of all mountain biking with easy to medium tours. All mountain bikes allow long tours, thanks to suspension travel up to 150 mm, even more challenging passages can be mastered well. Efficient propulsion goes hand in hand with superior handling and comfort. Thus, even challenging tours in the mountains nothing stands in the way, but thanks to the versatility also the ideal bike for everyday life. Uphill and downhill a very good choice.

The field of Enduro is coming more and more - this is also shown by the Enduro racing events shooting out of the ground. Enduro bikes offer a suspension travel of 160 mm upwards and are designed for rides in demanding terrain. Even though Enduro bikes don't shy away from long tours and steep uphills, their strength usually lies on the downhill. The area of freeriding is also fun-oriented. This usually involves fat jumps, gnarly north shores and other things that usually make outsiders open-mouthed and wide-eyed. The ideal playground for freeride bikes are bike parks or extreme terrain in the mountains.

. BMX and dirt bikes are not intended for everyday use due to their specific range of use. In our latitudes, the BMX bikes based on 20" tires are mainly used in skate parks or dirt spots. Designed for blatant tricks, the BMX bikes are extremely stable and manageable. It is similar with the dirt bikes, but these roll on 26 inch tires. Fatbikes also take on a special role. Equipped with extremely wide tires, the Fatbikes come everywhere still forward, where other bikes have long since come to their limits.

. Hardtail or Fully?

At a decision you come when buying a mountain bike also not past: Hardtail or Fully. The basic difference between the two types of bikes is quickly explained. In the hardtail, the frame is unsprung, but a suspension fork is standard - although there are exceptions here, such as BMX, dirt or fixie. Advantage of the unsuspended frame is the very high efficiency, the drive strength, the robustness and the extremely low weight. The Fully has a sprung frame, which not only increases the comfort, but also increases the driving safety and the possible speeds.

In some areas, the question of whether hardtail or Fully is not given, since only a certain type really makes sense here. In downhill sports, only full-suspension bikes are used, since root passages, stone fields and fat gaps exclude a hardtail from the outset. Also in the Enduro area are exclusively suspended mountain bikes at the start. The situation is different for BMX or dirt. A sprung frame would be out of place or unnecessary here in most cases. While the 20 "BMX bikes do completely without suspension, some dirt bikes come with suspension fork.

. The question of tire size and material

. Other points to clarify before buying apply to the tire size and material. In the tire or wheel size is the mountain bike primarily the question between 27.5 "or 29" - and in this context also whether plus tires or not?! The modern wheel size 27.5" offers the perfect compromise of the great rollover behavior of the 29 inch bikes in combination with the agility and maneuverability of the 26 inch bikes. The Plus tires allow riding with a lower air pressure, which increases the comfort and grip.

. The formerly common 26 inch wheel size plays nowadays only a minor role. Use finds 26 "in the entry-level range, in dirt and small frame sizes. Also on 26 inch wheels roll fatbikes. Due to the voluminous structure of the fatbike tire, however, the outer diameter is similar to that of a 29 inch tire. 20 inch is only used on BMX bikes, in the mountain bike sector, the small wheels only play a role in so-called kids bikes.

. Many models are offered by manufacturers in both an aluminum and carbon version. The most obvious difference is the price - the aluminum models are much cheaper than the respective variant made of carbon. In addition to the price advantage, the insensitivity to external influences speaks in favor of aluminum - scratches and scratches do not play a role. Carbon bicycles are above all one thing: Extremely light! The noble appearance is of course another highlight. In racing, where it comes down to a fraction of a second, you will not get past a model made of carbon.

. The most important mountain bike brands and model series at a glance
. The Upper Bavarian brand Cube stands for German know-how and high-quality bikes at a very fair price. Sophisticated frame concepts and the optimized kinematics as in the Cube Stereo Fullsuspension bikes guarantee you maximum performance and driving fun on the trail. For maximum rocking in the bike park, the model series Cube Fritz 180 and Cube Two15 were created. Fans of hardtails will get their money's worth with the Cube Elite bikes. Nimble and fast both in races and when touring the Alps.

. The company Haibike is directly associated by most people with e-bikes: no doubt, Haibike has initiated the development of potent e-bikes and is still determining in this sector. What many people forget, however: Haibike can also do without e-drive - and really well! As with the e-models, Haibike has the right mountain bike for every conceivable area of use. Particularly high in the favor of demanding mountain bikers are the two full-suspension series Fullnine and Fullseven, as well as the hardtail models Hardnine and Hardseven.

. Santa Cruz is primarily associated with the revolutionary VPP technology. No wonder, the VPP suspension concept belongs to the best that is currently available. Characteristic of Santa Cruz bikes are the very sensitive response and the crisp propulsion, which is almost bob-free. Equipped with this formula for success, the Santa Cruz team riders go from victory to victory. If you also want to switch to the track of success, then we recommend you in the field of downhill the V10 and for your next enduro ride the Nomad.

Like Santa Cruz, Trek also comes from the USA. The cult forge is one of the mountain bike pioneers and is responsible for many patents and ideas. For the engineers of Trek is nevertheless no time for a break. Even for many years established model series such as the Enduro Remedy or the XC bullet Superfly are continuously developed and optimized. You get at Trek thus always a bike that represents the state of the art.

. The German manufacturer Ghost puts its focus in the development of new mountain bikes on the needs of cyclists in everyday life and on the requirements of ambitious cyclists in races. The portfolio offered is accordingly broad. In the battle for best times in XC racing, Ghost has a very hot model with the Lector, which is always good for a win. Adrenaline junkies will also find what they are looking for at Ghost: The FR AMR just begs for hard action in the bike park or on hard downhill slopes.

. A distinctive design characterizes Mondraker bikes. The Mondraker-typical driving fun is based on groundbreaking technologies and a special frame concept. Dream bikes can be found at the Spanish cult forge many, such as the Enduro Dune Carbon. The dream come true offers you 160 mm travel and comes with top equipment for maximum fun on the trail. The XC bike Mondraker Podium carries its purpose already in the name: Grab it and weise your opponents in the fray!

A special role in high-end mountain bikes is awarded to the US cult forge Yeti. Behind the philosophy "ride-focused mindset", the developers are tinkering with ever better bikes - products that are driven by the employees themselves! The model range extends from the hot-blooded XC racing machine for winning types to the enduro mountain bike for the EWS. Roughly, the models are divided into the Yeti C-Series and the Yeti T-Series. The carbon models of the C-Series stand for a very good price-performance ratio, in the T-Series or TURQ-Series you will find premium bikes that are made of high modulus carbon - it doesn't get any better than that!