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Wahoo Markenshop

Champions train with Wahoo! Founded in Atlanta in 2009, the brand stands for innovative solutions to achieve goals. Ambition is at the forefront! The technology in combination with your bike inspires people around the world and Wahoo is far from being finished. Get your ultimate outdoor experience at home!


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Train for victory

Wahoo provides the technical and electronic know-how to help you increase your fitness and achieve even better results. Small, handy bike computers, precise heart rate monitors and intelligent indoor trainers help you turn your motivation into performance. International bike teams also count on the quality and reliability of the US brand.

The great strength of the Wahoo devices lies in their compatibility. That means: All bike sensors, bike computers, heart rate monitors and training devices can be easily connected to common smartphones, tablets and laptops. And wirelessly! You can use hundreds of apps from Wahoo or other popular providers to add your results to training plans or to read new routes and tour suggestions on the display on your handlebar.

The Wheel-On bike trainer even simulates the feeling of actually being on your favourite route: your training bike connects to your mobile phone and the software ensures that the pedalling resistance is adapted exactly to the conditions of a saved route.

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Wahoo Fitness Shop

If you're not just riding for fun, but want to specifically train your athletic performance, you'll find the necessary technical equipment at Wahoo Fitness: from heart rate monitors to bike sensors and computers to highly professional indoor training equipment. You can also download apps with hundreds of training programs for your Android or iOS smartphone. The extensive Wahoo range is optimally tailored to tech-savvy professional and recreational athletes who want to get or stay fit.


Accessories and „necessary odds and ends“

The US company also offers the necessary additional material: from a non-slip, noise-insulating floor mat to a height-adjustable laptop stand, from matching cables and adapters to a practical smartphone holder.
If you are interested in different Wahoo products, we also offer sensible bundles at a reasonable price. If you have questions about the possible uses or compatibility with certain brands, we will be happy to help you at any time!


Achieve fitness with heart rate monitoring


Wahoo is a North American technology fitness company that develops cutting-edge IT products and training devices for cyclists and other athletes. Together with your tablet, PC or cell phone, the software provided helps you to classify and continuously improve your performance values. It is important that you pay attention to the signals of your body. A heart rate monitor, which you attach to your upper body with a chest strap during training, can help you here. The sensor measures and stores heart rate and calories burned and can be used with fitness apps from Wahoo or other providers. it connects to the device of your choice via Bluetooth smart or ANT+. So you can develop a training program tailored to you.

Small all-rounders: powerful bike computers


Wahoo heart rate monitors can, of course, be linked to the brand's high-precision bike computers. Not only do they measure speed and power, but they can also wirelessly relay the data to your laptop, tablet and phone - or vice versa. A new cross-country route you found on the Internet? With just one click, you'll have it on your clearly arranged screen. And thanks to GPS and extensive maps, you always know where you are. Your times and performances? Just as quickly uploaded to your favorite app. If you want, you can also view emails, text messages or incoming calls on your phone - and decide for yourself whether they are so important that you want to interrupt your workout. Thanks to a convenient magnification function and a clear display, everything can be read comfortably on the stylish display.

Cadence, distance and speed sensors

Also, you can also mount a Wahoo bike sensor on your bike and connect it to your bike computer, smartphone or iPhone. Lightweight, impact-resistant and waterproof, the small high-tech machines measure distance, speed and cadence. No tangled wires, just Bluetooth Smart or ANT+.

Compatibility with common electronic devices is also a strength of the Wahoo indoor training devices. Here, too, the communication works wirelessly and lightning fast. The bike computer thus becomes the control of your indoor spinner bike. For example, the pedaling resistance of your device can be adapted exactly to the course of your outdoor training route - with all slopes and downhill passages of course!

Intelligent roller trainer for the indoor program



The stationary bike trainers are ideal partners if you can not or do not want to be outside. For example, to work specifically on small weaknesses or to play through certain sequences again and again. Not without reason, the successful cycling pros of the British Team Sky rely on the reliable machines, as well as the international women's cycling team Canyon SRAM Racing. Wahoo offers you two different types of devices: You combine the Wheel-On-Trainer with your own bike to create the exact riding experience you know from the road. While you control the driving resistance via your smartphone, the stable construction keeps your bike safe and firmly on the ground. Even if you train with full body effort!

Alternatively, the direct drive is available to you. Here you clamp a training bike without rear wheel to achieve optimal results. Thanks to a state-of-the-art gear and belt system, a direct drive reduces noise and vibration to a minimum. At the same time, Wahoo devices are designed for the professional class: even after years, they are still reliable training partners that deliver accurate results. As with all other devices, the Direct-Drive is compatible with your electronic devices, so you can organize your workouts as you wish with hundreds of matching apps.