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The Liquid-Life Frame sizes guide

The right size for your new bike

The decision has been made, the dream of a new bicycle is fulfilled. Now there is only the question of the right size.

We would like to help you find the right frame size with our size guide.

Of course, the best thing to do is to test your dream bike in different sizes in our store. But what do you do if you don't have the opportunity to test ride the bike live?

Don't worry, once you've read through our guide, you'll know all the tips and tricks to finding your size.

These factors influence the frame size

What factors influence the size in the first place?

The three main factors are your height, your stride length and your riding style

Self-explanatory is that your height is a good indicator of what size is appropriate. A person who is 185cm tall has a bigger bike than a person who is 165cm tall. 

Long legs and short torso or long torso and short legs?

Both people are the same height, but have different demands on the frame size. The inseam length helps us here. In combination with the body height, our online calculator gives you a good suggestion.

Playful and agile through curves or would you rather ride in race mode over hill and dale? 

Your riding style coupled with personal preferences also play a role. 

It often happens that you stand between two sizes. Our tip, if you ride agile and nimble and want to feel comfortable in tight corners, is the smaller frame size. 

If you are looking for stability and want to stand a little more centrally in the bike, the larger frame is more interesting.

Recommendations from various manufacturersRecommendations from various manufacturers

Recommended frame size from Trek:

  • S: 153-167 cm
  • M:161-172 cm
  • M/L: 166-179 cm
  • L: 177-188 cm
  • XL: 186-196 cm

Recommended frame size from Santa Cruz:

  • S: 155-166 cm
  • M:164-176
  • L: 174-186cm
  • XL: 184-194cm
  • XXL: 192-201cm

Recommended frame size from Specialized:

  • S1/XS: 150-160cm
  • S2/S: 157-173cm
  • S3/M: 165-180cm
  • S4/L: 173-188cm
  • S5/XL: 178-193cm 
  • S6/XXL: 188-203cm