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By bikers for bikers

Passion, performance and perfection are at the heart of what the premium cycling brand Focus does. With a love of sport and a lot of passion, Focus manufactures top products for both everyday use and competition: first-class and outstanding "German Engineered" innovations with which the brand enables cyclists all over the world to achieve top performances. Test wins and top marks in countless trade magazines underline the high standard behind Focus bikes.

The demand for perfection runs like a red thread through the entire Focus range. Every single bike carries the genes of the finest cycling technology. Since the founding of Focus Bikes in 1992, the product range has grown to include road bikes, cyclocross bikes, e-bikes, trekking bikes and mountain bikes.

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Focus - Ride together. Ride beyond.

The Focus team is at home on the green slopes around Stuttgart. This is where they personally put their bikes through their paces. And only if a bike meets their high standards does it make it to market. Focus has set itself the goal of developing and manufacturing the world's best bikes with smart functions. The "German Engineered" seal is not just a phrase for them. On the contrary, Focus is committed to implementing the high standards and develops and manufactures every single bike in Germany.

That's how it was back then, too. At the beginning of the nineties - in the first heyday of mountain biking. In 1993, the Focus team brought three-time cyclocross world champion Mike Kluge on board. With his help, they initially designed exclusively mountain bikes, but soon grew their range to include trekking bikes, road racing bikes and eventually even time trial bikes. Today, Focus offers a wide range of mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes, cross-city bikes, road bikes and cyclocross bikes.


The Focus team is not satisfied with mediocre standards. They are always tinkering with innovations, want to create unique riding experiences and let every biker go above and beyond. A claim that they implement with every bike and because of which the Swabians are repeatedly celebrated by the trade press and awarded numerous prizes.

Also their patented rear triangle system F.O.L.D. (FOCUS OPTIMIZED LINKAGE DESIGN) has caused a sensation and offers several advantages with the sophisticated kinematics. Thanks to the appropriately designed two-phase kinematics, it is super sensitive and at the same time has enough reserves in difficult terrain. It also offers first-class traction in rough curves thanks to the adapted chassis flex. The driving dynamics are also balanced and dynamic due to the low and central center of gravity of the dampers, linkages and bearings - especially in technically demanding terrain and curves. An advantage of F.O.L.D., which is already noticeable after a few meters on the bike and can be used for all full-suspension Focus mountain bikes. No matter whether enduro, all-mountain, trail or cross country.

Two-battery system T.E.C. (Tailored Energy Concept)

Focus also set new standards in e-bikes and e-mobility when they integrated a 378 Wh battery into their bikes two years ago. Their revolutionary two-battery system, T.E.C. (Tailored Energy Concept), continues to define Focus' e-bike lineup today. Through T.E.C., it's up to you how you shape your ride. Focus' tailored energy concept offers you a customizable battery capacity of up to 756 Wh - cleverly split between two equally powerful batteries. You choose the battery equipment that suits your needs. Either you ride as many trails as possible with the integrated battery, or you expand your dimension with an additionally available battery, the T.E.C. Pack. This is easy to install and allows you to ride up and down the trails even more often and back up again. So you never have to compromise when biking again!

The goal of Focus is always the SQUARED EXPERIENCE. A new dimension of biking, where the best of E-Bike-Experience and Pure MTB- Experience comes together. For this Focus develops particularly agile e-bikes that ride like their equivalent mountain bikes without assistance, but fully exploit the advantages of e-drives. They succeed excellently in this. Not for nothing was the Focus SAM² winner of the Winner Design & Innovation Award, 2018.