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You concentrate on driving - we concentrate on you

Since its founding over 40 years ago, the U.S. clothing brand Fox is deeply rooted in the MX sport. Always with an eye on the concerns and wishes of the drivers arise since that time first-class products that set new standards in terms of quality, function and appearance. Fox recognized early on that mountain bikers need special clothing that is visually designed for MX, but must meet completely different requirements. A challenge that the creative company was only too happy to accept. In the meantime, Fox clothing has become an indispensable part of mountain biking worldwide.

The extensive exclusive clothing range in the Fox brand store includes pants, shorts, jerseys and gloves as well as protectors and helmets. Thus, at Fox the development of high-quality MTB helmets is constantly driven forward to be able to offer bikers the best possible protection in the event of a fall. Fox protectors such as safety jackets or knee pads ensure maximum safety even in times of increasingly demanding trails and slopes. Of course, Fox also focuses on the needs and wishes of female bikers, which are met with special women's collections.

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FOX Racing - Made for your Ride

Anyone who is at home in the motocross or bike scene can't get around the FOX Racing brand. The label with the fox head is one of the best and most famous manufacturers of bike clothing, protectors and helmets in the world. The use of the highest quality technologies, innovative ideas and outstanding designs make FOX Racing the world's best-selling brand for motocross and MTB clothing.

FOX Racing - MTB equipment you can rely on

FOX Racing was founded in 1974 by physicist Geoff Fox to shake up the motocross scene with high-performance engine components. The ideas of the physics professor at the University of Santa Clara in California quickly met with success and by 1977 he was able to establish his own motocross team. The Moto-X Fox team was able to establish itself directly and their strikingly designed shirts and shorts attracted a lot of attention in the scene. Soon other teams were on the scene and the FOX Racing apparel became a sought-after commodity. The foundation was laid and the success story of the brand took its course. FOX Racing quickly made a name for itself outside of the motocross scene and, in addition to clothing for sports such as surfing and skating, its success in the bike segment dominates.

FOX Racing today has its headquarters Irving, California. In addition, the company has field offices in Canada and Spain. FOX Racing remains a family business to this day. The goal "to produce the best motocross products that money can buy" is still the driving force for the directors, who are now in the second generation to lead the label.

The fact that FOX Racing is still one of the top outfitters in the bike and motocross scene after more than forty years is not only due to the high-quality materials and innovative technologies that they incorporate into their developments. FOX Racing has been working with the best professional athletes in the world since its inception and relies on the opinions of the most successful riders. Thus FOX Racing ensures that all their products are not only first-class in theory, but also work in practice without compromise. So you can fully concentrate on your ride and grow beyond yourself.

Perfect bike clothing from FOX Racing

Bike clothing that ensures safety and practicality and yet is extremely stylish. - That speaks for the products of FOX Racing. So that they meet the high demands, the label processes only high-quality and innovative materials such as CORUDRA, FLEXAIR or POLARTEC. FOX Racing thus succeeds in creating a pleasant body climate, because the materials do not constrict when worn and the breathable fabrics allow the skin to breathe after strenuous rides. For extensive rides through rain and snow FOX Racing also has the right equipment. So you are always perfectly equipped in wind and weather.

Helmets and protectors from FOX Racing

FOX Racing does not do things by halves when it comes to helmets and protectors. The label continues to push the development of high-quality MTB helmets. The Flux, which was released in 2006 as the first helmet specifically for all-mountain and trail riders, set new standards in the scene. In the meantime, the model has been further perfected and, like all other models of the label, offers the best possible protection in case of falls. Thanks to the revolutionary MIPS technology (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), the head is protected in the best possible way even with complicated impacts from different directions of movement.

The protectors of the FOX Racing brand, such as the Safety Jacket or the knee pads, ensure maximum safety on demanding trails and slopes. At the same time, the lightweight, breathable and yet resistant materials provide a comfortable feeling, which does not stand in the way of driving fun. Of course, FOX Racing also focuses on the needs and wishes of female bikers, which are met with special women's collections.

Lifestyle and leisure wear from FOX Racing

FOX Racing is not just a brand. In the meantime, the Californian label with the fox head has become a real lifestyle. FOX Racing sells not only sportswear, but also stylish leisurewear and accessories such as backpacks, belts or caps. No matter if for man or woman - boy or girl.

FOX Racing also continues to make a name for itself in team sports. In addition to an extremely successful motocross team, the also operates a first-class MTB team. With downhillers Loic Bruni and Tahnee Seagrave, they have the world's best talent on their team and the Fox is thus always assured of a place on the podium.