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In our master workshop we look back on over 20 years of experience and competence. With care, tact and concentrated know-how, we fix the small and large ailments of your bike. Whether with or without engine, trekking or road bike, downhiller or marathon machine, we know everything and regularly train ourselves to always offer you the best service. In order to meet the needs of every patient, you need not only soft skills and good components, but also good tools and materials. That's why we offer you a huge spare parts warehouse with around 10,000 parts to get every bike back on the road as quickly as possible. While your bike is being repaired or overhauled, we will provide you with a rental bike on request so that you can continue to be mobile.

Of course, we also offer numerous other components and brands. You can find them in the categories"Bike parts" and"Accessories".




Our service technicians are always up to date in this area as well. Advances in technology continue to develop and become more complex every year. Just like chassis, brakes also need regular maintenance, because they are the most important component on the bike. Whether Shimano, Sram, Magura or brake systems of the English noble forge HOPE. From changing the brake pads to the exchange of a leaking lever. Our technicians know exactly what is important, how the processes work properly and what you have to pay attention to.


You always wanted a unique bike that no one else rides but you? Then come to us and let us advise you. We will build your bike exactly as you imagine it. We offer you a wide range of frames and components from renowned manufacturers to create the bike you've always dreamed of.


For gears there are now different systems. For the individual areas of application it requires the right gear ratio and the right number of gears. Here, too, the electronics are advancing more and more, so that in the high-end area no longer on mechanics, but radio or cable drive units, such as the AXS system from Sram or the DI2 groups from Shimano is set. No matter on which terrain you are on the road, we offer you professional advice and the associated service for all drive units.


Service work, repairs and tuning of Rock Shox and FOX components - with us your suspension is in good hands. As a FOX master partner and Sram service center, we train annually to be always up to date, and you from small to large fork and shock service, as well as repair and tuning work directly on site to perform. As specialists in the field of suspension, we know how important a regular suspension service is for a good performance.


Only very few people today want to do without the fun and comfort that an e-bike brings. Even for the very young generation, there are already bikes with electric motors. The technology is developing at breakneck speed. Our e-bike technicians must grow with it, understand the systems and be able to handle the various diagnostic tools. As a provider of a wide variety of brands, we must of course also be able to offer the appropriate service for the many drive systems.



  • Repairs around the bicycle "all brands
  • Inspections for wear and function
  • Assemblies and complete setups of new bikes
  • All service work on all bikes, children -, road - and trekking bike, road bike,mountain bike ..


  • Function test derailleur
  • Functional test of hub gears
  • Adjustment of front derailleur
  • Adjusting rear derailleur
  • Adjust hub gears
  • Aligning the derailleur
  • Replace derailleur hanger
  • Replace derailleur cables and outer casing
  • Check drive for wear
  • Renew drive
  • Replace inner bearing
  • Replace Press Fit bottom bracket
  • Replace cranks
  • Replace pedals
  • Replace sprocket
  • Replace cassette
  • Replace chain
  • Replace rear derailleur
  • Replace front derailleur
  • Replace shift lever
  • Install and adjust chain guide


  • Tire and tube change
  • Adjust air pressure
  • Center wheel
  • Spoke insertion
  • Spoking of new rims
  • Repair system wheels
  • Design and build custom wheels


  • Checking and measuring the lighting system
  • Replace front light
  • Replace rear light
  • Renew cable
  • Renew dynamo
  • Replace batteries
  • Make bike STVO safe
  • Install reflectors


  • Visual inspection for function and wear
  • Mount bottle cage
  • Adjust bearing clearance
  • Replace bearing
  • Retap thread inner bearing


  • Check for function and wear
  • Change brake pads disc brake
  • Change brake pads cantilever / V- brake
  • Brake adjustment
  • Eliminate squeaking
  • Renew brake cable and outer casing
  • Renew brake line hydraulic brake
  • Bleed disc brake
  • Replace brake discs
  • Bleed hydraulic rim brake
  • Make brakes common
  • General repair work for defective brakes


  • Replace saddle
  • Replace seat post
  • Shorten seat post
  • Bleed hydraulic seat post
  • Replace saddle clamp


  • Inspection for function and wear
  • Software updates (installation of current firmware)
  • Error analysis in case of problems
  • Battery capacity measurement (Bosch, Yamaha, Panasonic)
  • General work:
  • Bell mount
  • Mudguards mounting-





    Speedo mounting and adjusting


  • Replace handlebars
  • Stem replacement
  • Replace grips
  • Mount horns
  • Replace handlebar plugs
  • Install handlebar riser
  • Mount headset
  • Headset adjust bearing clearance
  • Headset bearing replacement
  • Fork cone mount / replace


  • Suspension fork installation & adjustment
  • Fork service seals and fork oil (Fox and Rock Shox ) other forks on request
  • Shock installation
  • Damper adjustment
  • Shock service seals and oil (Fox and Rock Shox ) other shocks on request
  • Replace bushings
  • Adjustment to weight and riding style


  • Individual setup of all kind of bikes
  • Weight optimization
  • Refinement of bikes (e.g. anodized and carbon parts)
  • Wheel building (lightweight construction, bright colors ...)
  • Suspension adjustment
  • Estimates for accident bikes, repairs and conversions


For the repair of your bike, you can best make an appointment with us in advance. So no one has to do without his bike for a long time and can take it back directly afterwards. For the duration of the repair you can look around in one of our two stores, relax in our café with its own coffee roastery or rent a bike to explore the Sauerland trails in the best weather.
Please send your e-mail to make an appointment with our service center to: [email protected]
or make an appointment by phone under the number:
02961-91 48 860
We are available for you from Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30 am!