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Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Matte Raw Carbon/Voodoo Trek Black
Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Matte Raw Carbon/Voodoo Trek Black

Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Matte Raw Carbon/Voodoo Trek Black

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Top Fuel 9.8 XT Matte Raw Carbon/Voodoo Trek Black

Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Matte Raw Carbon/Voodoo Trek Black | FullybikeThe

Top Fuel 9.8 is a full-suspension carbon mountain bike for riders who always want the best. In parts and in riding style. This package combines high-end parts with a lightweight carbon frame to create an impressive fun machine that's fast in flowy sections and really fun on technical single trails.

It's the bike for you if ......

you're looking for a versatile full-suspension mountain bike that's efficient as well as fast and doesn't shy away from rough trails. You want the higher stiffness as well as the lower weight of a carbon frame and would accept sacrifices in equipment to save money.

This is the equipment you getA

lightweight and stiff full carbon frame, a RockShox SID Select+ suspension fork with 120mm of travel, a RockShox SID Luxe Ultimate shock with 115mm of travel, and a new Shimano XT 1x12 drivetrain. It also comes with wide Bontrager Kovee Elite 30 carbon wheels including a Rapid Drive hub with 54 teeth for quick power transfer, Bontrager Line Elite Vario seatpost and a carbon handlebar.

Our Final WordThe

Top Fuel 9.8 is a down country bike with a carbon frame and high quality parts that's outrageously fun to ride and gives you a heard advantage on the trail, like more speed thanks to the carbon wheels and more grip due to the smooth responsive suspension.

Why you will love it

  • This bike wants to go fast and relies on no-frills high-performance parts to do it
  • Straight Shot downtube increases stiffness and improves handling without adding weight, while Knock Block headset protects your frame from contact with fork crown or handlebars
  • For more efficiency in sprints and climbs, Bontrager's shifter-style DropLock lockout allows you to lock out the suspension fork and shock at the same time - plus it can also operate the Vario seatpost
  • Wider Kovee Elite 30 wheels improve tire support so you can ride at lower tire pressures for more traction
  • This short-travel bike comes with an unprecedented suspension setup that's both efficient and ready for any fun ride

Integrierter Steuersatz mit Knock Block, 58 Grad Radius, Patronenlager, 1 1/8" oben, 1,5" unten
RockShox SID Select+ DebonAir-Feder, Charger 2 RL-Dämpfung, konischer Gabelschaft, 44 mm Vorbiegung, Boost110, 15-mm-Maxle Stealth-Achse, 120 mm Federweg
Rear Shock
RockShox SID Luxe Ultimate, DebonAir-Feder, Ultimate RL-Dämpfung, 190 x 45 mm
Bontrager, Aluminium, gedichtetes Lager, Aluminiumachse, 6-Loch-Scheibenaufnahme, Boost110, 15-mm-Steckachse
Bontrager XR3 Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, Inner Strength-Flankenschutz, Aramidwulstkern, 120 TPI, 29 x 2.40
Wheel Size
Drive System
Rear Derailleur
Shimano XT M8100, langer Käfig, max. 51 Z. an größtem Ritzel
Shimano XT M8100, 12fach
Shimano XT M8100, 12fach
Shimano XT M8100, Aluminiumkettenblatt (32 Z.), Boost | Size S: 170 mm Kurbelarmlänge | Restliche Größen: 175 mm Kurbelarmlänge
Shimano XT M8100, 10-51 Z., 12fach
Hydraulische Scheibenbremse Shimano SLX M7000, 180 mm Scheibendurchmesser vorn, 160 mm Scheibendurchmesser hinten
Components / Parts
Bontrager Line Pro, OCLV Carbon, 35 mm, 15 mm Rise, 750 mm Breite
Bontrager XR Trail Elite, Aluminiumklemme
Bontrager Kovee Pro, 35 mm, Knock Block, Blendr-kompatibel, 13 Grad | size S, M, ML: 60 mm Länge | Size L, XL: 70 mm Länge
Bontrager Montrose Elite, Titanstreben, 138 mm Breite
Seat Post
Bontrager Line Elite Dropper, interne Zugführung, 31.6 mm. | Size S: 100 mm Hub, 340 mm Länge | Size M, ML: 150 mm Hub, 440 mm Länge | Size L, XL: 170 mm Hub, 480 mm Länge
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