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Bike & E-Bike Shipping Premium – How your bike comes to you

How your bike comes to you


The moment you and your new bike meet should be perfect, a firework. As romantics and bike lovers, we at Liquid Life have thought about what it takes to make this happen. Our idea is simple as effective - the premium shipping of Liquid Life!


With premium shipping, your noble vehicle is protected from the rigors of transport and almost completely pre-assembled in a special bike box on the road. Our team already optimally tunes sensitive components such as brakes and suspensions to the bike during assembly. For the final touch, you only need a knife, a 4/5 Allen and a 15 mm open-end wrench. So that the last steps to the roadworthy bike go easily by hand, we have summarized them in a video for you. Grab your tools and assemble your bike together with Marvin from the Liquid Life Team!


Our special bike box does a great job. Therefore, we are particularly proud of him and would like to pay special attention to him again at this point. Because unlike conventional overseas cartons in which bicycles are usually shipped, there is no room for an assembled bike with wheels, mudguards and luggage rack, so these components are shipped unassembled for transport. With our Liquid Life box in the third generation, this will not happen to you!

Our shipping box has the dimensions 190x130x25 cm. Thus, it offers plenty of space for your bike, so that it arrives fully pre-assembled and ready for use in no time. Isn't that great?! You can find instructions for an uncomplicated final assembly in our video. Our cardboard box also prevents damage to your bike during the arduous transportation process, so we've been able to achieve a damage rate of less than 1% annually. You can drive in the scratches yourself later! But how does a cardboard box ensure safe shipping? The large surfaces of the carton are reinforced so that they can easily withstand pressure and sharp edges. Safety first! - to provide even more protection, we wrap your new projectile with bubble wrap. And where does this sweetheart come from? Tillmann Wellpappe from Sauerland are real masters in their field. That is why they produce our premium shipping boxes since 10 and develop them with us constantly.

. Please keep the box in case you need to return the your bike once to us! Since it is a high-quality and for safe transport necessary utensil, we charge for sending a new box 20€.