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ION Pads E-Pact black
ION Pads E-Pact black ION Pads E-Pact black

ION Pads E-Pact black

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Pads E-Pact black

ION Pads E-Pact black

Does anyone actually have stretched out arms when riding downhill? We certainly do not. That's why ION has pre-shaped the E-PACT with a flex angle of almost 90°. This fit avoids wrinkling as well as cutting of the mesh material in the crook of the arm and thus premature fatigue. Since freedom of movement is elementary for intuitive steering maneuvers, the E-PACT relies on a combination of viscoelastic foams and hard shell. The high-quality HD_Memory Foam adapts optimally to the body contour and has already proven its durability over years in kitesurfing hip belts at ION. The hard shell takes away the terror of sharp stones, distributes the kinetic energy of an impact over a large area and makes the protector look slim thanks to the thin paddings used.

  • 3D-shaped Ionic_Fit: The human body is neither cylindrical nor symmetrical. Two-dimensional cuts can therefore be forgotten! But fortunately, we at ION have a lot of expertise in cutting and shaping through the development of skin-tight wetsuits. And of course we use this to equip our knee and elbow protectors with an anatomical cut and almost outrageously high wearing comfort.
  • Power_Aramid: Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. In the meantime it finds versatile application, e.g. in bullet-proof helmets, tires and bowstrings. The material offers outstanding qualities in terms of tear and abrasion resistance. And is thus perfectly suited for protectors.
  • HD_Memory_Foam Pad: Closed-cell foam with high energy absorption capacity. And that even with recurring impacts.
  • Super_Perforator_Neoprene: Very flexible, particularly robust and above all very air-permeable neoprene. Of course not to be compared with mesh material, but in terms of neoprene it is the most air permeable we currently use.

Material: 30% Neo 30% EVA 15% Nylon 15% PES 10% PE
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