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FiveTen –  Shoes with maximum grip

FIVE TEN ist eine echte Kultmarke. Als Label für Kletterschuhe in Kalifornien gegründet, erfreuten sich die Schuhe mit der revolutionären Stealth Rubber Sohle auch in der Mountainbike-Szene schnell großer Beliebtheit. Vor 15 Jahren ist FIVE TEN offiziell in den Markt für Flat-Pedal-Schuhe eingestiegen und seit dem aus der Mountainbike-Welt nicht mehr wegzudenken. Viele Profis können und wollen nicht mehr auf die innovativen Schuhe aus Kalifornien verzichten und arbeiten sogar mit dem Label zusammen an neuen Technologien. FIVE TEN hat für jeden Einsatzbereich den passenden Schuh und alle Modelle überzeugen mit einer griffigen Sohle, einer ausgezeichneten Verarbeitung, hohem Tragekomfort und lässiger Optik.

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FiveTen - Shoes with maximum grip

When 30-year-old Charles Cole returned home from a climbing trip in Yosemite National Park in 1984, he was met with devastating news: His father had suffered a heart attack and stroke! Although his father was alive, the news changed the climber's life. Charles Cole felt it was his duty to support his family financially. Although he never wanted to work in the climbing industry as a passionate climber, he and his family started his first own climbing shoe company in 1985. They wanted to develop shoes that would provide the right grip for climbing and made the first prototypes from comfortable tennis shoes from Poland for 10 dollars, which they soled with a newly developed rubber: the legend of the FIVE TEN Stealth Rubbers was born! A shoe that eventually revolutionized the sport of climbing and made countless first ascents of breakneck routes possible in the first place. Even today, the best climbers in the world swear by the shoes of FIVE TEN.

From climbing shoe to one of the most popular mountain bike shoes in the world

However, the FIVE TEN Stealth Rubber was not to remain a pure climbing shoe for long, because other athletes soon became aware of the shoe. Especially in the MTB scene of California developed a real fan base. FIVE TEN then officially entered the market for flat pedal shoes 15 years ago and to this day their models are among the most popular mountain bike shoes worldwide. Many professionals can and no longer want to do without the innovative shoes from California. No wonder - the shoes from FIVE TEN combine the super grippy Stealth Rubber sole with excellent workmanship, high wearing comfort and casual look.

FIVE TEN has the right shoe for every area of use in the range. The range includes models for leisure-oriented bikers, but also has shoes for demanding downhillers and enduro riders in the program. All have a neatly profiled sole with excellent friction and are robustly processed in the upper material. Sophisticated lacing and Velcro systems, additional insulation and reinforcement of particularly contact-prone areas round out the features. The recipe for success of FIVE TEN is based not least on the cooperation with many well-known professionals. The FIVE TEN team regularly exchanges ideas with them in order to fine-tune the models.

The sudden death of climbing pioneer and FIVE TEN founder Charles Cole last year came as a shock to all fans of the label, but Cole sold the brand to ADIDAS back in 2011. A decision that Charles Cole never regretted. On the contrary, even then he was looking forward to working with ADIDAS and the new ideas that have since emerged from the strong partnership.