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Die Produkte von Troy Lee Designs spiegeln die perfekte Symbiose aus unverwechselbarem Design und innovativster Technologie wider. Seit über 30 Jahren widmet sich die aus Kalifornien stammende Premiummarke der Herstellung von Schutzbekleidung für die schnellsten Rennfahrer der Welt. Bei der Entwicklung von Schutzausrüstung steht die Sicherheit an erster Stelle. Die Kalifornier haben exklusiv für ihre Helme neue Sicherheitsstandards wie das revolutionäre Dual Density Shock Pad System D3 entwickelt. Die Umsetzung neuester Technologien und Ideen beruht auf jahrzehntelange Erfahrung, die Nutzung modernster Werkzeuge und die wertvolle Fähigkeit, sich in die Situation der Rider zu versetzen. Nur so können Produkte entstehen, die Fahrern weltweit bei der Ausübung ihrer Passion unterstützen. Das hochwertige Sortiment von Troy Lee Designs umfasst neben Helmen unter anderem auch Jerseys, Pants und Jacken.

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The success story of Troy Lee Designs began over 30 years ago with the production of helmets for the world's fastest racers. Further creative ideas were not long in coming. The young company expanded at a breathtaking pace. The range was expanded to include protective clothing, accessories and protectors. Troy Lee Designs not only pushed the MX area, but also focused on the needs of ambitious mountain bikers. The U.S. brand combines here like no other company the high demand for perfect protection with an incomparable design. Over the years, Troy Lee Designs has always remained true to its philosophy of offering riders around the world innovative and groundbreaking products for a maximum sports experience.

Troy Lee Designs: Innovative technologies for maximum protection

The Troy Lee Designs D3 Fullface Helmet is designed specifically for hard bike park action and downhill. Equipped with the revolutionary D3 system you come to this action sports helmet in the enjoyment of maximum protection. The latest development stage of the Troy Lee Designs Dual Density Shock Pad System sets standards in the field of shock absorption. So it's no wonder that the best riders in the world rely on the Troy Lee Designs D3 Fullface Helmet for their risky actions. Available is the MTB helmet for downhill, freeride and BMX in a variety of designs. A great entry-level model at a very fair price you will find with the Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite (FL) Factory helmet. Despite the extremely budget-friendly purchase price, the full-face helmet has many race-proven features. The lightweight fiberglass shell was tested in the wind tunnel and features a very efficient ventilation system. The 3D cheek pads ensure an optimal fit.

Another feature of many Troy Lee Designs helmets is MIPS, the so-called Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This extraordinary system for extra protection was developed in Sweden and is responsible for eliminating rotational forces in the event of a fall. Unobtrusively implemented on the inside of the helmet, the technology works in principle similar to the cerebrospinal fluid. The MIPS layers, which move in themselves, absorb the forces acting laterally in the event of an impact and thus significantly reduce the energy acting on the head and neck. The brand also incorporates all its know-how in the design of the shape. The large field of vision and the side clearance ensure an optimal fit of glasses or goggles. The Break-Away technology allows the visor to fold down in the event of a fall, thus avoiding neck or throat injuries.

A question of material: polycarbonate, fiberglass and carbon

For the outer shell of the helmet, different materials come into question. A very good price-performance ratio offers the relatively inexpensive helmets made of polycarbonate. The plastic has good material properties and is quite robust. Disadvantages are the limited service life with a maximum of five years (a polycarbonate helmet should not be worn longer) and the surface that cannot be painted. Very high-quality helmets are made of fiberglass or carbon. Here, fiber mats are glued together in multiple layers with a special resin - this process is also called laminating. The helmets are extremely torsion-resistant and stable. Helmets made of carbon also have a very low weight.

Which helmet shape for which area of use?

Troy Lee Designs has special helmets ready for a wide range of applications. Modern all-mountain and enduro helmets are cut very low to offer the rider maximum protection in the event of a fall. The open design ensures a completely unrestricted field of vision. Of course, the helmets are compatible with conventional goggles and goggles. In short: the perfect helmet shape for demanding rides and long tours. In the bike park, BMX and downhill / enduro races, the full protection of a full-face helmet is required. The stable chin bar protects the face and chin from serious injury in the event of a fall. Thanks to the latest technologies and finest materials, the Troy Lee Designs Fullface helmets also convince with a low weight.

Troy Lee Designs: First-class helmets for downhill, freeride, enduro and BMX

Troy Lee Designs A1 Helmet - The specialist for All Mountain and Touring

The Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet offers all mountain bikers a very aesthetic head protection with excellent fit and great comfort. A very high protection with maximum coverage is guaranteed by the deep cut of the helmet. Thanks to the low weight and optimal ventilation, the helmet makes a damn good figure both on single trails and on tours. Even more protection ensures the Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet with the MIPS system. For the young "savages" we also have the extremely casual Youth A1 helmets with 16 generously sized vents ready.

Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet - The redefinition of safety, style and comfort

With the new Troy Lee Designs A2 helmet, the brand sets new standards in terms of safety, style and comfort. As the first helmet in its class, the A2 combines the protective effects of EPP and EPS. With 25% larger vents than the A1 helmet, the rider enjoys the best possible cooling of the head in conjunction with the sophisticated internal ventilation channels. The 2018 models also feature an X-Static Pure Silver inner layer for even more comfort. Of course, this premium helmet does not come without MIPS technology for maximum protection.

Troy Lee Designs D3 Helmet - The first choice for extreme mountain biking

No helmet could bring in more victories in the Downhill World Cup than the Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet. The best riders in the world such as Steve Peat, Brendan Fairclough or Cam Zink trust in their runs on the outstanding properties of this unique full-face helmet. Available is the Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet at Liquid-Life directly in several versions. The top models have a very lightweight carbon outer shell and MIPS technology. The lower-priced D3 helmets made of fiberglass also offer a very high level of protection. For your next appearance in the bike park or at races, the Troy Lee Designs D3 helmet is the perfect choice!

Troy Lee Designs Gloves for a first-class grip feeling

With the gloves from Troy Lee Designs you are not only safer, but also faster on the road. In this regard, of course, the optimal grip of the handlebars and the sensitive handling of brakes and gears are to be emphasized in the first place. In the store you will find mountain bike gloves of the top brand for various applications. The Troy Lee Designs Air glove, for example, is a lightweight and breathable glove made of 2-ply Lycra stretch on the top and perforated Clarino leather on the palm. For extra grip, the designers gave the Air Glove silicone applications. The lightweight glove is available in many trendy colors.

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Apparel Line for Downhill and BMX

With the Troy Lee Designs Sprint clothing line, specially designed for downhill and BMX, countless victories have already been achieved in races. The movement-intensive areas are designed particularly flexible to ensure you full performance and freedom of movement in competition. The durable, high-quality materials were also selected with tough competitions in mind. A long life of the clothing also promises the exemplary workmanship with the very cleanly executed seams. The Troy Lee Designs Sprint clothing line includes jerseys, pants and shorts in a wide variety of designs.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline clothing line for Enduro and All Mountain

The Troy Lee Designs Skyline clothing line for Enduro and All Mountain stands for casual riding with an extra portion of style! The clothing bestseller of the premium brand is upgraded with environmentally friendly Bluesign-certified fabrics. When trail surfing you benefit from the loose fit that gives you maximum freedom of movement. The stretch material incorporated into the shorts provides additional comfort. The use of breathable materials guarantees optimal moisture management. Available in the Skyline range are different short and long sleeve jerseys, trendy shorts and an extremely lightweight windbreaker.