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NS Bikes

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Stay true

NS bikes represent the new generation of mountain bikes for the new generation of riders! With a focus on big airs, fat gaps and fearsome obstacles, NS bikes are the ideal tool for pro riders and all ambitious bikers who want to test their limits anew. Developing new mountain bikes, refining existing product lines and staying in touch with riders is not a business at NS Bikes, but a passion. The very good price-performance ratio reflects the brand's fair dealings with customers.

The Polish brand started out with dirt bikes, but has since expanded its range to include high-quality enduro, trail and downhill mountain bikes. The latest technologies, high quality workmanship and top accessories guarantee you maximum control and sovereignty in all riding situations. In addition to complete bikes, the innovative bike manufacturer also specialises in the production of first-class parts and components. Superstar Sam Pilgrim shows what is possible with these extraordinary bikes - when will you rock out with your NS bike?

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NS Bikes - Stay True

"Always think ahead. Open your mind. Listening to the riders. Work hard to achieve the goals you set. Just don't give up in the middle of the road. Doing what we do best. Do things DIFFERENTLY" - these things come to Szymon Kobylinski, the founder of NS Bikes, himself when he thinks about his work. The young label from Poland is indeed different from many other brands. They are revolutionary and always ahead of their time.

NS BIKES - From bikers for bikers

The story of NS Bikes begins, appropriately enough, in the new millennium, when Szymon Kobylinski - former Polish rock star and bike enthusiast - opened a shop for imported bikes with his wife Anna. The store was a success, but Kobylinski was far from satisfied with the components available on the market. So, without further ado, he decided to go among the developers himself and launched his first own brand in 2003. Under the name Northshore Extreme szymon Kobylinski initially marketed handlebars, stems and pedals Northshore Extreme hit like a bomb. Bikers from Poland flocked to the products of the lateral thinker and the first professionals signed a team contract with Kobylinski.

When the brand was renamed NS BIKES a year later, the label finally went through the roof. With the revolutionary and now legendary Streetlegal Frame, NS BIKES caused a stir in the scene and it wasn't long before the manufacturer from Poland was the talk of bikers worldwide. But they only succeeded because behind the brand NS BIKES have always been real, progressive bikers who knew what was needed in the scene. In addition, the team did not care what doubters and competitors had to say about their products. After all, they didn't believe NS BIKES would succeed, but Kobylinski and his team prevailed. When Swedish slopestyle and street biker Martin Söderström joined their team, his rides on the Streetlegal Frame, he provided the big breakthrough for NS BIKES.

However, the young brand around CEO Szymon Kobylinski has never rested on its success and has always gone new ways. In doing so, the Poles always proved to have the right nose. As with the commitment of Sam Pilgrim, who became one of the best freeride and slopestyle mountain bikers in the world with NS BIKES. Of course, it was then not long before N BIKES with the NS Soda the first complete bike on the market.

State-of-the-art technologies in use for NS BIKES

Although NS BIKES has its origins in the slopestyle and dirt sector, today the brand also offers enduro, trail and downhill mountain bikes. In doing so, the bike forge always relies on the latest technologies, high quality workmanship and top accessories. This makes the wheels hotly sought after by many professional riders worldwide. Especially freeriders rely on NS BIKES, because the heat-treated rims are characterized by high durability. Thus, they can be used even on challenging trails and slopes without any problems.

Stylish design and absolute know-how also in the bike components from NS BIKES

NS BIKES made a name for itself at the beginning of its career with bike components such as handlebars and pedals, and even today the range of accessories is an absolute highlight. NS BIKES relies especially in the handlebars on a rich look and is not afraid to reach next to classic colors, also really deep into the color pot. Stylish eye-catchers have been created, which are unparalleled. The bicycle hubs are also first-class processed and the 4-bearing hubs are perfect for the areas of street and dirt bike.

The frames of NS BIKES are and remain real gems. Visually as well as technically they convince with absolute know-how and sophisticated details, such as removable cable guides or the use of oval down tubes, which provide for a particularly stiff bottom bracket connection.