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Frequent questions

With so many great bikes and everything that goes with them, many important questions naturally arise. So that you are never on your own with us, you will find here the most frequently asked questions and hopefully the right answers to your questions. Should you have an individual question or have not found what you are looking for here, we will of course be happy to help you in a personal consultation on the phone (02961 / 91 48 86 9) , by E-mail or directly in Livechat.

Advice and accessibility

What are my options if I can't reach anyone on the phone?
If you can't reach us on the phone, you can also use our chat function. The chat is available Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. You can also send us an e-mail at any time and tell us about your concern. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible! : [email protected]
Is there any product advice available?
We want you to find exactly the bike that suits you. Therefore, we offer of course a product consultation. We are happy to advise you in chat, by phone or by e-mail. Contact us at [email protected]
Can I order a bike for a test ride in a store?
Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke and a bike purchase should not be a blind date. That's why you're welcome to let us know in advance what your bike of choice is. We will then get it out of the warehouse with a short lead time and assemble it for you. Then nothing stands in the way of a test ride.

Information and details about the bike

Where can I find the information about the weight or total allowed weight of the bike?
You can find all important information in the technical data on the respective product page of your desired model. If they are not there or you have further questions, you can contact us. We will search them out for you.
Where can I find the geometry data of the bike?
The geometry data of your selected bike can be found on the manufacturer's page. If they are not given there, contact us! We will help you and look them out for you.


Why do I need to have an inspection done?
You surely take your car in for a regular inspection, so that you can enjoy it as long as possible? Why should your bike be any different! In order for it to work perfectly for a long time, it should be serviced regularly. All important components are checked and replaced in time if necessary.
How often must an inspection be performed?
This depends on how intensively you use your bike. To avoid major damage, however, you should have an inspection at least once a year or every 2000 km.
Does it affect the warranty if I don't have an inspection done?
It does not affect the warranty if you have an inspection done on your bike regularly or not. However, a regular check-up is useful so that you can enjoy your bike for a long time.
Are repairs also carried out during the inspection?
If our workshop staff find defects during the inspection, these will of course be repaired in consultation with you. For more information, you can always contact our master workshop. Our employees are at your disposal under 02961-9148860. You can also send them an e-mail at [email protected] .
What does an inspection cost?
If you have the inspection done in our master workshop, you are there with 55 euros. For the inspection of your e-bike we charge 65 euros.
Do I have to have the inspection done at Liquid-Life/Neumann?
Of course you don't have to have the inspection done at our shop. However, the Neumann master workshop looks back on 20 years of experience and expertise and is always there for Liquid Life customers.


What about sizes XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL?
Very often manufacturers give the designations XS (extra small), S (small), M (medium), L (large), XL (extra large) and XXL (extra extra large) for the frame size of their models. They are based on clothing sizes, but they are not bound by specifications or standards. Each manufacturer has a different definition and such designations are rather to be understood as guidelines. Please check directly on the manufacturer's site or contact our staff. We will be happy to help you in chat, by phone or at [email protected].
What do I do if I'm wavering between two frame sizes?
If you fluctuate between two frame sizes, you should consider the intended use. Do you want to cope with the bike in your spare time rather comfortable and quiet even longer distances, you should choose the larger frame variant. If you attach a lot of importance to agility and a sporty driving style, you should choose the smaller frame size. However, if you are still unsure, do not hesitate to contact us in chat, by phone or by mail at [email protected] .
How do I find the right frame height and what do I need to look out for?
If you are not sure which frame height is right for you, you can use our frame height calculator. Also, if you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact us.

frame number

Where can I find the frame number?
You can usually find the frame number below the bottom bracket.

Conversion & Accessories

Can I have my bike rebuilt before shipping?
Even the best bike in the world doesn't fit you and your needs perfectly? No problem! Your bike can be rebuilt for you before shipping according to your wishes. Simply contact us by phone or at [email protected] . We will tell you the conversion costs and / or look for you the desired components raus.
Where can I get accessories for my bike and how do I know if it fits?
In our online store you will find a wide selection of accessories and components. Just search in the respective category. In the description you will find all the important details, but of course you can also contact us in chat, by phone or by e-mail at [email protected] . We will be happy to help you.


Can I reserve a bike in the online store?
Do you like a bike but still need some time to think about it? No problem, you can reserve your dream bike in the online store for a short period of time.
How do I see if the bike is available in the online store?
Our online store will tell you if a bike is available. You can then add the appropriate size to your shopping cart.


Can I make a down payment and pay the rest after I receive the bike?
It is possible to make a deposit when ordering from our online store. Please contact us in advance by phone or at [email protected]
How can I finance a bike?
Of course you can finance your desired bike. We work together with Consors Bank. After the order process you will be redirected to Consors. There you can fill out the credit contract and identify yourself via Web-ID/Post-ID. If everything goes smoothly, you can send the signed contract online or by mail directly to the bank.
Can I also pay the open installment purchase amount completely in advance?
Yes, you can also pay an open installment purchase amount in full. Repayments are also possible. However, please contact Consors Bank directly. The staff there will be happy to give you information at: 020334-695 301.
When will I receive my monthly bill for purchasing in installments?
We do not send separate monthly invoices. Instead, we will send you an annual statement at the end of the year.
Can I change my payment method afterwards?
Yes, a subsequent change of payment method is possible with us. Just contact us by phone or email at [email protected]

purchase on invoice

With "purchase on account", can I also order the bike at the store for pickup?
Of course you can also order your bike directly to the store for pickup if you have chosen to purchase on account.
Why is my order with "purchase on account" rejected?
With the option "purchase on account" we work together with the external payment service provider klarna. This carries out a credit check in advance. Therefore, we unfortunately have no influence on the acceptance or rejection.

Credit card payment

How does credit card payment work at Liquid Life?
After you have specified "credit card" as your payment method, you will need to have your credit card ready. For the payment process we need the card number of your Master- or Visacard. You also need to enter the expiration date and the check digit in the corresponding fields. the data will be forwarded to us via an SSL-secure connection.
Why can't I pay with credit card?
If your credit card is declined during checkout, please contact your credit institution.
Why is my order declined with "purchase on account"
With the option "purchase on account" we work together with the external payment service provider klarna. This carries out a credit check in advance. Therefore, we unfortunately have no influence on the acceptance or rejection.

Payment options

Can I pay cash on delivery?
We do not currently offer a cash on delivery payment option.
What payment options are available?
You can pay for orders in our online store as follows: PayPal, Amazon Pay, invoice (klarna.), instant bank transfer and financing and leasing

Bike Leasing & Job Rad

How are the rates calculated with JobRad?
At www.jobrad.org/arbeitnehmer/ersparnis-berechnen.html you can easily calculate the rates for your company bike yourself. All you have to do is enter the price of your desired bike and your gross salary. Your individual rate will then be calculated.
How does bike leasing work?
Have you decided to buy a bike, the leasing rates are deducted directly from your salary. This not only saves you a standing order, but most importantly, it saves you taxes!
What are the requirements for leasing a bicycle through JobRad?
As an employee, the leasing contract runs through your employer. This must be a partner of our leasing provider in advance. However, we also offer our bicycle leasing for self-employed persons, tradesmen and freelancers. You can also find more information at: www.liquid-life.de/bike-leasing


Can I have a bike shipped to an address abroad?
Yes, you can of course have your desired bike delivered abroad. However, we will then charge a surcharge for the shipping costs.
Which countries can I have my order delivered to?
We ship our bikes all over Europe!
How does it work with customs? Do I have to pay for it?
After receiving the export certificate, we will refund the cost of customs!

Scope of delivery

Are pedals included in the delivery?
Not all manufacturers provide pedals. Please look at the technical data in the item description.

Shipping costs

What does it cost to ship a bike?
Shipping your bike will cost you 39,90€.
Can I order more than one bike?
Of course you can order several bikes together. These will then be delivered together.
Will several ordered bikes be charged separately in shipping?
Yes, if you order multiple bikes from us, shipping charges will be calculated separately for each bike.

Shipping process

Which shipping service provider will be used to deliver the bikes?
We ship our bikes with freight forwarder GO! LOGISTICS.
How long does the shipping take?
You can find the current delivery time within Germany in the product description of your desired bike.
When and how do I receive the tracking link for my order?
As soon as it is picked up and scanned by the shipping company, you will receive the tracking link by email. So you always have the current status of your delivery in view.
How does the whole shipping process work after my order?
After payment is received, the bike will be prepared for shipping. That is, your bike is taken from the warehouse and assembled and adjusted in our assembly. Then it is packed and handed over to the shipping company. You can also find more information at: www.liquid-life.de/versand

Desired date

Can I choose a desired delivery date?
Once the bike has been handed over to the shipping company, they will contact you to arrange a date for delivery.


How do I complain about a defect?
Before shipping, every bike that leaves our warehouse is scrutinized. If it still happens that your bike is delivered with a defect, write us directly an e-mail to [email protected]. In addition, you should document the defect with photos. After receiving the e-mail we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the further procedure with you. (Please note that there may be slight delays, especially during the season) Depending on the scope or defect, we will then check whether a replacement, repair or credit will be made.
Where can I have the defect checked?
If any difficulties arise, we are the first point of contact for you. You can always contact our staff by phone, or send us an email to [email protected]. The repair process will be coordinated on a case-by-case basis. If a component is defective, it may be sufficient to send in or exchange the defective component. Please note that you should have a regular inspection. This serves to protect your claims against us or the manufacturer. Many issues and possible damages can already be fixed during an inspection. (This is not a guarantee or warranty.)
Do I have to have the defect checked at LL/Neumann?
If you have any difficulties or defects, we are the first point of contact for you. You can always contact our staff by phone, or send us an email to [email protected]. If there is a suitable dealer in your area, you can of course have the defect repaired there. In this case, however, it is important that the costs incurred are clarified in advance. (Other dealers also have the option of warranty processing, but are not obliged to do so. If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to help you) After subsequent agreement we can take over the costs for a repair on site. If a repair should nevertheless be necessary in our house, we give everything to make a fast and smooth completion possible.
How will I be reimbursed for the repair shop bill?
For coordinated repairs, we need the invoice of the workshop and the account details to transfer the amount after the execution. You can send it to us as an attachment by email to [email protected]. After we have checked the invoice, we will refund you the amount incurred. Important: Without a valid invoice, we can not reimburse you for the cost of the repair.
What are the costs?
Warranty repairs are performed free of charge on our part. Note, however, that repairs covered by the manufacturer's warranty may incur costs for you! Each manufacturer has different conditions, so we recommend that you contact us in advance by phone or email at [email protected].
How do I get my bike back to your workshop?
If your bike is to be repaired by us, we will hire a freight forwarder to pick it up. The shipping company requires a lead time of one to two days and will contact you in advance. If you need a shipping box, this will of course be provided. In the context of a revocation or a repair under warranty, no shipping costs for you.
What is warranty?
What is a warranty is a voluntary, manufacturer-related service. The conditions vary depending on the manufacturer and component. You can usually find them in the user manual of your bike or online on the manufacturer's website. It is best to contact the manufacturer directly if you have any questions. We are of course also available for questions.
What is warranty?
On all items that you have purchased in our store, you get two years warranty. The warranty refers to defects that were already present at the time of risk transfer / delivery or which have arisen through proper use during this period.
What are wearing parts?
Wear parts are all parts that can wear out during regular use. Therefore, they require regular service and maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Regular replacement is particularly necessary for highly stressed components, such as chains and bearing sets. Wear parts include the following parts in particular: Rims (for rim brakes), tires, chain, chainrings, sprockets, hub bearings, bottom bracket, headset, bearing sets for full suspension frames, cables, brake discs, brake pads, grips, saddle, bushings, seals and bearings in suspension parts (fork, shock) and retractable seat posts, batteries/rechargeable batteries of electrical systems. Please note that the wear parts are not subject to the normal warranty and guarantee scheme.
Can I claim wear parts?
If you have difficulties or problems with wear parts, you can always contact us by phone or at [email protected]. We will check if a complaint is possible and try everything to reach a suitable solution.
Do I have battery protection?
A battery is also a so-called wearing part. Capacity loss is normal in this case. However, should a defect occur, the warranty process also applies here. Please telephone or at [email protected] with us in contact.


In what form will the amount paid be refunded?
We will refund you the amount paid in the same way your payment reached us
How does a return work?
After you have cancelled your order with us, there are two possibilities for you: If the returned goods are "small parts" such as helmet, gloves, components, etc., we will provide you with a DPD label for free return shipping. If you want to cancel the purchase of a bicycle, we will instruct our forwarding agent to pick up the bicycle. After we have received the goods or the bike, we will check the item in our company and then carry out a reversal on the system side. You will then receive a written confirmation. However, if we determine during the inspection that the item or the bike is damaged or shows significant signs of use, we must deduct a portion from the refund, depending on the amount of depreciation. Please note: You can take your bike for a short test ride, because you should have the same possibilities as our local customers. For use beyond this, however, we reserve the right to deduct a value replacement in the refund
When will I receive the refund after a return?
Depending on the payment method chosen, the refund is either immediate (PayPal), or may take a few days. Please note that especially during the season, there may unfortunately be slight delays in processing. If you have any questions, feel free to phone or email us at [email protected].
How can I expedite a return, what can I do for it?
There are a few ways you can help us with a return: Please contact us before returning the goods and describe the reason for your return. Enclose the completed cancellation form with your return and state your invoice number so that we can directly assign the return on site. We will try to process your return immediately and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


When do I get my money back if I revoke before shipping?
Of course it can also happen that you cancel the order before shipping. We will then immediately check the shipping status and refund you immediately.
How does a cancellation work?
If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you can notify us of your decision by mail (Liquid-Life GmbH / Dominic Neumann, Keffelkerstrasse 12, 59929 Brilon) or by e-mail to [email protected]. For this you can use the attached sample cancellation form. We are also available by phone at 02961-9148869.
How long do I have time for a revocation or return?
Your dream bike turns out to be a bad buy, or your new helmet doesn't fit right? That's a shame, of course, but we'll still do everything we can to satisfy you. Therefore, you can return the goods within 30 days (after cancellation), free of charge and without giving any reason to us.