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The switch to e-mobility is particularly easy with the pedelecs available in the Liquid-Life Shop: The e-bikes for city and tour are undoubtedly the perfect alternative to the car or motorcycle. Electrified urban biking is not only fun as hell, but also saves money and nerves. Gone are the days when you had to hassle in traffic jams in the morning or evening! The tedious search for a parking space is also a thing of the past with the City and Tour e-bikes. The large selection of perfect companions for everyday and tour you will find at low prices in our store. The future has begun - let yourself be inspired!

Why city and tour e-bikes? What are the advantages?

Basically, all routes that can be covered with a conventional bicycle, can also be completed with an e-bike. The advantage of the pedelec is the pedal assistance up to 25 km/h, which not only ensures a good propulsion, but also makes trips uphill and headwinds much more pleasant. Since the pedal assist only kicks in when you pedal, physical exercise is still necessary. You thus stay fit, but arrive at your destination relaxed and not sweaty. Since much less power must be used for propulsion, you can manage your forces much better.

Another advantage of city and tour e-bikes is the relief of the knee joints and the gentle locomotion, with which older cyclists can remain mobile longer. Depending on your wishes and the intended area of use, you will find a variety of different e-bike models for city and travel in our range. Thanks to the e-drive and stable rack, you can also carry heavy luggage or groceries without sacrificing performance. The smart alternative to the car so - even in conjunction with public transport.

. What is important for city and tour e-bikes? The important purchase criteria at a glance

. Offered are city and tour e-bikes with different drive types. The various drive concepts include the front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and the mid-engine. Due to its central and low position, the mid-motor offers a perfect balance of the e-bike. Handling and riding is comparable to a conventional bike, except that the e-drive provides extra propulsion. In our store you get only city and tour e-bikes with engines from brand manufacturers, which are characterized by reliability, robustness and drive power.

. It is similar with the battery. A deep and central location favors the driving behavior and steering safety. As an energy supply for the system, the battery naturally plays a special role. So that further tours are no problem, the city and tour e-bikes in the Liquid-Life store have a strong battery with high capacity. For leisurely cruising through the city, a battery capacity of 400 Wh is normally sufficient. If you want to extend the intervals between charging cycles or even plan a long tour, then we recommend a battery with a capacity of 500 Wh.

. There are also differences in the individual models with regard to the drive and the circuit. Particularly high-quality models use for the transmission of power from the chainring to the rear wheel no chain, but a belt drive. This is particularly low-maintenance, clean and noiseless. The gears are derailleur gears or hub gears - except for the belt drive, which is only available in combination with a hub gear. Due to the closed design hub gears are extremely insensitive to external influences - the perfect circuit for hard and long tours.

. In everyday life is also essential a sensible equipment with powerful brakes, sturdy stand and LED lighting with StVZO approval. As already mentioned, of course, the robust luggage rack must not be missing. Different frame models and sizes guarantee optimal conditions for safe and confident riding. It is important that you choose the right frame size. This not only ensures more comfort and greater driving pleasure, but also protects the knees and hips. For questions about your new dream e-bike, we are of course happy to help you.

The most important city and tour e-bike brands in the shop

. In the Liquid-Life store we have exclusively e-bikes of the hottest top brands ready for you. The well-known manufacturers have years of experience in the field of e-bike and are characterized by a high quality thought and a creative idea implementation. You will receive an e-bike with the latest technology and the best quality. High-quality, electrified bikes that guarantee you maximum riding fun and the highest level of safety even after many years. For a brief overview, we have summarized below the most important city and tour e-bike brands in the store.

The cult brand Diamant from Hartmannsdorf is one of the world's established bicycle manufacturers. The traditional German company has been manufacturing bicycles since 1895 - hardly any manufacturer can draw on such a wealth of experience when designing new bikes. The Diamant bicycle factories confidently grant a warranty of an incredible 40 years on the frames and rigid forks. Diamant is particularly active in the field of city and touring e-bikes. The individual models are divided into the two categories Ride+ Comfort and Ride+ Sport. Comfortable city cruisers come here just as much at their expense as sporty ambitious Vielradler.

Kalkhoff is also a traditional German company with deep roots in bicycle construction. founded in 1919, Kalkhoff can now look back on a history of almost 100 years. The company's focus is on manufacturing high-quality pedelecs for city and travel. The Kalkhoff Include Premium models for demanding touring cyclists impress with their integrative frame concept, Impulse Evo Smart Display with navi app connection and the low-maintenance, quiet Gates belt drive. Agile and uncomplicated progress in the city promises the stylish Kalkhoff Agattu models.

Products from Switzerland are known for their exceptionally good quality and high reliability - the e-bikes of the Flyer brand are no exception. The e-bike market leader in Switzerland started producing pedelecs in 1995 and is thus considered a pioneer in this field. Among the most popular e-bikes from Flyer are the models of the C series. Outstanding features are the very low entry, the maneuverable 26" wheels, the upright seating position and the enormous range, so that nothing stands in the way of long and comfortable e-bike tours. An e-bike for all situations in life is also the agile T-model with slim 28" tires.

The high demand for perfection and performance is also evident in the e-bikes of the bicycle manufacturer Focus. In addition to e-mountain bikes for ambitious riders, the Focus Bikes range includes first-class e-trekking bikes. The Focus Aventura e-bike is specially designed for extensive trekking tours and daily commuting. Equipped with Bosch motor and powerful battery, a powerful drive support is ensured even on long tours. The solid aluminum frame combines great looks with stability and convincing ride comfort. Both visually and technically a real treat is the Focus Jarifa I29. Puristically designed and with the battery integrated into the down tube makes e-biking even more fun.

. German know-how at a very fair price-performance ratio offer the e-bikes from Cube. The company from Upper Bavaria covers a very wide range of applications with its hybrid bikes - from off-road cycling to use in the city. For urban use, the Cube Travel Hybrid is at the top of the wish list of many e-bikers. The first-class and finely crafted frame must of course be mentioned at this point, as well as the powerful Bosch drive and the sensible equipment. A true all-rounder is the Cube Touring Hybrid - an e-bike for both tough everyday use and for the challenging tour across the Alps.

Behind the often inconspicuous product designations of Winora-Staiger are also pedelecs of the first order. For example, the Y420.X models have a beautiful hydroformed aluminum frame, which is also available in different designs. The Yamaha PW system with a powerful battery provides propulsion. Suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes are just as much a matter of course in this top-class e-bike as the StVZO-compliant equipment. For friends of the Bosch drive, the B270 model series offers many versions and variations.