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1. You find out about your leasing options from your employer.

2. You choose your dream bike & leasable accessories.

3. You order your bike from us (by e-mail to [email protected] or by phone 02961 914 88 69)

4. We - Liquid-Life, sell the bike to the respective leasing provider.

5. Your employer concludes a leasing contract with the leasing provider.

6. The contract is handed over to Liquid-Life.

7. You can pick up your dream bike at Liquid-Life or have it delivered to you.

What is Bike Leasing?

Bike leasing is the modern and environmentally friendly variant of the company vehicle. In bike leasing you make the choice of your leasing bike, use it for commuting to work and in your free time, and pay a monthly lease payment. After a term of either 36 or 48 months, the leasing contract ends. At this time you can pay the residual value and the bike becomes your property.

This is how Bike Leasing works!

The monthly leasing rate for your bike is deducted from your gross salary via salary conversion, so you don't have to worry about the installment payment. Since 2012, the same tax rules apply to bicycles and e-bikes as to company cars. The transfer of the bike by the employer creates a non-cash benefit (salary conversion model) for the employee, who must pay tax on this at 0.25% of the gross list price of the bike. This financial advantage makes company bike leasing an attractive option compared to a private purchase. This can save up to 40% of the purchase cost. Isn't this a great way to keep fit, ride a great bike and actively protect the environment?

The leasing contract

The term of the leasing contract can be set at 36 or 48 months. You choose the length of the term depending on how high you want the monthly payment to be. When the leasing contract expires, you have the possibility to take over ownership of your bike by paying the residual value. The residual value is always 10% of the gross list price of the bike. If you are not interested in taking over the leased bike after the contract period, you can return it to us.

The most important information about our different leasing partners

To make sure that everybody gets his dream bike, we work together with many, but still carefully checked leasing companies like Bikeleasing, JobRad, Businessbike and many more!


Bikeleasing has been around since 2015 and has established itself as a top-notch leasing provider in the industry. Bikeleasing primarily impresses with their comprehensive service package, but their in-house claims department, intuitive app for managing contract data, and all-around insurance coverage make this provider one of the best on the market when it comes to customer service.


JobRad was founded in 2008 and, with over 10 years of experience by now, is considered one of the pioneers of company bikes. Back then, founder Ulrich Prediger had a company car, but much preferred to ride his bike to work. This had several reasons: He was faster, did something for his health and arrived at the office more motivated. But his employer did not want to grant him a company bike. So he simply took matters into his own hands and founded his own company for company bikes. Nowadays, the company is a fixture in the JobRad sector and serves numerous customers.


When tax rules on company car leasing were extended to bicycles in 2012, the founders recognized the opportunity. And so a good idea among friends became BusinessBike. With the motivation to make company bike leasing even easier for everyone, BusinessBike is constantly working on new concepts. This provider brings everyone together - employers and employees, self-employed and dealers - in real time and digitally.

Frequently asked questions and answers about leasing

For whom is bike leasing worthwhile?

As an employee

As an employee, the leasing contract runs through your employer. The monthly leasing rate for your bike will be deducted from your salary, so you don't have to worry about the installments. The transfer of the bike by the employer creates a non-cash benefit for the employee, who must pay tax on this at 1% of the gross list price of the bike. This makes the leasing model more favorable in comparison with the direct purchase of a specific bicycle.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Carefree payment: Due to the salary conversion you don't have to worry about the payment of the monthly leasing rate!
  • Time saving: With your leasing bike you can avoid the rush-hour traffic quite elegantly.
  • Complete freedom: You are free to choose any model and manufacturer.
  • Money-saving advantage: Due to the 0.25% regulation, leasing a bike is up to 40% cheaper than buying it directly.
  • Active environmental protection: On the road without CO2 emissions - so you are an environmentalist every day.
  • Insurance made easy: Insurance for your leased bike is easy to take out.

As a self-employed person, tradesman or freelancer

Of course, we also offer our bike leasing for self-employed persons, tradesmen and freelancers. As an innovative and sustainable alternative to the classic fleet of cars, bike leasing offers the possibility to build up a fleet of high-quality vehicles without large investments.

The model preserves liquidity and at the same time brings a high recreational value!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Building a fleet: Since the leasing model works without large down payments or investments, it allows you to build a fleet of high-quality bikes and e-bikes.
  • Liquidity-friendly: The model gets you ahead and at the same time preserves your liquidity.
  • Smart: The net monthly leasing rate can be deducted as a business expense.
  • Planning security: The operating costs are fixed and therefore easy to plan and manage.
  • Leading the way: you create a professional, innovative and sustainable image for you and your company.
  • Free choice: You are free to choose the brand and manufacturer of your leasing bike. Recreational use: Due to the 0.25% regulation, private use is also possible via the company in a tax-saving manner.

Can I combine a company bike and a company car?

Yes, the two means of transportation can be used as a combination and it can also be of tax advantage in various situations. However, a tax advisor should then be consulted for this.

How many bikes can I lease?

Exactly how many bikes you can lease is decided by your employer.

What happens if I change employers?

In this case, it must be clarified in advance in the contract how the whole thing looks. There are several possibilities. For example, the bike can be bought out, returned to the employer or possibly taken to the new employer if the new employer offers a company bike through the same leasing company. However, this should be discussed with the employer in advance.