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Specialized S-Works EXOS Road Shoes White
Specialized S-Works EXOS Road Shoes White

Specialized S-Works EXOS Road Shoes White

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S-Works EXOS Road Shoes White

Specialized S-Works EXOS Road Shoes White | Road Shoes

At only 150 grams, the S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes ever equipped with a Boa system. And they are not only incredibly light but also have all the faetures that stand for the S-Works label.

To bring the weight to the 150 gram mark without compromising power transmission we have implemented all the technical details we can imagine. And if that wasn't enough we came up with something else. The carbon outsole was designed using advanced finite element analysis and pressure mapping to pull out material where it wasn't needed. This also allowed us to keep crazy stiffness numbers. On the upper, we completely removed the heel cup. Using a Dyneema mesh and CubicTec reinforcements, the material fits the heel perfectly so no watts are wasted. We have also developed a new Warp Sleeve vamp with which we could eliminate the toe box which further reduces weight and increases comfort.

Also our well-known Body Geometry Feautures like the foot arch support the Varus wedge and the Metatarsal Button may not be missing here of course. Each of these features has been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to not only increase performance as well as efficiency but also reduce the risk of injury.

The S-Works EXOS are the lightest cycling shoes have ever received a Boa system - experience the feeling of lightness.

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