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Orbea: Premium bikes from the traditional Spanish manufacturer

From revolvers in 1840 to futuristic high-tech bikes of tomorrow: the Spanish bike manufacturer Orbea from Mallabia in northern Spain celebrated its first successes in the Tour de France in 1985 and subsequently paved its way in the mountain bike scene. There, too, the Basques are attacking the world's top with their premium bikes, including innovations such as the Orbea "Rise" or the asymmetric enduro bike "Rallon".

However, not every bike belongs to the performance range, Orbea also offers top-quality gravel bikes for long adventures and road bikes for speed on the road - discover the bikes of the brand at Liquid-Life!

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What Orbea bikes are available?

The model range of the Spanish market leader represents the whole diversity of cycling. For mountain bikes, you can choose between hardtails (e.g. "Alma", "Laufey") and fullys from the "Rallon", "Occam" and "Oiz" lines. The high-tech carbon racers "Orca" are the flagships in the road bike segment, but the "Avant" and "Terra" bikes also offer you pure riding pleasure. The latter are also available as gravel bikes for speedy fun off the road. The "Rise" and "Wild" e-bikes, children's bikes, urban models, fitness bikes, triathlon bikes and custom bikes complete the extensive portfolio of the Basque company. Everyone really will find what they are looking for here!


Which Orbea bike is right for me?

This question always depends on the intended use and your preferences. If you prefer to explore the mountains and their beautiful trails, you should take a bike with a lot of suspension. For long rides on asphalt and gravel, we recommend a gravel bike. But no matter what you need your bike for - with an Orbea bike you'll be well on your way.


What are the differences?

So that everyone can find their dream bike according to their wishes, there are also different components and materials within the model series. That is why Orbea produces bikes with carbon and aluminium frames. There are also differences in the motors used.

The Orbea Rise is a light E-MTB and has a light, natural motor with throttled torque. The Wild model, on the other hand, has a heavy drive unit, but it also has more torque and thus more power.

But of course, components such as the saddle, pedals and grips also have an influence on the bike's handling and ergonomics. You should also pay attention to these components to prevent pain.


Where does Orbea come from?

Orbea was founded in 1840, but at that time still as an arms company. The name of the company can also be traced back to this time: For Orbea means "bullet" in German. They have been making bicycles since 1931. The brand's factory is located in the Basque town of Mallabia near the city of Bilbao. Here, all frames are painted by hand and the aluminium frames are also made. Orbea makes the frames by hand, which is why no weld seams are really visible, resulting in a clean design. Orbea also gives you a lifetime guarantee on the frame. However, this must be registered on the Orbea website by the first purchaser within 30 days. (Code underneath the down tube)

Furthermore, there is a ten-year availability of spare parts for all bikes since model year 2022.

Why should I take advice in the shop?

Especially as a newcomer, it is easy to lose track of so many different models. That's why it makes sense to get help from our trained advisors in our shop. You are welcome to test drive our bikes to see how the different models feel and ride in reality. We can also discuss your preferences and wishes directly on site and you can tell us exactly what you have in mind so that you end up with the perfect Orbea bike for you.


What do you have to look out for when buying?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable on your Orbea bike. It is important that every detail is right so that you can ride without pain. That's why the components for your bike should be tailored specifically to you. You can adjust the ergonomics with parts like pedals, grips and saddles.

  • Intended use
  • Equipment suitable for the intended use
  • Suspension travel
  • Wheel size
  • Frame height
  • Grips
  • Saddle
  • Pedals

Telephone counselling

Would you like to know more about Orbea bikes? Or you don't know exactly which model and which equipment you want?

Then our trained advisors are always ready to help you by phone. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about bikes from the Spanish manufacturer Orbea.


The Orbea Rise

The Rise is the Light E-MTB that gives the rider a whole new proximity to the trail. It is a mixture of the world of bio-bikes with their natural riding feel and the world of e-bikes with powerful support. In the uphill, you can rely on gentle assistance that becomes stronger with increasing cadence, and in the downhill you get better and more agile handling thanks to the smaller, lighter motor.


The Orbea Wild

The Orbea Wild is an Enduro E-MTB. Here, however, it's not about the Wild having the most powerful motor and a lot of battery capacity, but the riding itself that's in the foreground. The Wild tames even the wildest trails, but always feels alive and full of energy. So it takes you on endless trails with its Beyond Power and frees the Wild inside you.


The Orbea Orca

The Orbea Orca is the ultimate road bike. It features a lightweight and stiff OMR frame design that provides maximum stiffness with minimum weight. The frame is made of carbon for optimal comfort and performance. This bike is suitable for all riders looking for a powerful and comfortable bike. It offers you superior performance and comfort on any type of trail, mountain or flat. With the Orbea Orca you will be faster than ever before!

The Orbea Terra

The Orbea Terra is a gravel bike made for gravelers, explorers and adventurers. It has a 2-speed drivetrain, fully integrated cables and lines through the handlebar, stem and frame. It is the perfect bike for long tours over gravel and asphalt. It also comes with a storage compartment and 2 positions for a water bottle.


The Orbea Oiz

With the Oiz XC race bike, you have full control without compromise. The bike not only looks great, but also rides accordingly. It presents itself with modern geometry, smart suspension and a design that puts the 120 mm suspension fork in the best possible light. Everything superfluous, on the other hand, has been left out in order to concentrate fully on the important things: A riding experience without compromise.


The Orbea Occam

The Orbea Occam is the perfect companion for your adventures. It can really take a beating, but it's much more versatile than a thoroughbred enduro bike. It has an asymmetrical design, as the shock in the Occam is moved to the left side of the frame. It can be ridden with both 140 and 150 mm travel front and rear. So if you want to spend the whole day on the trails from morning to night and your bike has to do everything - then the Occam is exactly the right bike for you.

Orbea Demo Bikes

If you would like to test an Orbea bike for a longer period of time, it is easy to do so via the Orbea Demo website, which you can find here. Here you can enter your location, select us as your dealer and see what test bikes we have available. If you find the right bike, you can simply choose a day via the appointment tool on the website and test the bike for a small fee.

Personalised Orbea bikes

With the MyO design tool, you can configure and personalise your favourite Orbea bike on the website. You have the option of choosing the equipment variant of your desired model. You can also choose the finish, the first and second frame colour, the logo colour and even have a text made on your bike.