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Cannondale - You make us do it!

It all started in 1971 in a loft above a pickle factory in Wilton, Connecticut. Directly across from the small Cannondale Train Station, Joe Montgomery and his team developed the world's first lightweight aluminum bicycle trailer: the Bugger. The little red station house still stands today, and it's hard to imagine the bike world without Cannondale, which is one of the most pioneering bike brands of all. With their revolutionary aluminum frames, they are absolute pioneers in the bike scene and heralded the age of aluminum frames from 1983. Since then, the Cannondale team has continued to set new standards.

With numerous patented bike innovations, they put everything that has gone before in the shade. For example, their revolutionary HeadShok fork, a suspension in the head tube with needle bearings, raised the bar for front suspension performance. The patented technology is still in use today and can also be found in the legendary Lefty front suspension that Cannondale introduced in 2000. The distinctive, single-sided suspension is lighter, stiffer, stronger and smoother than any other fork in the world and is a hallmark of the Cannondale brand.

The fact that Cannondale has always been a bit bolder than its bike competition is also evident in the outlandish design of the Super V - a design that has been imitated time and again and has won numerous design and engineering awards. Also the full-suspension Super V DH Downhill with the inverted design of the Moto 120 triple clamp was an absolute highlight and was named "Best DH bike of all time" by Mountain Bike Action. With the SuperSix EVO cannondale was able to set standards yet again and scored with the world's best STW value and exceptional riding characteristics. It was named "Best Bike in the World" by Tour Magazine, won numerous Eurobike Gold Awards and was named "Editor's Choice" in Bicycling 2014.

However, Cannondale is not only well received in the trade press. This is proven by the numerous title wins in professional cycling. Together with Volvo, they have created the most successful MTB team in history, winning 11 World Championship titles, 17 World Cup titles, 89 World Cup victories and 2 gold medals at the Olympic Games, among others. Their team included the best female downhill rider of all time in Anne-Caroline Chausson, and Cannondale made history again in the late 1990s with their sponsorship of the Saeco cycling team. They were the first U.S. bicycle manufacturer to sponsor a European professional cycling team. The Saeco team won the Giro d'Italia a total of three times and, with Mario Cipollini, won four stages in the 1999 Tour de France. The team's success demonstrated the superiority of Cannondale's aluminum frames and heralded the end of steel frames in professional cycling.

More recently, Cannondale also made history when Jérôme Clémentz won the 2014 Tour of France with the all-mountain bike Jekyll all-mountain bike won the first-ever Enduro World Championship. The ultimate bike for endurance racing was named "Most Wanted" by BikeRadar in 2013 and "Bike of the Year" by Cycling Plus in 2014 for good reason.

Rather than resting on their fabulous success, the team continues to evolve. Their bike innovations never stop and now Cannondale is reinventing the hardtail and setting a new benchmark for XC race performance with the F-Si and its asymmetrical system integration design.

Whether aluminum or carbon, Cannondale is setting new standards in every area. For the best riding experience, the frames are manufactured either according to CAAD technology (Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design) or with its own method BallisTec Carbon and constantly evolving.

However, Cannondale stands for more than "just" bikes. The brand is also characterized by a wide range of high-quality bike equipment and matching clothing.

With great passion Cannondale wants not only to build the best, most innovative and best performing products for sports and leisure, but also to provide the best possible riding experience. They are convinced of their quality and even give a lifetime warranty on their bikes. True to their motto, "We care!"