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Cube Aerium C:68 frameset LOW carbon'n'polarsilver
Cube Aerium C:68 frameset LOW carbon'n'polarsilver

Cube Aerium C:68 frameset LOW carbon'n'polarsilver

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Aerium C:68 frameset LOW carbon'n'polarsilver

Cube Aerium C:68 Frameset LOW carbon'n'polarsilver | Triathlon FrameWith the

clearly defined goal of developing a radically speed-designed triathlon bike that cares nothing about UCI guidelines, we teamed up with the aerodynamics specialists at SwissSide - putting as much heart and energy into the Aerium C:68 frame as ambitious triathletes put into their training and preparation. The uniquely slotted head tube acts as a spoiler, minimizing the effects of crosswinds on the bike and reducing drag. The low-set seat stays reduce the frontal area, and in addition, the high-quality C:68 carbon processed in the sophisticated Twin Mold process saves weight and increases torsional stiffness. In the unique C:68 cockpit, we have even integrated a dust box, for example, for the energy bar, as well as a hydration system. Now it's time to pedal and win!

You want to break your own limits and leave your opponents far behind? The Aerium C:68 SL makes this dream come true. We developed it in close collaboration with the aerodynamics and Formula 1 experts from SwissSide. So it's no wonder that this arrow-quick speed machine doesn't let UCI rules stop it in its quest for ultimate performance. Testing in the wind tunnel and on the track and incredible focus on the smallest details make this bike one of the fastest triathlon bikes on the market. And it doesn't just shoot through the air unbraked thanks to its shape - it's also amazingly impervious to crosswinds and turbulence, which makes for great stability on your ride. Low-mounted seatstays reduce the frontal area and the uniquely slotted head tube acts as a spoiler
Aerium C:68 Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology, Twin Head Tube, Full Internal Cable Routing
Aerium C:68 Aero, Full Integrated
Wheel Size
Magura RT Aero Carbon, Hydr. Rim Brake
Components / Parts
CUBE Aerium C:68 TT Cockpit System, 400mm
CUBE Grip Control
Seat Post
CUBE Aerium C:68 Aero
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